Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week #44 Check-in

The end of Week 44 is here!

How's it been for you? Have the words flowed like Dandelion Wine, or has Something Wicked gotten in the way?

Here's your chance to tell everybody about it, whether you're a weekly or monthly(or anything in between) W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, shout it from the rooftops. Yahoo! If you've had something accepted from this year, tell us so we can add you to the Write1Sub1 Hall of Fame. But if stuff has interfered with your writing and every reply has been a rejection, let us know that too so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

Also, remember to note your paid publications ($) for our Published Work$ page -- stories published from either W1S1 2011 or 2012, and don't forget to post the link! While W1S1 continues to encourage all avenues for publication, we want to especially highlight those stories and markets that help to put coffee in a writer's favorite mug.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them!


  1. This week I

    W1: "Red Windmill" (flash)
    S1: chapter to Jukepop serial, 3 flashes to Ardor Literary Magazine.

    Accept: None
    Pub: None this week.

  2. Edited about 30 pages last Sunday on The Novel.

    Everything else has been quiet. No subs/acceptances/rejections/publications.

    Maybe this week. :)

  3. I sold a reprint to Toasted Cake, hoorah, but it doesn't count because I wrote it last year. Still, it's nice to mention it.

  4. Keep on keepin' on, y'alls.

    I started a couple stories -- one for the King David and the Spiders from Mars anthology, one for Big Pulp's Kennedy Curse themed issue -- so I'm hopeful November may be a 2fer.

    Still no word from Wastelands 2 (6 weeks and counting) or Analog (3 months and counting), but NewMyths let me know a story I sent them back in July is still under consideration, so that's something.

    Write on, everybody!

  5. I mentioned last week that I had two poem acceptances, pending approval on some revisions. I can happily say that both poems are now accepted, and both were just written last month for W1S1!

    I started on a new story on the 1st. I have most of the draft done, but have been slow finishing because I needed some help on details. The story will be about 3k. I aim to have it ready for critique later in the week.

    Is anyone else doing the Poem a Say Challenge this month? I have four poems done. I will probably start sending some out in a week or so.

    And I must ask... will W1S1 be continuing in 2013? I sure hope so.

    1. Poem a Day. Sigh.

    2. I'm doing I'm it, Beth. I've already fallen behi. But today could be the day for catch up.

    3. W1S1 2013? Mos def! Stay tuned...

  6. Good luck Beth and Deborah on your One-a-day Poem Challenge, and best of luck Milo on a NewMyths acceptance. They happened to be one of my two rejections this week, but it was still a decent one:

    Wrote: 3 short flashes
    Subbed: 4, Grim Corps, The WiFiles, Haunted Press, and Penny Fiction
    Rejections: 2, NewMyths and Abomination Magazine
    Acceptances: 1 at Eschatology ($)
    Publications: 1, 7 Seconds