Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Thrill in Writing & Joyce Carol Oates

What first sparked all of us to begin writing was that something which thrilled us enough to want to write about it.  From that point forward, many of us embarked on a lifelong passion.  But it isn't always grand.  

Losing vitality in writing is something all of us go through, especially if you’re in the weekly W1S1 challenge due to the torrent of weekly submissions, market research, relentless editing, and brainstorming the next story, or three.  

My advice for this obstacle is one taken from one of my favorite writers, Joyce Carol Oates, and that is to keep your focus on what thrills you.  What scares you?  Makes you laugh, cry, and want to pack your bags for the moon? 

This is the fuel behind your stories and characters, and chances are, if it thrills you, it will thrill others too.  So keep your focus on why you started writing, and then better it.  As long as you don't stop, statistically, and by the laws of karma and justice (so I believe), you will succeed.

Read. Write. Learn.