Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Various Writing Resources

For writers of flash fiction, the long-running monthly newsletter Flash Fiction Flash offers articles and tips about writing short and lists available markets to submit your work. It's a Yahoo group, so once you sign up you can easily read the archives which go back about 12 years.

Writer's Write has a ton of articles and resources in the archives of their Internet Writing Journal. They used to have regular columns by successful authors and market listings, but the format changed several years ago. It's certainly worth a look through the archives to see if there are articles or information there that might interest you. The current form of the Internet Writing Journal is a blog active with  information about the publishing industry and famous authors

If you're looking for some writing inspiration or you just enjoy seeing what other professional writers do in a day, you might want to check out Dean Wesley Smith's blog. He had some advice for us a few months ago when he was chronicling 7-10 days of ghosting writing a novel. Now he's chronicling an entire year of writing, which could prove to be inspirational and educational.

Day 1 of his 365-day chronicle was just on August 2nd, so there's not much to catch up on if you're interested. It's especially worth a look if you have trouble getting started each day or getting many words down. Oh, he wrote 2,000 words one day while on a Las Vegas vacation? Maybe I can get 500 in today . . . .

David Farland offers a daily "Kick in the Pants" email full of writing tips, bits of insight about writing "rules,"  discussion of parts of fiction and lots of other information. And if you don't want one more email cluttering your inbox, you can read the messages online.


  1. What a great list! Thank you! I just signed up for Flash Fiction Flash and I know it will come in handy.

  2. I've found Farland's Kick in the Pants to be especially helpful.

    1. Yes, he is quite good, and covers a wide range of useful topics.

  3. Thanks, Shelley! I signed up for the Flash Fiction newsletter. I've been a fan of David Farland's daily newsletter for a while, and I also like his writing books.