Sunday, January 8, 2012

Write1Sub1 Week #1 Check-In

The end of W1S1 2012 Week 1 is here!

How's it been for you? Have stories blossomed like Golden Apples of the Sun? Or have you been wallowing in A Graveyard for Lunatics?

Here's your chance to tell everybody about it, whether you're a weekly or monthly (or anything in between) W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, shout it from the rooftops. Yahoo! If you've had something accepted or published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Hall of Fame. But if stuff has interfered with your writing and every reply has been a rejection, let us know that too so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

As a new feature for 2012, remember to note your paid publications ($) for our Published Work$ page. While W1S1 continues to encourage all avenues for publication, we want to especially highlight those stories/markets who put food on a writer's table.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them in the comments.


  1. Mostly Golden Apples for me this week.

    Written: 8500 words in Progeny - ongoing.

    Subbed: 2 rewrite requests - both "Captain Quasar" tales from last year (Weeks 40 & 44), so I'm stoked.

    Published: my W1S1 from Week23 of last year, "Stone in the Sky and Bread Below @ Every Day Fiction

    Write on, everybody!

  2. @Milo, isn't that a paying market? We should identify these with "$".

    In any case congratulations. It's a neat flash.

  3. I'll start off the new year with:

    W1: "Johnny Rotten" (flash); "Commonwealth Tower" (short story)

    S1: 2 flashes to Glass Coin; flash to Defenestration; Twitter to Safety Pin Review.

    Accept: "His Father's Nose", "Sacred in This Light", "Saint Peter's Penis" by Connotation Press.

    Published: Plymouth at 6 Tales.

  4. Are we going to include sales on stories written last year? If so, yes indeed, it's a $!

  5. And way to go, Steve - you're starting the new year out right!

  6. Fairly good week for me.

    Written: Call-Center; progress made on two different novellas and the novel-in-progress

    Subbed: Call-Center to Lightspeed

    Accepted: Breakfast @ One Forty Fiction

  7. Week 1 for Lyndon Perry
    Wrote: 2
    Sub'd: 2
    3150 words
    0 accepted
    1 declined
    7 stories off to markets
    Mostly Golden Apples :)

  8. Hi all! My first check-in!!!

    Written: I'm in the middle of 1 story and outlining another that I plan on finishing this month.

    Subbed: I didn't sub anything this past week but I have 2 stories that I'll be finding homes for this week.

    Still haven't gotten back to work on my NaNoWriMo project yet, but hoping to add more words to that too.

    Published: Nothing new picked up (as of yet) :)

  9. Yes, we should list sales in 2012 even if the story began in 2011 (as long as it started as part of the W1S1 challenge). Why? Because many pubs, esp paying pubs have a long publication cycle. Hall of Fame should count ONLY stories written in 2012. Thanks for reminding me.

    I should have noted that my 3 accepts were written in 2011, so should NOT count toward the hall of fame for 2012.

  10. Hello, hello. Good week for me with an acceptance from Ray Gun Revival. That was subbed last year though.

    Working hard on my poetry and managed to write a few and sub quite a lot to get my race score up to 25. 25! And that's venues not poems (you can often send more than one poem to a single venue). I'm feeling very happy about that.

  11. Written: 'Misplaced'

    Subbed: 3; to IGMS, Daily Science Fiction, and Tales from the Bell Club

    Happy to be on board,

  12. W1: The Ring(micro)
    S1: The Ring- 50 word stories
    W2: Shadow (twitterfic)
    Subbed: Novel to 1 agent/1 house (not from this event)

  13. Hi, I'm brand new to Write 1 Sub 1 and excited to have this extra motivation.

    This week I submitted one flash fiction piece and worked on two short stories.

    I also had a short story accepted to (The Hero Garden for publication 1/19), but I submitted it December 26, so I assume that doesn't count toward my official numbers. Made my week though.

  14. I'm on the monthly run for January, so not much more than "wrote some words" to report on the W1 front. A couple of rejections in, all back out.

    Accepted: None

    Published: Authority in Comets and Criminals - W1S1 from 2011 week 29, a $ work. (I think!)

  15. I was successful this week getting my word count up to 12K, 2K above my weekly goal!

    - The Poison of Its Filamentous Lariats (short story - about 4K)
    - Jen-6 (flash revision from last year - 600 words)

    - Jen-6 to 365 Tomorrows

    No acceptances yet, but have about five stories pending.

    WIP: added about 4K to my werewolf novella

    Best of luck to you all on writing, subbing, and getting published.

  16. I've written LOTS! Short stories mostly, but also a poem. Subbed a few too. Also made 1 sale - 'A Girlie Girl' to fiction feast (UK mag) but that was a piece I wrote and subbed last year.

    Also 'fessed up to joining you guys by mentioning it on my own blog today.

    Seems like everyone is doing well - keep at it!

  17. Spread the guilt, people? I've barely gotten some bare space to appear on my desk ... and a flash fiction piece drafted.

    Question: Is there a button to sign up with this group. I need a kick in the pants, even for the monthly level. I'm going to write mostly short new fiction and revise the books I have festering in my compute.

    Did get a rejection asking for more.

  18. Sent out 5 poems this week, my first poetry subs for a couple years.

    Only received 1 R so far this year, and that story is back out in circulation. Should be receiving a few Rs this week, as 5 of the stories are either past or nearly at average response times at duotrope.

  19. Hi I'm new, I love the idea, the extra push to get things done.
    W1 1,417
    S1 Waiting to hear.

    Outlining and working on second one. Hoping to have it done and out the door by Wednesday.

  20. Damn - failed miserably this week, having only submitted pieces to Thnking Ten and Six Sentences and added ~3000 words to my NaNo novel which doesn't count does it?

  21. It's great to see so many new participants!

    Written: a new Chicken Soup story and revisions on an older essay; a flash fic for a contest.

    Submitted: no new fiction or poetry, but I did send in two Chicken Soup stories.

    Published: Yes--one of my W1S1 stories of 2011. $ "Safe Places."

  22. Hi, all! Popping over here from Absolute Write where I found W1/S1 originally.

    Overall, I'm aiming for monthly, but most months I expect I'll be writing/subbing multiple stories. Just like this week!

    I wrote drafts of two stories for flash prompt contests: "Ars Gratis Artis" for Kazka Press' 713 contest and "Sequence" for 10Flash. I also wrote some more of my current longer short-story WIP "Living in the Whitespace."

    Two stories originally written in December had their final tweaks and were sent out for the first time this week: "Present Company" to EQMM and "Welcome to Blackrock" to Nameless Magazine. I've printed out but not yet mailed "ReFormed" to send to F&SF.

    I also wrote and submitted an item to Miscellanea. Not really a story, but I had a lot of fun writing it.

  23. Hurray, made it through the first week!

    Submitted Tail Lights
    Wrote This Could Have Been a Love Story

    And I went to the gym twice. Go me :)

  24. Gary S Watkins1/08/2012

    I'm getting off to a slow start, but as a once-a-monther, I think I have time to recover.

    I rewrote and submitted a flash fiction piece, "Bug Catcher," to Vine Leaves Literary Journal.

    I also submitted a Twitter fiction, "Grandpa," to 7x24.

    I hope to get another story out this month, but I'm a teacher and it's standardized testing week at school, followed by report cards, followed by a formal observation, so it may come down to the wire!

  25. Written: One flash. Outlines for three short stories.

    Subbed: Comets and Criminals a villanelle.

    Published: None. Made it past the slushpile on a story subbed New Year's Eve though.

    Disappointed by my production, but I think this week will be better.

  26. Just stumbled upon W1S1 a few days ago. So far have done market research and started outlining a couple of pieces - nothing written or subbed as of yet.

    By this time next week it will be a different story, though.

  27. I finished and edited "The Peacock's Tower", a short story of about 5000 words.

    I also started a few short stories, which will surely be featured in these pages in the weeks to come.

  28. My first go with W1S1 and not a good start for me. The writing is going slow and nothing I've done yet screams "Publish Me!". I'm going for the Monthly goal and with a little work I'm hopeful I can pick up the pace in the coming weeks.

  29. Hi, I subbed a flash today at 2:11pm and it was rejected at 2:40 pm. this Rejection is my first offical one, and I'm glad because it was so nice. so thats 2 subs down for the year so far, still waiting to hear back on the first one. I just wrote a story today and I will be subbing it later this evening because the deadline was moved up for the anthology from open til full to closing Jan 9th. In case any one is interested.
    the flash is
    thanks :)

  30. Great start to a new year, everyone!

    I wrote and submitted a flash piece to a contest and will be doing one-a-week with them for the next 5-6 weeks. Because the contest is judged anonymously, I won't post the details of those stories until it's over.

    Wrote about 1/2 of another flash story, and did a lot of edits/crits/rewrites on a much longer piece that I hope to finish and submit next week.

    Nothing accepted or published so far this year. A couple of rejections for 2011 subs.

  31. Had a couple of haiku bought by Star*Line, but they were 2011 things. Not a lot to report otherwise. I'm still in "clearing the decks for 2012" mode ...

  32. Hey folks! Looks like most of us are off to a fantastic start. Make sure to keep up the momentum! And for those of us having a slower time, take heart. There is always next week. Writing is 99% persistence... (and 40% of all statistics are made up on the spot).

    In response to Kay Theodoratus: There's no button. Just follow the blog, leave comments on the weekly check-ins with your progress, and add the badge to your blog/website if you'd like. You can also vent and get motivation on our G+ page:

    My Weekly Progress:
    W: The Old Ones are Coming and No Goodbyes;
    S: The Old Ones are Coming and No Goodbyes;
    Etc: Progress was made (3k) on an untitled short story and (2k) novel; no acceptances, rejections, or publications to report this week.

  33. Hi,

    I am excited to be involved this year. Hope I can keep up the weekly

    W1: Rob's Sleep Messages
    S1: Rob's Sleep Messages

    Acceptance: The Restaurant of Dr Moreau

    Rejection: Directions for Making a Trap for a Winged Fairy (This has been rejected something like 10 times. Think I will retire it as it stands)

  34. I want to be the first, for 2012. What am I like?

    Accepted poem for Eternal Haunted Summer $

    and a poem for Star*Line $


  35. Yay! Did it! I'm going to be trying for the weekly write 1 sub 1 for the whole year.

    Wrote: Once in a Black Moon

    Subbed: 4 short stories

  36. Here's an update on my W1S1 twist, which Milo has termed "Write 1 Sell 1."

    Last week I wrote a 5,500-word short story, a few pieces of flash fiction, and three chapters for my web serial. I self-published my two first short stories of the year on my blog.

    I also had a rewrite request on a story I sent to Ray Gun Revival a few months ago, so there's a potential sale there, even though I'm not actively subbing my stories at this point. :)

  37. Deborah: CONGRATS! Is that two sales (Eternal Haunted Summer $ AND Star*Line $) for 2012?

    You had some fast turnaround on acceptances. I'll update the Hall of Fame.

    Since they're both paid, send us links when they are available and Stephen will add them to our Published Work$ page.

    To everyone else: Please let me know if there are any errors in the Hall of Fame. Stories accepted in 2012 must also have been written/subbed in 2012 to qualify; this assures everyone starts with a clean slate. You can contact the entire W1S1 team at or just leave us a comment!

  38. Thanks, Stephanie. Cool. two quick sales for me!

  39. Follie - Yes, only stories that are written in 2012 will qualify for the 2012 Hall of Fame.

    Shane - Yep, that's a $ story. Good work. If the story is posted online, let me know when it goes live and I'll update the link on our $ page.

    Michael Baker - Good luck with that sub tonight. And thanks for the link.

    Check out the Published Work$ page when you get a chance. I'll be keeping it updated with 2012 success stories and a monthly summary blog.

  40. Wow! Impressed - not to say more than a bit daunted. Thanks to Stephanie Lorée for the "there's always next week". Am participating on a monthly basis, so will take that to heart.

    A couple of thousand words written last week - all for the novel. But I did write a blog entry "Persperistance II" mentioning W1S1 - published on my homepage at and on


  41. Whew--my first week of Write1Sub1. Yep, I made it: I did write a flash, and I submitted another story, some 2K, to Dark River Press.

    That's all in addition to the WIP, Restoring Experience, who's undergoing a major facelift in preparation for pitching at the San Francisco Writers' Conference in Feb--that one's not about adding to the word count, but rather about knocking off around 10K words (it's at just over 110K right now--too much for a first novel, everyone agrees).

    Congratulations to everyone else on a great week!

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  43. Well...I'm deciding a little late that I'll participate in the monthly write1sub1.

    *edited for numbskullery

  44. I'm back this year with a monthly rather than weekly schedule as I was so poorly last year I couldn't keep up. So far I've had 4 scifihaiku accepted by scifaikuest and submitted a vignette, a first line and a short story to various competitions, so I'm on a roll...Fingers crossed.

  45. Hi! I'm new, and a once-a-monther. I haven't written anything new yet (I've got time to make up for it :) ) but I have been clearing the decks a bit, finishing up the edits on some stories I did last year (not for W1S1).

    Reading everyone's updates has been inspiring though, going to spend today working on something new.

    Gotta ask -- golden apples?

  46. Oh! Durr... Golden Apples in the Sun. Right.



    Can I get a do-over on my introduction comment? ;)

  47. Hey Rhonda, welcome aboard! No worries about the comment. Most chceck-ins include a play on one of Ray Bradbury's short story titles. Since Mr. Bradbury kind of inspired the W1S1 movement, we do our best to pay him a bit of tribute.

    Best of luck and write on!

  48. So far, I have nothing to report, but to see all the acceptances. Congrats everyone!

  49. My goodness! Everybody is so inspiring. Way to go and keep it up all! :D

    So this is technically my second year; joined late in 2011 and found this blog even later. I'm a once a month type.

    The year got off to an interesting start - I was travelling and got in a few words here and there, but now I'm home and ready to play. Onward!

  50. Luckily I'm doing the one a month version, because I've gotten very little fiction writing for submission done so far. I've worked on a book review and a character background. Planning to get a lot of progress made on the writing portion this weekend, and then the submitting portion next week!

  51. Rose Gardener1/13/2012

    I joined in July 2011, wrote 20 stories in 6 months, submitted 6 and had 'Snakes and Ladders' published on-line in September.

    This year has started well with 'My Responsibility' being published at on 9th January.

    Perhaps the most useful thing to happen on this adventure so far, was to receive a rejection letter explaining what editors want when they ask for 'literary' stories. Finally I understood what I was trying to achieve.

    Mini Flash challenge this week- 3 first drafts in 5 days, with polishing later.

    Submitting is still my bugbear as my genre varies so much I'm constantly stumbling over where best to submit things. My personal challenge this year is to submit at least 30% of the stories I write.