Sunday, February 5, 2012

Write1Sub1 Week #5 Check-In

It's the end of W1S1 Week #5!

How's the week been for you? Have you managed to stick to the plan or has real life gotten in the way? Here's your chance to tell everybody about it, whether you're a weekly or monthly (or anything in between) W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write and submit a story/poem, let us know. If you've had something accepted or published, tell us so we can add you to the Write1Sub1 Hall of Fame. But if your muse has gone AWOL and every reply has been a rejection, let us know that too so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

As a new feature for 2012, remember to note your paid publications ($) for our Published Work$ page. While W1S1 continues to encourage all avenues for publication, we want to especially highlight those stories/markets that put food on a writer's table.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them ...


  1. I'm monthly this year but I've some of W1S1 2011 sales to report:

    Slieu Whallian (fantasy short) sold to Electric Spec; The Summoning Words (fantasy drabble) to the Sam's Dot Deathbed Confessions contest; wolF emiT (SF flash) to Every Day Fiction.

    Hope you've all had a good week, guys!

  2. Good to go, despite a business trip, with one story done and one half-done. Not as fast as I'd like, but hey. Hey. ...hey.

  3. I submitted
    3 of my poems to a Indian poetry publisher for a 2012 poetry anthology "visions".
    A short story to an Indian Ezine which is most likely rejected since I haven't received an approved email as yet.
    A poem to for an 2012 anthology on domestic violence

  4. Pretty good week for me. Started my short story for the month, added more words to the novel projects.

    Subbed: Renovation (Readerotica 4)

    Accepted: Ice for Readerotica 3($)

    Published: Breakfast at One Forty Fiction (1.31.12) and Ice - as Abby Fowke - at Readerotica 3, available from Amazon.

    Rejections: none

  5. Congratulations, Simon and AG.

    A couple of poems accepted by Death's Head Grin. I also found out I'd been included in an anthology for a reprint, by searching on my name in Amazon. Ha! They could have told me!

    Completed a story this week that I'm very pleased about, toiled on my novel.

    A good week.

  6. Way to go, Team! Always inspiring to check in and see everybody's progress.

    As for me:

    Written: 6,000 words in Progeny (ongoing)

    Subbed: 3 resubs from 2011

    Accepted: My Week#40 tale from last year, "Captain Quasar and the Popularity Contest on Goobalox Five" -- I'll post the link tomorrow when it's published @ EDF

    Keep on keepin' on, everybody!

  7. I'm ahead, considering I committed to Monthly W1S1. I've already finished and submitted two new stories this year.

    In the past week, one of those was accepted ("Beyond Rainbow," for Kazka Press 713 Flash), as was one I wrote last year ("Stronger Than Magic," for Hisstories).

    Hope that momentum continues, and best of luck to all of you.

  8. Way to go, gang. We're off to a strong start.

    My week was productive:

    W1: "Midnight Mass" (short story), "To Eat or Not to Eat" (flash), "A Consequence of Copulation" (flash).

    S1: Submitted flash to Children, Churches and Daddies, flash to Flash Fiction Online, flash to Fiction Collective, 2 flashes to Pure Slush, flash to The Drabblecast, short story to Stupefying Stories, flash to Bartleby Snopes Post-Experimentalism, flash to Nil Desperandum, flash to West Branch, and flash to The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts.

    Accept: "Jehovah Joint" by Children, Churches and Daddies, "Christmas in Nicaragua" by Pure Slush, "Meringue" by Pure Slush.

    Published: "Jehovah Joint"

  9. Oops - I should have noted that the three accepts are stories from 2011, and NOT HOF worthy.

  10. I'm on track for both the writing and subbing. No acceptances yet for anything written this year. Markets I sub to commonly take 6 months to reply though, so I'm not too worried by that.

    Well done everyone who's met their targets.

  11. I'm trying weekly this year, but I can't promise as I dig into novel land that I wont step back to monthly. :)
    For now:

    W: Future Gazing(flash) Braided (short)

    S: Confessions of a Lycantrhope to Mark of the Beast anthology
    Future Gazing to Romance Flash

    No word either way on subs that are out.

  12. No word yet on my stories from January (I sent out three and a poem) but according to Duotrope, I should be hearing back quite soon. *crosses fingers*

    Written: a flash fic for a weekend contest

    Submitted: the flash fic from weekend before last

    Acceptances: I have three pre-W1S1 works that have been accepted at awesome publishers: Uncle John's Flush Fiction (yes, the bathroom book series), Daily Science Fiction, and Stupefying Stories.

    Published: Nothing new, but there's is an interview with me here:

  13. My goodness! Everybody's doing so great - you inspire me, always.

    As for me, I'm still waiting on news of a sub for a 2011 story. My January W1 hasn't been edited, and I've already started my Feb. W1, but I plan to have both done, edited, and out the door by the end of next week.

    I know there's a saying about "best laid plans" and such, but I'm ignoring that, lol. Positive thinking. Yeah. :)

  14. Very unusually for me, i've already subbed a new story for the month. If all things were usual, i'd be rushing around at the end of the month to get something out the door.

    That means i'm ahead of the game, too, as i was only planning on a short every two months this year while i focus on writing a couple or three novels. So far, i've sent two shorts out the door, as well as five poems. I have a long short/novelette that'll be heading out this month, too.

    No acceptances, 2 rejections, lots of crickets.

  15. David: Great stuff on that progress.

    Rek: Best of luck with those. Let us know how it goes.

    A. G. - Congrats! Great week for you. I'll update the Hall of Fame.

    Debs: Great stuff. Hope the toil isn't too bad next week. I've added 2 acceptances to the HOF - that sound right?

  16. Milo: Congrats on that EDF acceptance. Such a fine and discerning market!

    Anne: great stuff; hope that momentum keeps rolling.

    Steven: An incredible week! How do you do it?

    Patsy: I'm sure there'll be a load of acceptances round about June ...

  17. Nah. I just spent the week piddling about.

    But that's OK. I have three weeks to get two stories done and subbed, so no worries.

    And I managed to waste a whole day redesigning my blog, and diddling about making backgrounds and titles and stuff.
    That was really unproductive fun.

  18. I wrote a story called 'The Research Continues' and subbed a different story. It was hard this week but I managed to do it :)

  19. Wow. Everyone is doing so well!

    February is off to a slow but steady start:

    W: The Curve of Her Hip, the Swell of Her Breast (not erotica, exactly)
    S: Kill the Buddha

  20. Congrats to everyone for their progress so far this year!

    Here's my status for the week:

    W: "Levels of Trust" and "An Unsuitable Job for a Human"

    S: first-time submissions for "Pherusa Among the Stars" and "Levels of Trust"

  21. I'll get the hang of this one of these days. :)

    Written this week:0

    Subbed: poems, "Chivalry", "White-out" and "Eclipse" to Poetry Breakfast Blog



  22. Those poems were from 2010 & 2011.


  23. Great job, everyone!

    An uneventful week for me -- no new sales or publications. I did manage to write and submit a flash story to a contest. I also polished up the previous week's story (which started its life as a 750 word flash but is now 2200 words) and it's making the rounds at the pros (F&SF R, now at Clarkesworld).

  24. Sorry Simon, the poems are not HoF worthy because I wrote them last year. Knock me two off.

  25. Great to see what everyone is doing - and makes me feel like I definitely should be doing more!

    I wrote one story and one partial but I didn't sub anything. Will sub two this week to make up for it.

    Received a reject for my w4 sub - that was quick!

  26. Frances: Best of luck with those subs.

    Beth: Fingers crossed here too!

    Jill: Absolutely! Best of luck.

    Samuel: Impressive stuff. Wish I was that far ahead. Any cricket?

    Lydia: Sometimes you have to piddle about. It gives your subconscious time to work ...

  27. Celesta: Great stuff!

    Elizabeth: Intriguing titles! Best of luck with them.

    Michael: Best of luck with yours, too.

    Anne: Hope those poems get accepted.

    Alex: Great stuff; best of luck with those.

    Deborah: Ah, OK. You're still going to have a zillion soon, if I know you ...

    Sylvia: Glad the scheme is helping you. Get that rejected story back out there!

    Thanks for the check-in everyone - some inspiring stories there. Keep on writing!

  28. Also, no 2012 sales yet, so you'll need to remove me from the HoF, too. Only Published Sale$ from 2011 for me so far this year.

  29. This week: Wrote 1, Submitted 2, Rejected 1, Accepted 1

    The edits on the novel are up to 30K, goal for this week is to add at least another 15K in edits.

    Accepted details: "Safe Word", submitted week #4, to appear in the launch issue of FeatherLit coming out Valentine's Day (unpaid)

  30. I've been out of town, so much slower on the writing front, but I did manage to get one flash in and another subbed.

    W1- Forever in these Walls
    S1-Patchouli, More than a Fragrance

    No rejections, publications, or acceptances.

  31. Well done to everyone!

    Written new: 7 flash, 2,446 words
    Submissions: 7(3 new, 4 resubs)
    Rejections: 4

    No acceptances or publications this week, but it was still productive :-)

  32. Written 0
    Submitted 0

    Accepted 1 - "Audition With The Vampire" to Every Day Fiction (paying market) appearing Feb 27, 2012.

    Working on a novella, 6k of 20k (30% done)

  33. Congrats to everyone who had a successful week :)

    I didn't write anything new last week. The good news is that's okay because I'm doing the monthly challenge ;)

  34. Milo: Got it. Congrats on that Captain Quasar story!

    A. Lin: Great stuff! Well done on that acceptance.

    Erin: Well done for keeping up. Good luck with that sub.

    Michelle: Glad it was productive!

    Lyn: Great news on the EDF acceptance. It's a good month for Write1Sub1 stories in that magazine this month ...

    Rhonda: Best of luck with the rest of the month.

  35. Wow, not a great week. I got stalled on a story and couldn't get out of it. So I quickly found a site looking for a micro-fiction piece and whipped one up just so I could finish the week with something written and submitted. I like that deadline pressure, that I have to write and send out something. It might be awful, but its out there. Things are being written and things are being sent out. Thanks for that.

    Write: On Clouds and Babies
    Submit: On Clouds and Babies

    Acceptances: None
    Rejections: None

  36. Dave - Well done. I know that feeling well!

  37. I haven't written or submitted anything for this month yet.

    However, the twitter fiction I wrote and subbed last month was accepted and published by One Forty Fiction ( today! I'm so excited! I haven't had anything published in awhile.

  38. I am doing the monthly challenge for the very first time.

    In January, I wrote and submitted a very short piece of erotic poetry.

    It was summarily rejected the nest day.

    I am currently working on a new flash fiction fantasy/erotica piece which I may or may not submit this month..

    And, yes - I do write things that aren't "naughty". Sometimes. =D

  39. It's the 10th of Feb. and I've lost track of my postings. Used to be monthly, but whatever. "Nun on the Run" was accepted by Every Day Fiction on Feb. 1, and "Borrowed Your Boat," an epistolary flash, was accepted by Pill Hill Press Feb. 7. In between, I tripped over a humor piece I wrote six months ago ("Bin Laden's Journal") and saw it put up on Swan Morrison's Short Humour Site. Three other stories have been subbed this month and three more are awaiting responses. What's fun is trying some new markets--with no little trepidation.