Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Future of Write1Sub1

By the end of December, Write1Sub will be five years old. In that time we've had many, many successes reported, and, I believe, done a wonderful job of encouraging people to write and submit regularly. The community and cameraderie among W1S1 contributors has been invaluable to many of us, and I for one will continue to follow the approach with my fiction and poetry writing. And to keep in touch with the fine folks I've met here.

But life is change. A number of the original founders of the site have decided to move on, at least as admins. Our fervent hope is that others will step up to the plate and continue with Write1Sub1, in whatever form they see fit.

We're obviously going to continue until the end of the year, but after that the future is unclear. So, does anyone want to assume control of Write1Sub1 for 2016 and take it forwards? Or should the site go gentle into that good night?

Views, suggestions and volunteers welcome!

- the admins.


  1. I'm not opposed to being on board for another year! W1S1 has done wonders for my writing and I hope to continue the monthly challenge even if the site is no longer active. But I won't be able to admin it on my own--if any volunteers come forward I would look forward to working with them.

  2. Not sure that I have the technical skills needed, but I'm a fast learner if someone can teach me. So Devin, if you need help, I'm game for it!