Sunday, March 25, 2012

Write1Sub1 Week #12/Month #3 Check-In

It's the end of W1S1 Week #12 and Month #3!

How's it been for you? Have you managed to write what you wanted or has real life intervened? Here's your chance to tell us about it, whether you're a weekly, monthly or something in between W1S1er.

If you've managed to write and submit a story/poem, let us know. If you've had something accepted or published, tell us so we can add you to the Write1Sub1 Hall of Fame. But if your muse has gone off-planet and every reply has been a rejection, let us know that too so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

As a new feature for 2012, remember to note your paid publications ($) for our Published Work$ page. While W1S1 continues to encourage all avenues for publication, we want to especially highlight those stories/markets that put food on a writer's table.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them ...


  1. Almost nothing new written this week. Ugh.

    Rejections: In the Cool of the Day (Strange Horizons), Caught (Goldfish Grimm's)

    (re)Subs: Caught to Stupefying Stories, In the Cool of the Day to Asimov's

    Accepted/Published: NONE

  2. @Aggy, good luck with those subs and don't let a slower week get you down.

  3. A good week thanks to serendipitous research, written a total of 4500K (novel & short story) and wr/sub 3 pieces.

  4. @Sandra, awesome, both on the wc and subs.

  5. As for me, I've managed just over 7000 words this week on two different projects. Neither of them are for submission elsewhere, though. I'm still aiming for 45,000 words in March, though I'm a bit behind where I'd like to be with only about 22,000 so far this month. 3300 words a day for the next 7 will get me there, so I've not given up hope.

  6. Keep on keepin' on!

    Written: 3K -- will have this month's W1S1 out by mid-week

    Subbed: 3 re-subs

    Accepted: my Week#44 story from last year; I'll post the link when it's published

    Published: a weird little haiku @ Trapeze

  7. Hey

    pretty good week

    w: the arrows of poetry
    s: the arrows of poetry (chicken soup)

    rejections or acceptances: none

  8. @Milo, congrats on the acceptance! Look forward to seeing where it's published.

    @Dave, good luck with it!

  9. Not a good week. My computer died on Monday. I didn't want to start anything major while in limbo, so I critiqued and worked on other little projects on a laptop. As of today, I have a working computer again... and am so frustrated at the changes I barely want to sit here. No data was lost, but I don't know where to find stuff now. *grumble rant grumble*

    Written: poem

    Submitted: nothing new

  10. My first W1S1 week : )

    Subbed to Drabblecast and got a quick response--rejection : (

    Will probably switch to the monthly W1S1 since I really don't have enough of a backlog to sub every week at this rate.

  11. Decent week. One token-paid acceptance ("Aquarium" at Drunk Monkeys), one submission, which was rejected in only two days (might as well let the pain come quickly!), plus started on another story.

  12. @Beth, oh man, what a nightmare! Good that you didn't lose anything, though. I dislike change. Just going from XP to Vista nearly killed me, so I feel your pain.

    @Shpob, welcome! Monthly is a good option. Or you could sub whatever you write that week. ;)

    @Anne, congrats on the poem. I'll update the HoF. Be sure and mention when it goes up so it can be listed on the paid pubs page.

  13. @Beth, what's the name of your poem in Og's that you mentioned last week?

  14. Crazy week at work = little writing done. Revised story for a market that asked for revisions and hope to announce an acceptance from them soon and began work on my Bibliotheca Fantastica story.

    My big news is a sale to Nature Magazine. They accepted "Ravages of Time" which is my W1S1 2012 Week 5 story. This is my third SFWA-qualifying sale, so I'm now able to upgrade from Associate to Active!

    @ShelleyO: Good to see you here again, hope everything is going well with you!

  15. Wrote 1
    Subbed 1 (only because of this site: I forced myself to send one in!)
    One rejection
    No acceptances

    Tuesday, my story "Guaranteed to Work" will be up on the Daily Science Fiction website.

  16. @Alex, Nature--awesome! That's a great sale. And thanks. Things are going, at least. :) I miss being a bigger part of things. Soon, I hope!

    @Lee, sometimes it takes "forcing" oneself for some reason, doesn't it? Whatever works! I'll update the link on the published page when the story goes live.

  17. 4 submissions this week, 1 rejection, 1 acceptance! drabblecast accepted a shortened reprint of my story, "A Nice Jewish Golem" (written and published last year so not eligible for the HoF) and will even pay me!

    Sadly, not so much on the writing front. Next week, for sure!

  18. I've been writing...but not subbing. That old complete and submit thing has been a stumbling block lately. This week, though, I feel as though I cracked the code on a good rhythm for me. It's all about spreading the writing, editing, and subbing out into tiny, non-intimidating increments. Will give it another go this week.

    Written & Subbed: The Love Box 3000

  19. @A. Lin, congrats! Be sure to let us know when it goes up so it can be added to the Paid Publications page!

    @Elizabeth, sometimes I work in 10-15 minute increments, but they're completely focused increments. They add up through the day and the week. Whatever works--it's amazing how differently people get things done. The important thing is to find your rhythm, and that's not always easy to do! Sounds like you're well on your way.

  20. March has been a challenging month for me, but I'm managing to hold on to the life preserver for now.

    W1: "Harriet in the Bark" (short story)

    S1: flash to Eschatology; flash to Drabblecast; flash to On Spec

    Accepts: The drought continues. 25 straight rejections.

    Pub: "The Mail Woman" appeared at Microliterature.

  21. Life intervened. Have just written poetry and Morning Pages. No subs.

    Today "Eclipse" published on Poetry Breakfast.

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  23. Sorry about the deleted comment. I messed up formatting the first time around... -MH

    The last month has been very hectic, and I haven't made it by here recently. End-of-month checkin seems as good a time as any.

    March Results:
    W1: {flash fiction for Shock Totem contest} (contest is still running, so name redacted), Best Friend (flash for AHMM contest), Vacant Thrones (flash for Kazka Press 713 contest).

    S1: Vacant Thrones and Best Friend have both been subbed to their respective contests.

    Acceptances: An Unsuitable Job for a Human (February 2012-written story) to Nature. Vacant Thrones to Kazka Press. A third acceptance (this one for a 2011 story) is pending final confirmation. I should be able to announce that later this week.

    Published: A Minor God of Mischief (written in February, 2012) went live on the Kazka Press site March 1st.

    Rejections: More than you can shake a stick at. :)

  24. Congrats, comiserations and hugs to all as appropriate :-)

    Written new: 6 flash

    Subbed: 4 (Camroc Press Review, Red Fez,Jabberwocky, Long Story Short)

    Accepted: 1 (a flash by Fractured West)

    Rejected: 3 (Camroc, Word Riot, DSF)

    Published: none

  25. I submitted one story for the month and I've started two. Hopefully the one will be ready to submit in April.

    One of my stories is supposed to be published this month in Apollo's Lyre. I've checked the website 20 times a day, but it isn't up yet.

  26. *cheers everyone who was successful and then crawls into a corner and begins muttering incoherently*

  27. I finished writing my MS this week (well, today actually). It's entitled The Sleeping Kingdom and now rests at 75k words. Of course, it's a first draft, so it needs some rewriting.

    Next up, I'm going to work on my two other manuscripts. One of them, SOul Thief, is currently at 65k words and needs to go to 80k, and the other, Ghostslayer is at 20k, which was my goal for this month.

    Subbed: Nothing yet. Need to get The Sleeping Kingdom to critique partners, rewrite, rewrite again, and then write query.

  28. ShelleyO, sorry I didn't see your question until today! I've had more computer issues. The poem is "Six Months After" and it can be found here:

  29. This month I wrote one in the nick of time (hope ablog post counts) and I submitted a previously unsuccessful competition entry and it was accepted $. This was because I took the advice of a guest on The Insecure Writer (I think) who said treat your written pieces like grown up children; find them somewhere to go.

  30. Not a bad month at all. “What Charlie Left Out in His Letters Home” was published by Writer’s Haven Mar. 20. “Test of English as a Foreign Language” was accepted by The Rose and Thorn Journal for its spring issue. Just finished "No More War, They Said," which is what happens when you listen to Springsteen. One review was written for Amazon and B&N, and research posted to my Holling Clancy Holling site. Oh, and three other older pieces were submitted.

  31. I missed this week, as part of my planned "move-back-to-America". I'll miss next week too. Then I'll be back on track. I'll still be ahead for the year!

  32. Want to hear something funny? Was surfing e-zine sites today and found a story I subbed a month ago. "Statue of Limitations" was accepted and posted by World of Myth AND THEY NEVER TOLD ME! Nice, though. Makes it the third piece WoM has run.

    1. @ and Walt, on WOH: Congrats on that. I've updated the HoF. I'd be careful--it can cause some serious snafus when pubs don't tell you what they're doing with your work.

  33. Fantastic work being done, guys. Sorry I'm checking in late. Long days at DisneyWorld can throw you!

    Written/Submitted: The Chronicles of Zer in Twelve Volumes, with Appendix (fantasy, short story)

    Accepted: His Last Gift to Her (haiku, SF, 2011, $) by Abyss and Apex, Judgement Day (Twitter, 2011, $) by Nanoism

    Published: Judgement Day (Twitter, 2011, $) by Nanoism, First Step (Twitter, 2011) by Trapeze, V2.0 (Twitter, 2011) by Trapeze, Heart Condition (Twitter, 2011) by 7x20

  34. Slow start to the year I'm afraid. I got a two day a week job that's turned into four days a week for a while so my dream of having daytime hours to devote to writing is on hold for another month or so. I managed to write a supernatural short story and submit it to the Dark Tales competition. That's my sad tally. Congratulations to everybody who submitted in March and a super bout of congratulations to those of you who were published.

  35. @Stephen, man! Once the rejection streak finally ends, you'll be do for tons of good news. :)

    @Anne, sometimes life does that. :( Hopefully it doesn't last long.

    @Michael, good luck with the contests. I won ST once--it was a huge thrill. :) And congrats on the acceptances and pubs! WTG. Will update HoF

    @Michelle, congrats! Updated the HoF

    @Charity, did they give you a date? Has it shown up yet?

    @Rhonda, god, I know the feeling. *mutters, too*

    @Majanka, congrats on finishing that first draft--huge accomplishment!

  36. @Beth, I'll add the name and link. :)

    @Linda, way to keep at it! Is the acceptance a HoF entry?

    @David, being ahead is great, because anything can (and often does) happen. Jump back in when you can!

    @Walt, sounds like an excellent month! I've added your acceptance to the HoF.

    @Simon, congrats on those acceptances! Lots of writing and pubs, too. You're always out there in front. :)

    @Gayle, that's still a story you wrote and subbed. Not what you were hoping for, but it's still progress. I hope your time frees up a bit like you want.