Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week #20 Check-In

2013 week #20 is in the bag.

How's it been for you? Did you get the writing and submitting done Quicker Than the Eye could see, or did you feel like you were Driving Blind all week? Here's your chance to tell everybody about it, whether you're a weekly or monthly (or anything in between) W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write a story or poem and submit it, comment today and let everyone cheer! If something you've written as part of W1S1, whether this year or in previous years, has been accepted, let us know so your name can be added to the Write1Sub1 Hall of Champions. And if stuff has gotten in the way of your writing or you're starting to feel like a rejection magnet, let us know, so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

And don't forget to let us know when your W1S1 creations are published so they can be mentioned in the weekly Satummary. Be sure to note if they're paid publications ($) so they can be added to the Published Work$ page. Publications qualify for this page as long as they were written during any year's W1S1 participation, whether they pay pro rates or help you pay for morning coffee.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them.


  1. Written: up to 43K in the novella; hoping to wrap things up this week, then let it simmer for a month or two.

    Accepted: my W1S1 from February "One Meal a Day" to Nature Futures, and my W1S1 from 2011/week#22 "Breath of Life" to Stupefying Stories. Also a reprint ("Minutemen") to the W1S1 anthology.

    Published: the penultimate episode in my li'l novelette The BackTracker @ JukePop Serials

    Write on, everybody!

    1. Great work, Milo, and congrats on your acceptances.

    2. Novella or novel?? Sounds like you're walking a line. :)

      Congrats on your acceptances. Really awesome week for you.

    3. Prolific. Good to hear. And congrats on the acceptances.

  2. A slow week in responses, but doing well on other fronts. Hope to have two new stories out in the next week or two, one at Roar and Thunder, and another in Liquid Imagination.

    Wrote: A Deft Hand Dormant (poem on ADHD), completing the rough draft to another story, and am now 94K in my novel with just 3 chapters left to edit

    Subbed: 3 stories from 2012, and 1 from 2013

    Rejections: 0
    Accepted: 0
    Published 0

    Good luck everyone!

    1. I can't even imagine what 94K looks like and feels like. Best of luck with your edits. :)

      Congrats on your soon-to-be published pieces.

  3. Written: Novel revisions, worked a lot on future blog posts, revised poetry from April.

    Submitted: 16 poems, a guest blog for a science site

    My email has been really quiet as far as submissions go, the sort of quiet that makes me suspicious. I expect a rejection avalanche soon.

    1. Beth, 16 poems? That is amazing! Best of luck with each of them.

      What is it with the rejection avalanches? I rarely get just one rejection, they usually travel in threes.

  4. Written: Finally, finally finished my fourth short story this year.

    Submitted: 1 new story. 3 revised stories.

    Rejections: None

    1. Congratulations on your fourth short story!! That is awesome. Good luck with your writing this week.

  5. Submitted 2 revised stories, 1 new. I'm hopeful that I'm finally finding the balance between revisions and new work. (He said as he jinxed himself.)

    No rejections this week.

    1. Congrats on your submissions!!

      Please give me your secret to that balance. I have no trouble writing new pieces, but LOTS of trouble revising the old.

  6. Good week for me. Lots of writing: 3 short stories (one 3000 words--that's HUGE for flashy me) and 3+ poems.

    Three rejections.

    One acceptance ($): His First Wife at Every Day Fiction. I submitted this one last Sunday ONLY because I didn't want to show up here and admit I hadn't submitted anything. So that means this story will be published because I'm a member of W1S1!!! :) Thanks, Writers, for inspiring me week after week.

    P.S. Fast turn around because I submitted it as a Father's Day story. I'm not sure if it will run on Father's Day; I won't find out until they post their June Table of Contents. I highly recommend submitting holiday pieces--this is my second holiday acceptance this year.

    1. Congrats Von. You're keeping busy and getting a lot accomplished.
      I haven't subbed to EDF yet this year, but hoping to do so in the next week or two.

    2. Congratulations, Von.

    3. Congratulations, Von. If you want to narrate your story for an EDF Podcast, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. (

    4. Thanks so much for the comments, Erin, Deborah, and Folly. Erin, EDF sees so much of my stuff they should probably start charging ME! :) Folly, I'm very interested in reading one of my stories for an EDF podcast. As soon as I get over the last of this virus I will contact you. :)

  7. One accept of a reprint (Taking Care of Ma) to W1S1 anthology. Three rejections.
    I did write another flash story, and re-subbed one of the rejected stories.
    Von, I'm flashy like you so I salute you on the long story! Those are tough for me to get on the page.
    Great work, everyone! Love to see all the productivity, it's very encouraging.

  8. I'm in the W1S1 anthology too. With the acceptance of my reprint story, 'Captain Clone.' I can't wait to see the table of contents.

  9. Been on holiday but wrote a little every night. Must get round to editing and submitting.
    Congratulations for your efforts and successes.

  10. I wrote one story, subbed 4, had two acceptances (And the Men Didn't Sleep was published at Rum Punch:

    Chapter 21 of Misty Me and Me went up at JukePop.

    Not a bad week.

  11. Lots of rejections this week. Lots of submissions. I wrote a new short story and sent it off to my critique group for feedback. I'll submit it in a few days. I've also had a story accepted into the W1S1 anthology--a reprint of "Taking the Winds," which originally appeared at 10Flash Quarterly.

    Here's to a productive week, everybody.

  12. Productive week here: wrote an SF flash, an SF short and a horror short, plus another 3k on the rewrite of a novelette and the first chapter of a novel.

    Subbed: 9 in total, 8 resubs and 1 new.

    Rejections: 5 in total, 2 form and 3 personal/second-round.

    Acceptances: none, but two SF shorts were advanced - one to the second round, one to the final. One of these has got to hit at some point, right? :)

  13. Last week was a total depressing downer for me. My manuscript novel was reviewed by my trustwory compete contract reade expressed some serious doubts about my work having stayed awake to page 223. Evidently she shared my writing with her daughter, who would be in my target market. The daughter stated that she would not want to read my book. She provided a number of depressing observations which of course I took to heart. We are to proceed to receive further imput on 24 May, which by then she should be further into the story.

    In the meanwhile I have reconstructed 5 and four new ones of my Flash Fiction pieces for submission this week.

    1. Love Lost & Found
    2. Ding-A-Ling
    3. Pro To Call
    4. True To His Last Grasp
    5. Par For The Course
    6. Wild Sounds
    7. Force Of Nature
    8. Your Attention Please
    9. Left Was Right

    in addition I'm curently writing 6 more Flashes.

    I'll addvise about my Flash submission by next Sunday.

    My good wishes to you all.

  14. Wrote: 1 poem

    Submitted: 2 short stories, 1 poem

    Accepted: "A Brief Play", a short one-act, to Birkensnake 6: Neverending Tales

    Published: 0

    Rejected: 2, both form

    Congratulations to all for the momentum and publications!

    1. Hi Three!

      Congratulations on your acceptance! I was updating the Hall of Fame for 2013, and wanted to add your acceptance to our W1S1 roster. Right now you're listed under "three-magpies" but if you'd like me to update to your writerly name, please just drop me an email at admin AT write1sub1 DOT com. Or, leave a comment here and I'll fix it. Thanks!

  15. Hey pluggers

    a fast one, because life is intruding. But I got a poem written and sent out.

    Wrote and Submitted: Leave Her to Heaven (Leaves of Ink)

  16. Howdy friends. Late is the new on time for me (sigh).

    W1: "Personal Space" (flash)

    S1: flash to Glasslimb Journal

    Accept: not this week

    Published: soon

  17. Oh look! I'm super late checking in again. What a surprise, right? LOL At least I'm in good company :)

    I'm still on track for my goals. I wrote some stuff, I subbed some stuff and I placed some stuff. I also had a poem, The Day After, published by Napalm and Novocain (non-paying market) So that's nice :)