Sunday, January 22, 2012

Write1Sub1 Week #3 Check-In

The end of W1S1 2012 Week 3 is here!

How's it been for you? Have you been writing Quicker Than The Eye can behold? Or have you been Driving Blind?

Here's your chance to tell everybody about it, whether you're a weekly or monthly (or anything in between) W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, shout it from the rooftops. Yahoo! If you've had something accepted or published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Hall of Fame. But if stuff has interfered with your writing and every reply has been a rejection, let us know that too so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

As a new feature for 2012, remember to note your paid publications ($) for our Published Work$ page. While W1S1 continues to encourage all avenues for publication, we want to especially highlight those stories/markets who put food on a writer's table.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them in the comments.


  1. Not quicker than an eye blink, but I did get 2000 words in toward my top secret 20k novella project. :) Two re-subs, no acceptances, but no new stories either.

  2. Wrote two new flash stories this week. Submitted one of them already, still messing around with the other.

    Sold 2 stories this week to Stupefying Stories -- "A Brief Respite from Eternity" and "Number Station." This is a paying market and both stories were W1S1 works from 2011.

    Lots of rejections this week, too, which gave me the chance to send material to some new markets. Total # of 2012 submissions now stands at 12.

  3. Nice work, Lyn and Alex. I made a 2011 sale to Eschatology. And sent out another load of poems. All in all, a good week.

    Do you think you could add last year's sales to last year's hall of fame?

  4. Lyn: Top secret, eh? I'm curious.

    Alex: Nice work, sir! 2 $'s for our Published Work$ page -- once they're published, of course.

    Deborah: That should eventually count as a $ for Published Work$; just be sure to share the link once it's up.

    As for me...

    Written: 5,000 words in Progeny + the first draft of "Night Stalking" (this months' W1S1)

    Subbed: Muchos 2011 re-subs

    Accepted/Published: Zilcho

    Have a great week, everybody!

  5. Wrote a new flash this week. I submitted one of the flashes from last week, and have another up for critique. I also sent out several poems, including one a wrote this month. Therefore, I met my W1S1 goals for January.

    Like Alex, I also sold a story to Stupefying Stories, but this tale was (barely) pre-W1S1.

    I also found out I have THREE stories under final consideration with very nice publications. I'm trying not to go too crazy as I wait for word on their fates.

  6. I wrote 1500 words on a short story and submitted another short story. A slow week made better by having my superhero-fantasy story, "The Hero Garden," published at, (I submitted it Dec 26, so this one doesn't count toward my 2012 numbers, just thought I'd share)

  7. This is sort of cheating, but I did finish a piece (~3600 words) that I started some time ago. Cheating or not, it did need to be finished. Still needs revision though!

    Started outlining the next piece. That sound you hear is my forehead against the table. *g*

  8. I've probably made a wrong decision signing up for W1S1 this year, at least for now, because I am still working on my NaNo novel - 32K words written since I last checked in a couple of weeks ago (plus 7K uncounted from earlier so total is 127K)- and have submitted three non-paying pieces to MuDSpots. I'll hang on here for a bit but might drop off if things don't change. Still a LONG way to go with novel.

  9. A slow week for me. I did add words to 1 of my WIPs for the month, but no subs, acceptances or rejections this week.

    2 stories from last year are still out with pubs.

    I’ve got 2 stories I’ve re-written from 2011 to sub. (That makes them new-ish, right? :)

  10. Finished up a couple chapters on the novel. No new shorts this week though. Trying to find my stride for the rest of the year.

    Subbed: Vessels for Destruction to Goldfish Grimm's Spicy Fiction Sushi

    Accepted/Rejected/Published: None.

  11. Written: A piece of micro fiction
    Subbed: 'The Drying' to DSF
    Accepted: ...
    Rejected: 'Mardix Jacobsenn' from Bibliotecha Fantastica, 'The Drying' from IGMS and 'Earl Grey for Sisters' from DSF.

    Yep. I'm currently trying to collect enough rejection slips to make a full-size papier-mache model of the Sputnik =D


  12. I've written a couple, subbed a couple and 1st drafted a couple more this week so feeling pretty chuffed with myself.

  13. Since I'm following on Facebook, I guess I signed up for the group.

    Did get a flash fiction piece sent this week to Contrary since they asked for another after rejecting a previous story.

    That story's waiting to be mailed to another publication.

  14. Written: Finished first drafts of "On Assignment" and "Battle of Words" (both of which are going to need a LOT of work before they get subbed anywhere). Made progress on "Scraps."

    Subbed for the first time: "Someday" to the Journal of Compressed Creative Arts and three flash stories to contests: "Sequence" to 10Flash, "Ars Gratia Artis" to Kazka Press, "A Little Excitement" to Alfred Hitchcock's Mysterious Photograph contest.

    Acceptances: Not a one, though I did get an Honorable Mention letter for an earlier month's AHMM Mysterious Photograph contest entry. That included, 14 rejections for the week.

  15. Alex - a great way to look at your rejections. Re-sending previous rejections can still feel good.

    Kara - there is no cheating when you finish a piece. Yay!

    Mary - I vote yes on revisions being new-ish. I've been rewriting several of my 2011 stories for 2012 publication, which still involves writing, editing, and precious time.

    Congrats Deborah, Milo, and Folly on your acceptances.

    As for me:

    I did meet my word/per/week writing goal.

    W1: Beneath the Eclipse (flash)

    S1: Blue Star 3012 (flash 2011), The House of Dolls (short story 2011), and The Wallet (2012 micro).

    Acceptances: The Dead River (rewrite from 2011) to The Fabulist!

    Rejections: Simon Shoeberry's Pet Sanitarium (2011) from Electric Spec - though positive in that they've asked me to send others.

    Good luck writing everyone.

  16. wrote three poems,
    subbed three poems...

    wrote short story, Death Games.

    no acc/rej this week.

    no news is good news?

  17. This month wrote one short story which I will submit for a competition. I submitted a local tourism article for no charge which was deemed acceptable for a travel website but then was asked for a publication fee of £35. Hadn't heard of this before!
    Thanks for the idea of W1 S1 (per month in my case) which is keeping me on target.

  18. Holy cow, this month zoomed by! I've been teaching a lot of extra classes, so I didn't realize until today that I hadn't checked in at all this month! So much for the good intentions of weekly stories and submissions. Guess it'll be Light Ray this year! (Plus as many extras as I can get in. I still hope to top last year's accomplishments.)

    I finally completed my first story of the year. It ended up being 6,100 words, longer than most of my stories. It needs revision, of course.

    I got an email from an editor I worked with last year, requesting me to submit to an anthology she's editing. :) So that's the story I'm working on now.

    Got a rejection from a story last year. Some of my stories have been waiting for months to hear yay or nay back from, but ah, well. I'll just fill the time with more stories.

  19. Captain Clone has just gone up at Ray Gun Revival, that's a $ for me. Hoorah.

  20. A pretty good week for me :-)

    Written new: 1 short, 7 flash

    Submissions: 4 flash from 2011, 2 flash from 2012

    Acceptances: 1 short from 2011, 1 flash from 2012

    Rejections: 2 flash from 2011, 1 flash from 2012

    Publications: 2 flash from 2011, 1 flash from 2012

  21. W: A false start and then 2k on a new story, "Kill the Buddha."

    S: Nothing. I'm going for double or nothing this week to catch up. Wish me luck!

  22. I completed my 'contemporary' short story "Harkness Candle Takes It Home", clocking in at about 2000 words. It involves a yurt, and CRIME.

  23. Congratulations all you productive people! We're off to a wonderful start in 2012.

    My week was:

    W1: "Cheshire Cheese" (flash); "The Drought" (short story)

    S1: flash to red lightbulbs; flash to cutaway magazine.

    Accept: "The Mailwoman" by microliterature. (pre 2012, actually it's the first literary flash I ever wrote)

    Published: The Confession at Speech Bubble. I was also interviewed by the fabulous Kristine Ong Muslum on the r.kv.r.y blog

  24. Wrote 1 flash fiction, "Achilles Heel".

    Subbed: 0

  25. Wrote 4 shorties this week (1 flash, the other 3 between 1400-2300 words).

    No new submissions. No acceptances. A couple rejections (i have major crickets at a couple places).

    I've got a novelette completed at the beginning of the month that needs editing and subbing. That's the major plan this week.

  26. I know it's slightly late in the game, but here's my progress so far.

    Written or Currently writing (for monthly): One short story with no exact title.

    Submissions: Nothing yet, but I'm looking through my past writing archives to find something.

    It's actually been awhile since I've been writing a lot. It was only late last year that I found that inspiration again.

    More on writing here (I know it's a comment section, but...):

    Wishing fellow W1S1 writers all the best!

  27. Hi,

    got my story finished and out just in the wire. I like how this deadline is keeping me honest and working.

    Write 1: The Badger Issue
    Sub 1: The Badger Issue (To Stupefying Stories)

    Accpetance: an older piece to Linguistic Erosion

    Rejections: Three older stories from Stone Highway Review (very nice rejection notice as well)

    keeping churning, churners!

  28. Wrote and submitted "The Ring".

  29. Managed to submit my first story of the year! Too bad it's a 2011 job that just got finished up.

    Running tally - 1 sub (2011)

    Congrats to everyone for their sales, subs, and acceptances - you are all my inspiration ;)

  30. Taking on the monthly challenge again this year. Wrote the rough draft of my 1st sub this weekend. Here's to a great year for all the W1S1 participants!

  31. New to comment here, but I've been doing write1sub1 since the beginning of the year. I've subbed 3 stories so far this year, wrote 4, gotten 5 rejections, and I'm about 20k through first edits of my nano novel.

    Waiting for some reading periods to open up on Feb 1.

    Beating my head against the wall with the novel edits and two short stories that aren't quite falling into place.

  32. OK, this is my first check-in for 2012. So far this year:

    Wrote 6 pieces:
    - 2 concrete poems
    - 1 serious poem
    - 1 very silly bit of verse
    - 1 photoessay
    - Beginning of a story

    Made 17 submissions:
    - 9 to pro markets
    - 4 to semipro markets
    - 1 to a token-payment market
    - 3 to nonpaying market

    Responses to works sent in 2012:
    - 3 rejections
    - 2 favorable
    - 1 w/o comment
    - 1 acceptance

    The accpeted piece was a photoessay, which can be seen here:

  33. If I don't wrap up January now it'll slip my mind. Five stories (old and new) were subbed, while two others are still out. No responses yet. Two new stories written, plus a piece up at The Short Humour site. Also just realized I've had seven thumbnail book reviews printed in our regional newspaper in the past 12 months.