Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Upcoming Events, Contests, and Anthologies

October is the month that seems like the kick-off to several holiday themed contests, anthologies, blog events, and more.  Here are just a few, but there is a ton out there. You can check Duotrope, Ralan, and Dark Markets for more.  If you know of any that may be of interest to fiction writers and poets, please paste a link in the comments section below. Thanks.

Creepy Freebies: Multiple authors (many W1S1) are giving away free eBooks and other goodies every Friday this October, hosted by none other than Milo James Fowler.
Coffin Hop: Join in the fun or follow authors to meet and win prizes.
National Novel Writing Month: are you brave enough to attempt writing a novel in one month? You’d be surprised how many are, and how many succeed, so go to it. You’ve nothing to lose.
Halloween Podcast Show at It Matters Radio: submit mp3 or wav of 1,000 words story, poetry, or music {scary please} or listen for fun.
Neil Gaiman’s All Hallow’s Read : funny video that gives the details on this new tradition.

Bloody Parchment Short Story Competition : up to 3.5K, Horror, Dark Fantasy, Weird, deadline October 31,2013, winners will be included in anthology and get critique/edits of a novel/short story.
Fiction Vortex First Annual Contest: winners will get anthology inclusion, $20. dark fiction <3.5K, deadline ends October 31.
Massacre’s Fearsome Flasher Contest: photo themed, 250 words, winner gets $15 Amazon voucher
MicroHorror: October 1-31, up to 666 words, theme is EYES, winners receive tangible prizes.
The Rogues Gallery Flash Fiction Contest: photo themed, 500-1K, $ Amazon

Krampus Anthology, by World Weaver Press: under 10,000, $10, deadline extended to Nov. 30
American Nightmare, by Kraken Press: theme is 50’s Americana, modern genre fiction, 2.5k-7k, royalties
Legend, by Thunderdome Press: theme is legends, those not so popular, up to 5k, $25.
Winter, by Penumbra [Musa Publishing]: theme is winter, <3.5K, 5 cents a word, call ends November 1.
Enter At Your Own Risk: The End is the Beginning, by Firbolg Publishing: 3K-5K, $40, call ends December 31.

Good luck to a successful October everyone!


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