Saturday, March 23, 2013

Satummary #11

This week in Write 1 Sub 1 News:

Michael Haynes "Counting it Up" was published in California Cantana, and "Learning the Game" came out in the Sidekicks anthology.

Nathanial Tower published Chapter 16 of his ongoing serial, Misty Me and Me at JukePop Serials.

Erin Cole's "His Light, Lost to Stars" was published in MICROW8.

Michelle Ann King's comic horror flash, "Not the Pizza Girl", appeared at Every Day Fiction

Rhonda Parish' poem "Beneath" has been published at Every Day Poets.

Rohini Gupta's "Do You Hear Me?" was published at Linguistic Erosion.

John Brooke continued his series of Escapers© Stories at The Baja Citizen (newspaper)

Kathryn Hughes' "The Exciting Adventures of the Trent Twins" was published in Poway Progress (newspaper).

Congratulations fellow W1S1 peeps. Please take some time to read our members' stories, and be sure to comment where that is possible (if you like the story, of course). Our weekly check-in post will appear here tomorrow.


  1. Well done, everyone!

    Michelle, I particularly liked 'That didn’t bode well, for either of them'. Everything from there on was a hoot!

  2. Congratulations, Michael, Nathanial, Erin, Michelle, Rhonda, Rohini, John, and Kathryn. The on-line stories that I could read were really excellent!