Sunday, January 29, 2012

Write1Sub1 Week #4/Month #1 Check-In

The end of W1S1 2012 Week 4 is here!

How's it been for you? Has it been The Cat's Pajamas? Or do you empathize with The Dragon Who Ate His Tail?

Here's your chance to tell everybody about it, whether you're a weekly or monthly (or anything in between) W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, shout it from the rooftops. Yahoo! If you've had something accepted or published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Halls of Fame. But if stuff has interfered with your writing and every reply has been a rejection, let us know that too so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

As a new feature for 2012, remember to note your paid publications ($) for our Published Work$ page. While W1S1 continues to encourage all avenues for publication, we want to especially highlight those stories/markets who put food on a writer's table.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them in the comments.


  1. Wrote a 2250 word fantasy humor story this week and will be mailing it out to F&SF on Monday.

    Wrote a 700-word flash that I didn't like enough to keep. Will scrap it or reuse parts of it in another story.

    Total submission count for 2012 stands at 15 as of yesterday.

    Sold "A Thousand Cuts" to One Buck Horror ($pro) -- this is a 2011 W1S1 story and it will appear in Volume 5 of OBH, due out in February.

    Nothing published this week. I looked over my records and it appears I have the same # of stories sold and yet unpublished as I do published at the moment (10 of each, not counting microfiction). Many of them should be coming out in the next few months.

  2. Nice job, Alex.

    My own week was:

    W1: "The Years of Plenty" (flash); "Steps to a Bigger Butt" (flash.

    S1: flash to Smokelong Quarterly, flash to Newer York, flash to Absinthe Revival

    Accepted: None

    Published: None

  3. Written: Soft sci-fi short (Schrödinger) and unnamed flash.

    Subbed: Said sci-fi short to "Bibliotheca Fantastica"

    Sold: ...

    Voss Foster

  4. Alex: You've blazed through January, sir; nicely done.

    Steve: Is step one "Sit at our computers all day"? =]

    Voss: Keep on keepin' on.

    As for me...

    Written: 3700 words in Progeny (ongoing)

    Subbed: "Night Stalker" to The Pedestal (this month's W1S1)

    Published: "Identity Thief" from Musa Publishing ($)

    Also, the cool folks at Triangulation: Last Contact requested a rewrite of one of my stories from last year, and I've been slaving over it ever since.

    Write on, everybody!

  5. A slower week for me, but I did meet my monthly word count goal.

    Novella: added 5K

    W1: Patchouli, More than a Fragrance

    S1: Simon Shoeberry's Pet Sanitarium (SS from 2011)

    Accepted: --
    Rejected: 2
    Published: --

  6. This has been a good month for writing because I'm taking part in a series of weekend flash fic writing efforts.

    S1: a flash fic to Flash Fiction Online; should have another one ready to submit later today.

    Accepted: Had a REALLY good month for acceptances, too, but all of them are pre-W1S1 stories.

  7. 4K words added to 'Not wanted on Voyage (much editing)
    1Wr/Sub to MuDSpots (188 words)
    Wr/Sub 3 this year + 27 from last year 'small stones' requested by Blue Print Review

  8. Great stuff everyone - so much inspring work being done!

    For myself, I've written a 10K word SF piece that doesn't really count for W1S1 as it's not being submitted anywhere as such. I have managed to keep up with the monthly level, though, with a flash piece written, submitted to and accepted by Caroline Smaile's flash anthology competition.

    I did start about three other stories too. These will be my focus for Feb ...

  9. I wrote two stories of about 3000 words each, and made a fair stab at a good fantasy story that's proving to be much longer than I thought. Fine, fine.

  10. Wrote two chapters on the novel (about 4k) and a Twitter fic (Expectations).

    Subbed: Expectations to Nanoism, then to One Forty Fiction

    Rejected: Expectations (Nanoism)

    Acceptances/Published: None

  11. Congrats on all the progress, everyone!

    My own.........
    Submissions: 1
    Acceptances: 0
    Rejections: 0

    Tidied up and resubmitted a story. Added some words to my NaNo novel (again...finally!)

    Decided to expand one of my completed stories into a longer piece so it won't be going out just yet.

    Took me most of January to get back into routine :) I foresee many words in February!

  12. Phew, are we tired yet? This challenge is keeping my fingers moving, I'll give you that. Nice.
    This week in a nutshell...

    written:Death Games(short) Catalougue Phantasma(short) Confessions of a Lycanthrope (poem) and a good thousand words back into the novel...finally.

    subbed: Death Games and Catalogue P.

    acc. none

    :)Lots still out.

  13. This is such an awesome challenge! Well done to everyone involved.

    Written: 8 flash, 1 poem

    Subs: 5 flash (inc 2 resubs), 1 poem

    Acceptances: 0

    Rejections: 1

    Publications: 0

  14. I'm super excited about this. I just found you guys recently so I decided to begin fresh and new on the fist of February. It gave me a couple weeks to get some writing done and ready to submit by the first and then I'd be able to spend the month/week writing and submitting. If I don't get a routine going then I end up spinning in circles and just abandoning the project, but I'm determined to stick this one out.

  15. I had hoped to finish the short story I've been writing, but there's still some work left to do. I've written about 3,800 words toward that. No submissions this week.

  16. I've just joined, but have been writing 1 to 2 stories weekly since Jan. 1. I've placed 3 stories so far (1 written Friday and accepted today), and a Dec. story has just appeared in print at I also post my stories on my blog at

  17. I should add that my production hasn't been that remarkable, as these stories are all 100 words each. But they're in addition to a 70,000-word novel I started during 2011 NANOWRIMO (and am now on my third draft).

  18. I've written my story this week, subbed it plus a couple I prepared earlier and knocked out another first draft.

    Also had a sale - but from a 2011 story. No news yet on anything written this year.

  19. Wrote: "Fool's Gold"

    Subbed: "They Came From the Sea" and "Our Future"

  20. Wrote: "Kill the Buddha"
    (Re)Subbed: "An Osmosis of Evil."

    A bit of a slow week, but still on the map.

  21. Wrote one, subbed two with one more sub pending for the first week of February. Also added 4k to my novella this week. So far so good.

  22. Not much new writing this week. Did some editing on a novelette i want to get out the door soon. Ended up adding words to it rather than trimming words. Oops.

    Only one rejection this week. Plenty of crickets, though. Have had a story passed on to the editors at one venue, own the longest outstanding response time on duotrope at another venue, and have a few other stories and poems nearing or past average response times. Probably means this week will be full of responses :)

  23. Between Chinese New Year (I live in China) and trying to arrange my 1-year-old's passport and my wife's visa for a trip to Canada in March, January has been full of Writer Fail for me.

    At the moment I have 8 shorts in progress (and 3 novels, but that's another story)with none submitted. Here's to a big push in February.

  24. I finished a second story this month (after a hinted prodding from an editor I worked with last year) and submitted it today. I'm still looking for a potential home for the first story I wrote this month. Trying to spread out my submissions a little more, to places other than ones I submitted to last year.

  25. Wrote a poem, "Father" and a short story, "Al-Sharif Saleema & Sons."

    Sold a story from 2007 "File Under S" to a paying market.

    Subbed: 0

    OK, when do you find the time to look for markets for your writing? Inquiring minds want to know.


  26. Slacked off completing stories these past two weeks - but have added another 2k words to my novella. Resubmitted a story to a different market and had two stories declined. About 10 fictions out there somewhere waiting for a word from their sponsor.

  27. I've already started off this year with some pieces accepted (See post on my blog). Hoorah!!
    The monthly W1S1 will hopefully work better for me than my weekly attempts of last year that turned out to be more weakly ('skuse the pun!)

  28. January has ended and I have three shorts to go out--total 2000 words. My monthly goal is one.

    Here's hoping those babies don't return. :)


  29. I didn't write as much as I wanted this week, butI was sick, my wife was sick and my three year old was being a three year old.

    with that said, finished a piffle story and sent it out. It's funny. I might not be proud enough to kvell over this piece, but I am glad to have it done

    W: In School Suspension
    S: In School Suspension

    Rejections: None (yet)
    Acceptances: None

  30. Anne,
    I keep a favorites folder of potential markets and market search engines like Ralan and Duotrope (and now the resources through this event as well)
    As for finding time, you just squeeze it in. I usually start browsing markets during edits and then narrow down to a first choice by the time the piece is done.
    It's a juggling act, no doubt!

  31. So far this month I've managed to write a few poems (which are resting. I'll revise them once there's some space between them and I), revised some poems and a short story from before I started W1S1 and I've submitted 8 pieces to various markets over the past month.

    I didn't sell anything this month, but I did receive a 'This piece has gone onto the next stage' email from a market I've been trying to break into for years, so *fingers crossed*

  32. I'm on the monthly challenge and have written a short story (2882) words and sent it to Electric Spec.

    As it's past their current deadline I won't hear for a few weeks, so I'll just have to write another story and send that one off.

  33. Submitted my first story in fifteen years this afternoon. So for Write1 Sub1 per month, I'm on target(write: 1; submit: 1). It was a 708 word children's science fiction flash fiction. I submitted it to Whidbey Island Writers Workshop Students' Choice Award.

  34. Mocastles,

    Congratulations on your first submission in 15 years!

    W: "State of the Union", first draft of "Pherusa Among the Stars"

    S: No first time submissions this week.

  35. This month just flew by! I can't believe it's over.

    January Progress Report:
    Written: The Old Ones are Coming, No Goodbyes, A Contract Between Thieves
    Submitted: The Old Ones are Coming, No Goodbyes, A Contract Between Thieves
    Etc: Novel progress (7k), no acceptances, rejections, or publications to report as of yet.

  36. Gary S Watkins1/30/2012

    I wrote one flash piece last week, "Frozen," but I'm not happy with it and may cannibalize it down to a micro-fiction piece. We'll see.


  37. My first sub for the year came back with an R, but it's sent out again already.

    I wrote a short story I've been thinking about for a while, which is a plus :)

  38. I'm on the one short anything a week, and one longer anything a quarter. (I took classes in playwriting, fiction, and poetry in college.)

    Week three I tanked.

    This week:

    Wrote: 1 flash and 1/2 short story. Not happy with the flash.

    Subbed: For Helen (poem) to 5-2. Revised, retitled & resubbed "Some Folks Take Their Vows Seriously" (flash) to One Buck Horror.

  39. I finished my 4,900 word steampunk short story, "The Cask of Cranglimmering," last night and submitted it. Next, on to a weird little urban fantasy idea I've been kicking around in my head for a while!

  40. "Write 1 Sub 1 - Month # 1"

    Wrote: 3 poems
    20,000 +/- words for WIP

    Submissions: 1 poem

    Acceptances: 0

    Rejections: 0

    Paid: 0

  41. Submitted 4 (ha! 1 story got submitted twice and rejected twice in the same week and it's out on submission again for this week)

    Wrote/edited The Chapter of Doom in my novel (so-called because it's been the jersey barrier to my productivity; I've been working on it no less than 2 weeks.)

    Edited 2 old pieces for submission

    Started 2 stories - need to finish them this week.

  42. Ooops, late to respond. I submitted a short piece to Daily Science Fiction.

    I wrote a scenario which will end up as part of a story I did start a story but unfortunately I didn't finish it. Luckily I wrote two the week before, so technically, I'm still 4/4 - hurray!

    I've had a couple of rejections (I'm not sure I'll bother to count them this year). Pretty sure an acceptance is due soon.

  43. Oh dear, oh dear. It's not been a terribly good month. Mind you I'm only counting 23 days.

    I averaged 1400 words/day of which only 5250 were on the novel. I started but didn't complete a short story (c.900 words so far).

    I didn't submit a fiction story, but did submit a couple of samples and an outline for a series of articles - c.1800 words. (Does journalism count? "Stories" rather than Stories?)

    I'll just have to do better in February, won't I?

  44. I just started and am unsure how this fits in, but week before last I found an editor at AbsoluteWrite who was looking for erotica; her description fit my work exactly. I submitted one story to her, then an entire book of stories, and as of our phone call yesterday she wants them all, with editorial changes. I'm not even sure how many that is off the top of my head, to be honest - maybe 30? PAID sale with some good marketing benefits for me. Plus I'll be one of the site "sexperts", with more goodies as the whole thing grows.

    Her website, NookieNotes, will be launching on Valentines Day.

    So - I can't really count anything else from this sale as a W1S1. Next up on the chopping block: Helen Highwater! If anyone knows a good market for an offbeat Appalachian gothic ghost story, I have a quarter for you. . .