Wednesday, June 27, 2012

UFO Sightings with Alex Shvartsman

Write1Sub1 participant Alex Shvartsman joins us today to share exciting news about the anthology he's editing, open soon for hilarious science fiction and fantasy submissions.
W1S1:  Tell us about your upcoming anthology, Alex.

Unidentified Funny Objects is an anthology of humor SF/F.  Humor is under-represented in short speculative fiction and one of my goals with this project was to create a pro-paying market for this kind of stories.

In addition to the open submission call, UFO will feature stories by some of the top authors in the business. We've already announced forthcoming stories by Mike Resnick and Lavie Tidhar, and have more exciting announcements to make during the summer.

W1S1:  What types of stories are you really looking for? Word count? Genre?

We're looking for stories of 500-4000 words in all veins of humor -- but they must be funny. A few humorous lines in an otherwise straight-up story do not qualify. Please take the time to read the excerpts from the stories we already accepted, featured on, as well as a trio of humor flash stories linked to at the bottom of our submission guidelines. Of the stories I've read so far, the most common reason for rejection is that an otherwise good story just wasn't all that funny.

W1S1:  How do we submit our work to you? Format? Deadline?

E-mail submissions to as an attachment. Put Submission: Story Title by Your Name in the subject line. A brief cover letter is optional.

Something resembling Standard Manuscript Guidelines is preferred, but ultimately I don't care what font you use, whether it's double-space and what you put in the header. As a writer, I had keeping to reformat the story slightly each time I send it to another market, so I don't want to make any of you do that. Just send a legible story.

If it makes it past the first reading, it will be reformatted and all personal info will be removed from it, before it's forwarded to a panel of associate editors who will then read your submission anonymously. They won't know whether you're a an unpublished author of if you use a pair of Hugo awards as your bookends.

We will be accepting submissions until August 31. And although the submission window opens on July 1, I invite Write1Sub1 participants to go ahead and submit a few days early.
W1S1:  Thanks, Alex. This sounds like a lot of fun!


  1. Ooh, excellent. I shall definitely be submitting.

  2. So exciting! Thanks for the insight, Alex.