Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Alex Shvartsman here, taking over the Write1Sub1 editorial hot seat for the month of June. 

Like most creative endeavors, writing is about milestones. At the beginning of the journey your goals are simple -- first time a submitted story might get passed by the slush reader up to the editor, the first personal rejection, the first sale... But the achievements don't stop there. Even the most accomplished of writers have goals to strive toward -- the New York Times bestseller list, the movie deal, the TV series...

Of course, both sets of examples above belong on the extreme ends of one's writing career. There are so many more goals that are in-between. Some of the examples include:

* Being accepted into a prestigious writing workshop
* Award nominations and wins
* Sales to dream markets
* Convention apperances

Not all of the potential milestones are positive. Some unpleasant experiences are virtually unavoidable on your road to becoming a well-known writer -- such as bad reviews, and even hate mail.

Members of my writing group have taken to playing a game we call Career Bingo -- where you set up a bunch of desired milestones on a spreadsheet grid, and mark them off as you achieve them, one by one.

Christie Yant was kind enough to allow me to share her Career Bingo card (in Excel format) - click here to download it, modify it, and join in!

So what interesting milestones have you come up with that weren't mentioned here, or in the spreadsheet? Please share them in the comments!


  1. Ha! Very cool. Christie Yant is so kind to let us play with this, Thanks, Alex and Christie

  2. Career Bingo! What a great idea! Other possible milestones? 100 rejections in one year, First Customer Review on Amazon, First Novel in Second Genre, First Series Completed.

  3. Heh, that's a great idea - love it.