Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Your Writing Space

It’s what every writer needs, a space to write, and it's probably more important than we realize. I find writers' writing spaces interesting and love to see where other writers write, whether it’s a cramped corner of the bedroom to grand and lavish office rooms. 

While I think most writers are adaptable and will write where ever they can, it is nice to have a space that is your own. If you don’t have one, I recommend getting one, whether you have to rearrange rooms or put up a divider to separate a space. Sonya Chung, Pushcart Prize nominee, lives in a small studio apartment and uses a bookshelf to separate her space from the sleeping/TV area, seen below.

If you do have an area of your own to write in, but it’s not working for you, what can you do to improve it? Maybe add lighting, artwork, shelving, stationary tools, a new chair or desk, etc. You might be surprised at what a little change in your writing space can do for your writing. If you’re having writer’s block, try ‘sprucing’ up your space or even re-locating if possible. If you write on a laptop, trying writing in different rooms and/or places to see what works best for you. It may be just the thing you need to get you back on track.  

Below are a few pictures of writers and their writing space.

Al Gore

Albert Einstein

Ernest Hemingway

Jane Austen's table

Stephen King

Sonya Chung

Tina Fey 

...and of course, my own tucked in a corner, though the lighting doesn't look as pretty as this; it's more like a shard in the eye of a rather dusty space and a crazy rug that hides all my coffee spills.

Here's another link, Where I Write: Science fiction & fantasy authors in their creative spaces, which includes the writing spaces of Ben Bova, Peter Straub, and Ellen Datlow. Not surprisingly, as writers go, there is a pet in almost all of them. 


  1. .... and I thought my workspace was cluttered! I like to work on my laptop, be able to be alone and be able to look out of the window.

  2. Thanks! I'm with you, I love to see where other writers work, just like I love to see what books they have on their bookshelves. :) Your space is awesome--you had me with the big window and the yellow walls.

  3. My workspace is currently quite tidy - that's not a common event.