Sunday, March 4, 2012

Write1Sub1 Week #9 Check-in

It's the end of W1S1 Week #9!

How's the week been for you? Have you managed to write your stories or has real life gotten in the way? Here's your chance to tell everybody about it, whether you're a weekly or monthly (or anything in between) W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write and submit a story/poem, let us know. If you've had something accepted or published, tell us so we can add you to the Write1Sub1 Hall of Fame. But if your muse has gone AWOL and every reply has been a rejection, let us know that too so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

As a new feature for 2012, remember to note your paid publications ($) for our Published Work$ page. While W1S1 continues to encourage all avenues for publication, we want to especially highlight those stories/markets that put food on a writer's table.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them ...


  1. That time already? I'm keeping up with the writing and the subbing. Have made sales but only with work written before the start of 2012.

    Hope everyone else is doing well.

  2. Not much accomplished this week. Trying to catch up today.

    Did get a notice from DSF that a story has been shortlisted, but that it will be another month before they make a decision.

    Subs/Rejections/Acceptances/Published: NONE

  3. A wimpy 2K written this week in Flux (ongoing). Other than that, MUCHOS resubs and MUCHOS queries on stories that have been languishing at various markets past their due dates.

    Published: a 2011 scifaiku @ Trapeze

    Write on, everybody!

  4. Good week for writing. I just finished up a longer short story for a contest.

    Acceptance: (non W1S1) one of my poems from November Poem a Day sold to Abyss & Apex.

    Submitted: a lot. I made an extra effort to get poems out by the end of February.

  5. Hi

    Did some writing.
    W:Traffic Signs You Might Come Across
    S:Traffic Signs You Might Come Acrss

    Acceptance: None
    Rejections: None

  6. Exceeded my word count this week, which was necessary after the week before.

    Subbed: 5
    Accepted: 2 + 1 shortlisted
    Rejections: 3
    Published: 0

    Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good.

    Fingers crossed for you A.G.

    I liked your scifaiku, Milo, and hope to read "Life is What We Make It," soon.

    Congrats, Beth!

  7. Novel has gained 2K words and four pieces wr/sub, two to Lily Child's Prediction @ 100 words each('Red magic','Blacksmith's tale'), two to MuDSpots @174 words (Mackenzie's tle', 'In sympathy'). Last week's 'Assembly' to three word week has been requested for Steve Isaak's 'Microstory a week',

  8. Well, I actually wrote one short this week. The novel suffered for it, but still, managed to make some progress and hit my w1s1 mark. Also finished edits on the last novel, so work is happening at least.

    W: El Emperador

    S: Traveler (haiku) and El Emperador

    the poem was quickly rejected ;) but the rest are still out and dangling in the breeze.


  9. Subs: 1
    Rej: 1
    Acc: 0
    New: 0

    Ended my epic editing session(s) and I will FINALLY be working on a new story this week. Spent the weekend outlining it, which made me very excited to get going on it!

    Can't believe it's a new month already, but I'm already 2 subs away from surpassing my total subs from 2011 - so yay!

  10. Ack, nearly missed it this week.

    I've been transferring edits from paper to digital, but I still managed to pump out a pair of shorts, subbed three stories, and got an acceptance to Wandering Weeds: Tales of Rabid Vegetation.


  11. I finally finished a story today, and I've spent the afternoon subbing stories that were written last year that have not found homes yet. At least for the Light Ray version, I've been doing all right. :)

  12. The every week thing isn't working for me. Time to lower the stress level and go for once a month, writing and subbing. Wrote 5 poems and a bunch of Morning Pages. Didn't sub anything. One rejection.

  13. One story written. Good to go, but a little slow.

  14. Wrote two, subbed two.

    Already received rejections on both submissions.

    Four stories out currently.

  15. Okay, so here I am. I'm attempting the monthly--life has gotten soooooo much busier of late.

    New stories subbed this year: 2
    Rejections: 0
    Short lists: 1

    I will work harder.

    Good luck everyone!

  16. Patsy, congrats on keeping up and making those sales.

    Aggy, good luck on the DSF story. Here's hoping!

    Milo, 2k is 2k more than you had last week! Nice haiku, too.

    Beth, congrats on the sale!

    Dave, that's an interesting title. I hope to read it somewhere soon.

    Erin, WTG! Good luck on the shortlisted piece. Adding the acceptances to the Hall of Fame!

    Sandra, congrats on the acceptance. Sounds like a lot of writing progress, too.

    Frances, congrats on the short and on finishing the edits. Editing is definitely work.

    Mary, awesome! Beating last year's record already in March, or getting close, is really something.

    Voss, congrats! You did pretty well for nearly missing. ;)

    Sparklecat, sounds like you're doing pretty well to me!

    Anne, definitely do what feels right for you. If weekly is too much, it's only going to be self-defeating. Good luck on the monthly!

    David, awesome! One story is one more than you had, and one more opportunity for an acceptance.

    Jack, two in a week is great! Quick rejection just means they can find a home elsewhere faster. ;)

    Aaron, good luck on the shortlisted piece!

    Looks like everyone's hanging in there and getting it done. WTG, guys.

  17. I've updated the Hall of Fame with this week's acceptances.

    As for me, after a dreadfully unproductive several months, I've finished a story that was languishing, and am about to finish up a second for the month of March. I'm just on the monthly out of necessity, so this makes me happy. Between those two, it's like a whole new story. These aren't for submission, though, so I need to get busy on one of those ideas so I can sub something new this month.

  18. I've just been dicking about again. I'm on 2 a month, so I'll get something together by the end.

    I'm really just here to wave at Shelley!
    Hello! It's great to see you again. :)

  19. Trying again.

    $ I Honour my Ancient Ancestors published by Eschatology.

    The Great Whore published by Mirror Dance.

    And a 2011 poem accepted by Polu Texni.

  20. Finally completed rewrites on GLS, which I've been meaning to do for months. Sent that story out.

    Got one reject, sent that one back out as well.

    Written: 1
    Rejection: 1
    Subs: 2

  21. sub 1.

    Not a great week for writing - 1/2 a story finished, 1k added to the novel.

    1 rejection, but with nice, detailed comments.

  22. It was a pretty good week for me, last week. I wrote 3 new poems and submitted them and four other pieces to various markets. *fingers crossed*

  23. A decent week:

    Written: 6 flash

    Subbed: 1 short and 2 flash

    Accepted: 1 short & 2 flash - Dear Ingrid at Twisted Dreams Magazine, Grandpa at Postcard Shorts and Bring It On at Shotgun Honey

    Rejected: 3 flash & 1 poem

    Published: 1 - Grandpa at Postcard Shorts

    Congrats to everyone who's hanging in there!

  24. I've been so bad at remembering to check in here...

    But my Year of Stories challenge (inspired partly by W1S1) is going strong. I released Two Minutes to Midnight on my blog this week:

  25. Congratulations gang. I love the write & sub vibe around here.

    For the first week in 15 months, I failed to write a new story last week. I did polish up a few and get them out, at least, but my streak has ended. Time to start a new one.

    W1: ....
    S1: 3 flashes to A-Minor; flash to McSweeney's Internet Tendency; 3 flashes to Furious Fictions; 2 flashes to Camroc Press.

    Accepted: ... sigh...
    Rejected: 10 (ouch!)
    Published: "Christmas in Nicaragua" at Pure Slush.

  26. Yikes, forgot to check in last Sunday.
    Last week, wrote one, subbed one
    One rejection
    No accepts

  27. Hey, Lydia! I keep meaning to come back to AW. It's one of those things where I was legitimately gone for a long time, and then every time I think about going back the guilt for waiting so long puts me off longer. Stupid, huh? Good to see you!

    @Deborah, congrats on an eventful week!

    @Sylvia, good on getting it back out. Rewrites are something else, aren't they?

    @A. Lin, comments on rejections are a good sign, and definitely make bad news better.

    @Rhonda, good luck on all those submissions--WTG.

    @Michelle, wow, lots of writing. Awesome! And congrats. I'll update the HoF.

    @Tim, keep that challenge momentum going--looking good.

    @Stephen, that was an AMAZING streak. I'm hella impressed. And all those rejections just mean a week full of acceptances is coming soon--you know it. :)

    @Lee, wrote one, subbed one-that's the name of the game. :)