Sunday, January 15, 2012

Write1Sub1 Week #2 Check-In

The end of W1S1 2012 Week 2 is here!

How's it been for you? Have words promised to Sing The Body Electric? Or has it been The Day It Rained Forever?

Here's your chance to tell everybody about it, whether you're a weekly or monthly (or anything in between) W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, shout it from the rooftops. Yahoo! If you've had something accepted or published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Halls of Fame. But if stuff has interfered with your writing and every reply has been a rejection, let us know that too so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

As a new feature for 2012, remember to note your paid publications ($) for our Published Work$ page. While W1S1 continues to encourage all avenues for publication, we want to especially highlight those stories/markets who put food on a writer's table.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them in the comments.


  1. I wrote "Unprepared" and subbed 6 stories. I got asked to do a rewrite so that was first for me :)

  2. I wrote and submitted a story this weekend. My first for this year's challenge. One sub down for Jan and one more to go (I'm submitting 2x/month). Very excited.

  3. This week:

    W1: "No Umbrella" (flash); "The Thing About Domination" (flash); "And Fury" (short story)

    S1: flash to Linguistic Erosion; 2 flashes to Every Day Fiction.

    Accept: "Boy With Grenades" by Linguistic Erosion. "The Girl Who Turned Down Pizza" by The Toucan (for their weekly blog feature) BOTH are 2011 stories, no HOF for me.

    Published: Boy With Grenades at Linguistic Erosion.

  4. Written: two new flash fics, but haven't sent either out. One needs editing, and the other is in a (non-publication) contest this next week.

    Submissions: none yet

    Acceptances: I have a story written in 2011 that is under final consideration for a Chicken Soup anthology. I won't have official word until March or April.

  5. Celesta: Awesome! Fingers crossed on the rewrite.

    Jennifer: Way to go! Keep up the good work.

    Steve: I'll be sure to check out that well-armed story. Nice work, Flash Master!

    Beth: Chicken Soup? Nice!

    As for me:

    Written: 4600 words in Progeny (ongoing)

    Subbed: 6 resubs (2011 stories)

    Accepted: nada; waiting to hear back on two rewrites (2011 tales)

    Published: An excerpt from last year's Week#11 tale "El Diablo de Paseo Grande", now in the Arcane anthology. ($)

    Write on, everybody!

  6. Written: Tattle-Tat (twitter poem) episode of Slug Opera (web serial)
    added to novel in progress (finally)

    Subbed: Tattle-Tat, Priceless(pre 2012 short) Sent last novel to another house.

    Accepts: Tattle-Tat $ Unfolded
    self-pubbed Slug Opera eppie

  7. Writing: Finished first draft of "Living in the Whitespace", wrote an as-yet-untitled story for the monthly AHMM flash fiction ("Mysterious Photograph") contest, started work on "On Assignment."

    Submitted: Nothing submitted for the first time this week.

    Accepted: It's not a W1/S1 item, but I had a poem accepted for an issue of Bete Noire later this year.

  8. A good week, when I completed and subbed a novellette. No sale, but I did have a rewrite, fingers crossed.

    A $sale to report. 'Dolly Bone Dream' has been published by Dark Metre.

  9. Worked on the novellas for a total of about another 5k words.

    Rejection: /Call-Center/ from Lightspeed

    (re)Sub: /Call-Center/ to Apex, /Ice/ to Readerotica

    Acceptances: none

    Published: none

  10. I wrote a story for a contest and I submitted a piece to McSweeney's.

    2 for 2.

  11. I rewrote one and subbed one. I didn't finish a brand new one. This week I plan to spend more time writing.

  12. This week: just shy of my 10,000 words goal.

    W1: Between Feathers and Fins (flash), Abetting A Visitor (micro), and revised a piece from last year, The Dead River (short story)

    S1: subbed all three above.

    Acceptances: my rewrite request on The Dead River went really well, and will likely be an acceptance!

    Rejections: none yet.

    Publications: none this week.

  13. Hi. It was a good week

    Write: Johnny Roadside
    Submit: Johnny Roadside
    Acceptance from 2012: Rob's Sleep Messages

  14. Week 2 for Lyndon Perry
    Wrote: 1
    Sub'd: 1
    2500 words
    0 accepted
    0 declined
    8 stories in the ether
    Mostly Sing the Body Electric :)

  15. Well done to those who've written and/or had acceptances and best wishes for those rewrites!

    I've done really well - felt I had to get ahead as I'm getting married in the summer so might be short of writing time then. I've written 5 new pieces this week and subbed them plus some old stuff.

    Had an acceptance, but it was for something written last year.

  16. I'm a Sub1 Monthly since I'm working on two novels right now. The good news is that January's story is finished and been through two rounds of critiques/revisions. It's ready to go out this week.

    Wish me luck! Now to start working on another short for Feb. I do have an idea.

  17. Written: Mardix Jacobsenn

    Submitted: Mardix Jacobsenn, Playground, Earl Grey for Sisters, Face, Drugged, The Summer of '02

    Acceptances: Playground to 'Apocrypha and Abstractions'

    Rejections: Mardix Jacobsenn from 'Bibliotheca Fantastica'


  18. I wrote and edited a 5,500-word short story for my Year of Stories.

    I also wrote the first draft of the second week's worth of my upcoming sci-fi web serial, Losing Freight, and wrote two more chapters for my superpower serial Diana and the Animal on my blog.

    This week I'm hoping to get two or three more short stories done, plus another week of Losing Freight and two more chapters of Special People. Gonna be a big week!

  19. Er, last comment got kind of messed up. My superpower serial is Special People, and I released Diana and the Animal on my blog.

  20. I just found this site - what an awesome project!

    For this week:

    Written: 7 flash

    Subbed: 1 flash

    Well done to everyone else taking part. This is really exciting!

  21. Written: Finished 1st draft of a new piece

    Subbed: Subbed a story written in 2011

    Accepted: None

    Rejected: The story I subbed :)

    It was a quick response from the publisher, which I like, but I’m having trouble placing this one. Subbed it to 4 markets so far since April 2011. I guess that’s not so bad...Will keep at it for sure.

  22. Finalized and submitted to Buzzy Magazine a 6300 word story "Requiem for a Druid." Been working on this one for months, but finally polished and it sent it out as my week 2 story.

    No sales this week. A few Rs for late 2011 subs.

    Published this week: A reprint story "The Skeptic" at Bent Masses. This was the first story I ever wrote, and this reprint sale made it available online for free again.

  23. I wrote and submitted three stories (2k, 2k, and 4k), which I shall title here Erotica Four, Five & Six. ...for reasons of taste. (They'll change the titles anyways...)

    Next week? Science Fiction, and some Contemporary.

  24. Wrote and Subbed "Gameless" to Dirty Dozen. Another story went sideways and I don't have any strong idea on how to finish it. Have a weird suspicion it will wind up being novella length instead of flash.

    I'm embarassed about not getting more done.

  25. I just found this site this week, thanks to my friend, Lin.

    I finished a short story from 2011, "Speakeasy".

    I subbed a short story, "File Under S" that I wrote a few years ago.

    In late December I subbed 6 poems and two photos.

    Just warming up. :)

  26. I wrote a 3,071 word story and subed it to knightwatch. I also subbed a 100 word short to their antho smallest tales from the smallest room. The turn around time for the 100 word short was half an hour kind of neat. Thanks

  27. Wooo! Finally on the Write 1 Sub 1 map! Note to self: week 1 is not a great week to write an 8000-word behemoth.

    In any case:

    W: "Pratfall" (flash)

    S: "Pratfall"; "An Osmosis of Evil" (my week 1 story); and two 2011 stories: "Seventy-Two Ways to Escape Death by Starvation" and "Three-Hearted".

  28. I wrote and submitted the same story last week--I'm doing the weekly challenge. Additionally, I got a rewrite request from the story I subbed for week #1.

    W1: Around The Bend
    S1: Around The Bend, to Muscle & Blood (no idea if it's a paying market)
    Response: Purity of Blackness was rejected by Dark River with a request for a rewrite--I'm sky-high flattered.

  29. Another noob here that found this website and decided to give this challenge a go with a goal of two stories per month.

    Finished my first story of the new year "Five Deaths for Deliverance" (Horror, 2,900 words) and subbed it to the the Dark Faith 2 Anthology call. No chance in hell, but aim high, right?

    On track for the second short story of the month, "Running with the Huntress," at 1,900 words so far.