Saturday, March 16, 2013

Satummary #10

This week in Write 1 Sub 1 News:

Beth Cato's "Canopy of Skulls" was published by Nature, and her poem, "Nightmares" was published in Bete Noire.

Patsy Collins' "A Lesson Learned" was published at Mindshift: Writers Who Rock

Alex Shvartsman's "A Thousand Cuts" was published in One Buck Horror.

Deborah Walker's "The Love of Money" (byline Kelda Crich) was published in Spinetinglers.

Gary S. Watkins' "Homunculus" was published at Deimos eZine.

Rohini Gupta's article "The Best Way to Get Ideas"  was published at Flash Fiction Chronicles.

Congratulations fellow W1S1 peeps. Please take some time to read our members' stories, and be sure to comment where that is possible (if you like the story, of course). Our weekly check-in post will appear here tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the mention and congratulations to everyone else who got published.

  2. Congratulations everyone, it was a good week for the W1S1 community :)

  3. A friend pointed out that the Best ways to get ideas is going to the wrong link.

    The correct link is here -

    1. Thanks, and apologies. I was in a bit of a rush this week. Should be correct now.

  4. The Fear Gorta ... ooh, I loved that one Deborah!

    Congratulations on your publications everyone.