Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week #46 Check-in

The end of Week 46 is here!

How's it been for you? Have the words flowed like Dandelion Wine, or has Something Wicked gotten in the way?

Here's your chance to tell everybody about it, whether you're a weekly or monthly(or anything in between) W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, shout it from the rooftops. Yahoo! If you've had something accepted from this year, tell us so we can add you to the Write1Sub1 Hall of Fame. But if stuff has interfered with your writing and every reply has been a rejection, let us know that too so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

Also, remember to note your paid publications ($) for our Published Work$ page -- stories published from either W1S1 2011 or 2012, and don't forget to post the link! While W1S1 continues to encourage all avenues for publication, we want to especially highlight those stories and markets that help to put coffee in a writer's favorite mug.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them!


  1. Dandelion wine for me, with a pro acceptance from ARC and a semi-pro acceptance from Interstellar Fiction.

  2. Hi, can you add my two (poems Mirror Dance and BFS)from last week, as well to the Hall of Fame.

    And my DSF sale 'Speed of Love' to the $ list. Thanks!

    1. You are filling that hall of fame! Go, girl.

    2. Stephanie & Steve should have everything updated by month's end, but feel free to send a reminder via the email on our "About Us" page.

  3. Sold my Week#48 tale from last year "Imaginary Friendships Aren't the Easiest to Break" to Liquid Imagination and also had a couple haiku accepted/published @ Trapeze this week.

    Polishing up this month's story "The Cost of Freedom" and should have it out to Big Pulp later today. No waiting until the last minute this time!

    Had one of my Captain Quasar misadventures requested for a space opera anthology; more on that next week.

    Write on, everybody!

    1. Nice, Milo. I love Liquid Imagination. We're in the home stretch.

    2. Wow. Congratulations on the sales, and on the request! Captain Q is making a name for himself.

    3. Great news about Captain Q!

  4. My week was:

    W1: "Foxes" (flash)
    S1: flash to Corvus; flash to Shimmer; flash to Grim Corps Magazine; flash to Zodiac Review; Flash to Andromeda Spaceways.

    Accept: "Sauce" by Pure Slush for their Gorge antho.

    Published: No such luck.

  5. Milo, I think we'll be sharing a TOC again.

    S: I sold my poem "For Artemis Has Heard Their Cries" to Liquid Imagination, to be published in December ($).

    W: I've been doing Poem a Day and have already submitted a few of them, so I've made my poetry goals for the month. My story for the month is currently being critiqued and I don't plan to revise it till next week.

    P: My story "Pigeons in Heaven" was published at Every Day Fiction last week ($).

    1. Beth, I see you're quoted on Shimmer's home page--cool! Congrats on the sale and publication!

    2. Wow, I didn't know my quote was on there. Cool! Thanks for the heads up. Now if I can only get IN the magazine...

  6. I wrote two two-thousand word stories that I really like and have high hopes for. Glad to hear about those Liquid Imagination acceptances--I just received a positive-toned rejection from them, but that would have been wild to have three W1S1 peeps in the TOC. Maybe next issue!

    No sales or publications. Submitting something to Shimmer in a minute.

    A bit behind--I think I'm 42 stories in 46 weeks, but I'm catching up!

  7. Hi

    I wrote and submitted: The Seasoning of Life (Linguistic Erosion) I already got it back for a rewrite. My editing was sloppy, which is always been one of my things I need to improve on, but I hate editing. So I sent it out again. Let's hope I fixed it enough for them.

    Got a few other rejections too this week

  8. Nearly finished edits on The Novel including writing four and a half new chapters. Added another couple thousand words to the NaNoWriMo project.

    Rejection: The Hardest Kiss (Strange Horizons)
    Submission: The Hardest Kiss (Clockwork Phoenix)
    Acceptances/Publications: NONE