Saturday, February 9, 2013

Satummary #5

This week in Write 1 Sub 1 News:

Alex Shvartsman's "The Field Trip" (translation) appeared at Fantastyka.

Nathaniel Tower's serial "Misty and Me" continued at JukePop Serials

Dave MacPherson's fabulist fiction "At the Slush Pile Saloon" appeared at Rad1us.

Beth Cato's zombie poem, "What Remains" was published in Penumbra.

Milo James Fowler's Captain Quasar misadventure  "Principles" appeared at 101 Fiction

Congratulations fellow W1S1 peeps. Please take some time to read our members' stories, and be sure to comment where that is possible (if you like the story, of course). Our weekly check-in post will appear here tomorrow.


  1. Well done, everyone!

    Dave, I loved 'AtSPS', even if I didn't understand all of it! Special mention to ' moon, one of the most deadly metaphors around.' and the ending, which I won't spoil, was perfect.

    Milo, I thought you really captured the Captain's jump from 'poignant hero' to 'annoyed man trying to make a point' with just the last few lines. Bravo!

  2. Congratulations!

    I love the Slush Pile Saloon and an hooked to Misty and Me. I couldn't read The Field Trip, not one of my languages. Milo, I love your 100 word Principles, it made me laugh from the gut.

  3. Nice work Alex, Nathaniel, Dave, Beth, and Milo!!! Week after week, the folks here at W1,S1 amaze me with the quality of their writing.