Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The March Martian Awards

The third month of Write1Sub1 RELOADED is over. Three months down, nine to go!

Are YOU a "March Martian" winner?

At the end of each month, we publish a list of everyone who has managed to stick to the challenge: weekly or monthly.

This month, everyone who has done so receives the March Martian Award (in honor of Ray Bradbury's similiarly titled story, The Martian Chronicles).

So if you've met your W1S1 writing goals during March, add your name and blog URL to the linky widget below.

And if you've had something W1S1-related published this month that you're particularly proud of, add its title and URL to the widget as well. We'll be sure to check it out!

BLOGFEST RULES: Visit all of the participants above and give them each a virtual slap on the back for their success this month. Then visit their published works, and leave a comment if possible. Well done, everyone!


  1. I'm on the W1/S1 monthly plan, and met that despite everything else going on this month. I'll circle back around in a while and visit blogs.


  2. Way to go, Michael! I too met my monthly goal with "Minuteman" subbed to Clarkesworld last night.

    Write on, everybody!

  3. Three month in a row! One of my short stories was supposed to be in the March issue of Apollo's Lyre, but it's not up yet.

    I'll wait a day and then start visiting blog tomorrow. Congrats to everyone!

  4. Go, Michael and Milo! I always enjoy hearing about your publishing victories.

    March was less spectacular for me than February, but I had one new publication, one new acceptance, and three new stories submitted, which exceeds my monthly W1S1 commitment.

  5. Oh man, the month I whiffed it has to coolest badge! :) Nice job everyone who toed the line this month.

    Crossing my fingers for April. Still, I love that martian!

  6. Thank god for W1S1. Seriously. I think this challenge is the only reason I managed to write something new this month. The subbing thing I've got down to a science, it's the 'Getting butt in gear and pulling stories out of my brain and onto the page' thing I struggle with.

    This challenge kept me on track for this month though.

    This month I wrote a few new poems, revised some more, sent a out nine submissions and currently have a total of fifteen pieces out at various markets. Yay!

    Also, I made one sale. It had been a long time since my last fiction sale (for SO many reasons LOL) and this feels good.


  7. I managed to do it again. Actually I've sub'ed three and wrote one. The written one sat for a while before I figured that I was making it too complex. After that it just finished in one sitting.

    Dave K

  8. I met mine! Monthly goal, wrote and sub a story to Penumbra. And will busily try to write a story for Dagan's Biblio antho.

    Also sold a story! Could that be counted as well as the story I sold last month, please?
    (put it under my real name Siobhan Gallagher :D)

  9. I'm in! Write on, guys!

  10. Congratulations Winners of the March Martian Awards!!!

    Well Done!

  11. I made my monthly goals despite weeks of computer woes and novel revisions. On to April!

  12. A busy month but the challenge kept me on track and resulted in an acceptance of a short story; a previously unsuccessful competition entry. Absolutely made up!

  13. Great to hear all the good news!

    I got my two stories out this month, but no acceptances.

    Ah well, maybe next month.

  14. Spring break put a big kink in my writing schedule, but I still managed to stay on track.

    Congrats to everyone!

    We're a quarter of the way there...

  15. Nice work everyone! Write1Sub1 is awesome! I'm finishing up this week's story and plan on submitting it later tonight. Got one accepted this month too, I'll post the links when it's up. Keep it up all!

  16. For some reason, even with giving myself an entire month, I seem to like to do things right at the end :P

    But I made it. I think my goal for next month will be to come in sometime before the last week.

  17. So impressed with everyone's dedication and all the success stories!
    Glad to have kept myself writing and subbing - wouldn't be subbing if it weren't for this challenge, so thank you!

  18. Well done all March Martians!

    This challenge is absolutely brilliant for keeping your eyes on the prize (and your butt in the chair!)

  19. Submitted my short story "The Writing Group" to Chicken Soup for their upcoming book on the theme New Friends. Just made my March monthly deadline last night on 3/31 and the Chicken Soup deadline as well. That book topic closed yesterday. Feels good! Congrats to everyone else who completed their monthly and weekly March writing goals.

  20. Yeah! March came in as a lion and left like a lion.

    W1: The Silver Lining: O My Father
    S1: The Depths of Inner Space

    PS. Does anyone else have trouble submitting comments in Firefox on a Mac? I had to switch to Safari.

  21. Wrote 2, subbed 2. One was a new story, one was a story that has been launguishing on my pc for a while.

    No rejections in March, they'll come in April

  22. I didn't get it done. Spring break and other issues sapped my energy and time. The story I began is only half-finished and needs to percolate a while before I have another go at it. Hopefully, I will have it finished and submitted in April. Fingers crossed. Congrats to everyone else!


  23. Technically I didn't make it. The story for March isn't done and I'm now behind on April's story but I wrote over 7K words in March. It's a long one and still growing. That would normally have been enough words for two stories. In happier news, a story I sold earlier this year is up at Fear and Trembling. Here's the link to "Soul Thief".