Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Interview with Editor Jonathan Laden

Daily Science Fiction is an online publication specializing in science fiction and fantasy in all their forms. Today, we're honored to have editor Jonathan Laden with us for an insightful interview.
W1S1: First off, how would you describe your role(s) at Daily Science Fiction?
I, Jonathan, spend more time as first reader than anything else. Michele makes most final decisions. I get much of the glory because I then manage all of the communictaions, contracts, proofs, answering five questions from writing clubs, etc. Nope, you can't speak to Michele. She isn't available at this time.
W1S1: Understood! So what are the top three things you look for in a story?
1. Good writing: I don't think we're a literary venue but we're reputed to be on the literary end of the SF spectrum because we try to see even great ideas conveyed well.
2. Engaging and worthwhile reads. Yes, absolutely, this is a nebulous concept. We get many stories that are worthy of publication. The ones we take are the ones we find the most interesting, that stick with us for some reason, the ones that feel to us that they matter.
3. Short short fiction: We're publishing five days a week, 260 or so times a year. About half of those stories are flash, less than 1,000 words. Another 50 or so will be short short fiction, 1,000-2,500 words. We can "only" publish 52 full length short stories each year. This may be related to why we're a market of such interest to W1S1; you can't write novellas every week. If you can, more power to you! I don't know how to measure, but I believe Daily Science Fiction publishes the most--and the best--science fiction flash in the galaxy.
W1S1: Typically, what makes the difference between a story's acceptance or rejection?
If we told you the secret word, we'd have to change it, wouldn't we?
W1S1: I guess so! What fresh story ideas/themes/genres would you like to see submitted to Daily Science Fiction this year?
We'd love to see more well-done alternate history flash. But for the most part we are agnostic on topic or theme. We endeavor to publish great science fiction (By which we mean scifi, fantasy, slipstream, et al.).
W1S1: If you could change anything about the publishing industry today, what would it be?
Heh. We thought launching Daily Science Fiction was our way to change the publishing industry. As quotable people have said, First be the change you want to see from the world.
W1S1:  Thanks, Jonathan!
So for all of you Write1Sub1ers out there who just might have a story to submit, go check out Daily Science Fiction's submission guidelines here.


  1. Daily Science Fiction HAS changed the publishing world in very good ways, along with other vanguards of the 21st century. Thanks for the fun and informative post Jonathan and Milo.

    1. Yes indeed -- a good reminder that I should sub more to DSF.

    2. Yes, you should, and I should. Haven't been writing enough SF/Fantasy these last couple of years.

  2. Thanks for the tips, Johnathon. Excellent questions, Milo. DSF ROCKS! Some of my favorite Sci Fi reads of this year were published over there.

    1. Like EDF, they publish quite a variety of quality work.