Saturday, February 23, 2013

Satummary #7

This week in Write 1 Sub 1 News:

Lee Hallison's "Wildness and Wet" was published by Daily Science Fiction.

Alicia Cole's poem, "Moral" was published in Goblin Fruit, and her poem, "Tarantella" appeared in Plunge Magazine

Beth Cato's "Transdimensional Churros"  was pocast at SoundCloud.

Nathaniel Tower's "Penis Envy" was published at Featherlit.

Stephen V. Ramey's "American Spirit Lights" was published by The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review, and "Virgin Christmas" by Apocrypha and Abstractions.

Congratulations fellow W1S1 peeps. Please take some time to read our members' stories, and be sure to comment where that is possible (if you like the story, of course). Our weekly check-in post will appear here tomorrow.


  1. Congratulations to Lee, Alicia, Beth, Nathaniel and Stephen!

    Lee, I thought you really brought the dancers to life well. The phrase 'striped figures twirling through light-beam shadows on wet streets' particularly caught my attention.

    Alicia, not sure if it's just my interpretation, but I got a strong sense of Spring from the first half of 'Moral', then of course a very strong Winter in the second half. The phrases 'long necks splayed and tender' and 'those bloody, tender wrists' really jumped out at me from 'Tarantella', like corresponding descriptions showing fragile beauty.

    Beth, I loved the game of Go Fish. I don't want to spoil who was playing but it tickled me to picture them sitting around a table!

    Nathaniel, you certainly threw me for a loop 2/3 of the way through! Very interesting, I'm wondering whether this was all from your imagination or do you have some personal insight into it?

    Stephen, I thought you brought a great balance of youth and experience to Sylvie's character in 'ASL'. The phrase 'She never left marks, but she left plenty of scars.' is beautifully simple. Also, in 'Virgin Christmas', 'unwrapping' is such a perfect word choice for that sentence!

  2. Congratulations to all those who've had work published this week.

  3. Way to go W1S1ers.

    Lee, a timely piece. I was particularly fond of: "How utterly typical, to create something popular that turns out to be life-sucking." Her father's face reddens when he rails. "A need seen, a need satisfied. No thought to consequences!"

    Alicia, "Moral" haunted me as I read. Very sharp. "Tarantella" was also sharp and effective.

    Nate, "Penis Envy" was a twisted character journey that really worked for me.

    Beth, I'll be listening to yours later today. I've no doubt it will be splendiforous :-)