Sunday, January 1, 2012

Write1Sub1 RELOADED: Year 2 Begins

This is the start of a new beginning, folks.

For those of us who made it through W1S1 2011, we're back for more. For those of us who are climbing aboard the Write1Sub1 train for the very first time, who knows what's in store? Plenty of writing our hearts out, that's for sure. There may come rejections, and there may come acceptances, but neither will define us. We'll let our work speak for itself.

Here's to an awesome year ahead, and thank you again, Mr. Bradbury, for inspiring us!
Under the influence of W1S1, 2011 was my most successful year for short fiction and poetry. By a looong way. Maybe I shouldn't need a voluntary scheme to goad me along, but the fact is it helps. It really helps. There were weeks when I felt utterly uninspired but sat down and wrote anyway because I had to come up with something. And the weird thing is, that was when I produced some of my best stuff. You just have to start. You never know where it's going to take you.

Was W1S1 2011 a success? In twenty years prior, I published three stories. In 2011, I published 35, excluding twitter fic. Twelve paid sales (five at pro rates), and a Best of Net nomination. What was different? I wrote more stories. I wrote more often. I wrote diligently. I wrote on schedule. I wrote when I didn't feel like writing. My work got better. Oh, and I submitted religiously too. That's the other half of the equation. Will this process work for you? Only one way to find out. Join us for W1S1 2012!

I didn't succeed throughout all of 2011. Yes, that's right, I failed. I signed up for the monthly challenge and missed a few due to various complications and my own procrastination. Guilty. As. Charged.

But in 2012, I plan to fail better. In fact, I'm giving myself permission to fail right now. I'm going to write, submit, lock-and-load baby, and I will eventually fail. Because I'm human. Because that's life. So long as I pick myself back up and reload, I haven't really failed. I've failed better. Will you fail better with me?


  1. Last night while waiting for the countdown, I got my Write 1 Sub 1 2012 spreadsheet all set up. Can't wait to fill it out, and I hope I fill it out even more than last year. Let's do this! :)

  2. I lurked most of last year, just reading blog posts and occasionally following comments...

    This year I intend to participate! o.O

    Time to make spreadsheets...

  3. Lovely inspiring words! I do well on NaNo - having that schedule instead of letting myself roam freely - so looking forward to diving in with everyone!

    Follow me @MaryRajotte and rap my knuckles if you see me tweeting too much :)

  4. Merc + Mary: Welcome to the deep end -- dive on in!

  5. Count me in. I still need to sign up for the Google+ thing here, but I'm committed for the long haul. Ready to make 2012 my year.

  6. I am in! Weekly. Let's make it happen.

  7. Happy New Years, W1S1! :D

    Wishing everyone much success in writing and getting your stories out there in 2012.

  8. New spreadsheets?

    I was just going to carry on using my old one.

    Should I make a new one???
    Hmmm. Decisions, decisions...

  9. OK, count me in! I will be trying for the monthly W1S1 because I am still trying to write my bloody novel, but I have hopes to keep up with the rest of you. Or have fun trying anyway.

    I'll also try to write a monthly blog entry about my efforts on my homepage at copied on The Written Word Ning.


  10. Erik: Welcome aboard!

    David: Yahoo!

    Defcon: Can we make an even bigger dent in the short fiction markets this year? I think so.

    Lydia: I'll be adding on to my spreadsheet from 2011, which was a continuation of the one I started in 2009.

    John: Same here -- monthly + novels. Many of us use spreadsheets to track our submissions, just so we don't end up sending a story to the same market more than once.

  11. Sign me up for monthly! I hope to be more productive than last year.

  12. I'm going to redeem myself this year. That's one of my resolutions.

    I'm also going to advertise it on my group blog Unicorn Bell. So many people can benefit from the challenge.

  13. I'm going to give the weekly a go again this year, though I'm also working on a novel and editing Triangulation: Morning After. It's a little scary, but a good scary.

  14. Andrea: May the force be with you.

    Charity: Excellent -- gracias!

    Steve: An epic quest, but you are the man for such a challenge. May the writing gods be ever in your favor!

  15. I'm game for 2012! I'm going to alternate between monthly and weekly each month. And try to stick to it this year. I'll have to do a custom "Montheekly" banner :)

    Best of luck in 2012, everyone!

  16. Count me in, for monthly. And hopefully I'll keep up past July this time around!

  17. I'm a glutton for punishment. :) I'm here too, doing the monthly and going to make it with the subs this time.

    Happy Writing everyone. :)

    Oh and I'm guilty of one spreadsheet for every short story I've ever written. It's nice to have it all in one place.

  18. hmm that didn't sound right. one spreading listing ALL my short stories. yeah that's it.

    it's been a looong day.

  19. A.S. + Dawn: Heeeeere we go!