Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week #3 Satummary

This week in Write 1 Sub 1 News:

Walt Giersbach's "Movin to the Moon" appeared at The Story Shack, "Flying Objects" at Big Pulp, and "Postcard from Chinguashi" at Short-Story.Me.

David Macpherson's "The Mugshot of Dorian Gray" appeared at Fiction 365.

Alicia Cole's off-world excerpt, "The Education of Martian Youth: A Middle-Grades Manual for New Teachers, 3rd Edition" appeared at Eggplant Literary Productions..

Stephen V. Ramey's collection Glass Animals was published by Pure Slush Books. Nearly all of these 45 stories began as W1S1 projects.

Congratulations fellow W1S1 peeps. Please take some time to read our members' stories, and be sure to comment where that is possible (if you like the story, of course). Our weekly check-in post will appear here tomorrow.


  1. Well done everyone!

    Walt, your character in 'Movin the the Moon' is that excellent blend of intelligent and ignorant, loved her.

    David, the paragraph where you first describe Dorian and the girl with him was really vivid to me.

    Alicia, 'wet, ripping sounds' is perfect and disgusting!

  2. Ross, candid backstory. Was fascinated by FB friend who writes this way. Took notes. A story was pubbed. More notes. Wrote second story and confessed to this person I'd never met that she was an inspiration. No response. Fortnight later she says "My boyfriend and son think you're a stalker." Thought some big hunk might kill me. Her second message, "Keep up the good work." Haven't the heart to tell her I love her anecdote about peeing on her iPhone thinking there was a pregnancy app. Hunk might show up at my door.

    1. LOL!! That is a hilarious story! :) Sounds like she writes lots of "inspiring" stuff. All writers should have someone like that in their facebook stream.

  3. Thanks for sharing! That is indeed a backstory worth hearing. I look forward to this 'hunk' appearing in the next instalment! (of the fiction of course, hopefully not the real story you're living).

  4. Congratulations to Walt, David, Alicia, and Stephen! Nice writing! :)