Sunday, November 27, 2011

Write1Sub1 Week #47 Check In

The end of Write1Sub1 2011 week #47 is upon us!

How's it been for you? Have the words flowed like wine or has it been a week from hell? Here's your chance to tell everybody about it, whether you're a weekly or a monthly or a something-in-between W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, shout it from the rooftops. If you've had something accepted or published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Halls of Fame. But if stuff has interfered with your writing and every reply has been a rejection, let us know that too so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them ...


  1. Written/subbed : 1 short, 4 Twitters, 3 haiku.

    Delighted to reports that Apollo's Lyre have accepted the flash piece I submitted to the W1S1 special. Other acceptances : 3 Twitters to Seedpod, 3 Twitters to Cuento and 1 haiku to Trapeze.

  2. Way to go, Simon!

    As for me, this week's W1S1: "Darker Ever After" to Untied Shoelaces of the Mind

    Accepted: 3 haiku to Scifaikuest + "Grandpa's Bluetooth" W1S1 reprint to Apollo's Lyre (it was already counted on the Halls of Fame, so no need to count it again).

    Only one more month to go, folks! Then...Write1Sub1 RELOADED!

  3. Great work, guys! I am so looking forward to reading the upcoming Apollo's Lyre issue. :)

    I'm about 5000 words off finishing/winning NaNo so hopefully by Monday, I'll be done - not with the novel, though. That has taken an odd turn so I'm going to have to see where it goes... :)

  4. My son's friend has a passion for movie script writing. He is very young and writes good. He is not getting any where. Do you have any guidelines for people like him? Please advise. Thanks.

  5. Sure hope you guys continue for 2012.

  6. I know I'm not an official W1S1'er but I'm in training for next year so have written and subbed something this week. (It helped that I've given up on NaNo!)

  7. gingAn acceptance from Apollo's Lyre. A reprint for me. Unlike Milo, I think it should be counted in the Hall. I count everything.

  8. Gary Watkins11/27/2011

    I snuck in one more submission, a 25 worder to 5x5 Fiction entitled "Cheater." Next writing window will be over Christmas break in three weeks!

  9. W&S one 250 word piece to MudSpots, written 16K words for NaNo - 71K but not yet finished - I'll have to put in a skeleton ending and continue for a few month after the deadline.

  10. Simon - Beautiful. HOF's updating as I write (well, sort of in between?)

    Milo - Cool. HOF's updated.

    Madeline - Me too. Congratulations on closing in on your nano goal.

    Munir - I would suggest as a place to give/receive feedback on scripts.

    Kay - That's the plan.

    Patsy - Happy to have you aboard in 2012.

    Debs - Wow. It'll be cool to share a TOC with you folks. HOF's updated.

    Gary - That's the attitude. Writers find ways to write. Stephen King used to write in the tiny bathroom of his trailer home late at night so he wouldn't wake up his family.

  11. My week was decent. Good food. Family. A warm cat in my lap. Oh, and

    W1: "The Other Cummings" (flash); "Stranger at Your Door" (flash); "Arms and Legs Were in the Trees" (micro).

    S1: Flash to Used Furniture Review; flash to a Capella Zoo.

    Accept: "A Formidable Joy" by Prick of the Spindle.

    Published: Gold Standard at Orion Headless.
    Red Light at Pure Slush (print)

  12. An entire month has gone by marginally well. Sorry I can update Write 1 sub 1 more frequently.

    “Flying Objects” was accepted by Big Pulp Nov. 4 for publication in December 2012.

    “Gaslighting” was accepted by Pulp Modern Nov. 1 and will be published in the autumn of 2012.

    “Silver Screen Saver” was posted in the fifth issue of The Corner Club Press (and the fourth story of mine TCP has pubbed in those five issues.), on pp. 26-33, at

    “Carnival’s Last Show” was posted at The Jersey Devil Press Nov. 9, 2011, in their “Brilliant Disguise” blog at

    Meantime, two new stories have been subbed, one rejection floated in, and a 3,500-word piece is going through z second draft. writ.

  13. Walt - that's an update worth waiting for. Congratulations on the pubs and subs. HOF's updated. I enjoyed Silver Screen Saver and Carnival's Last Show.

  14. Just dropping by to say that I'm delighted about W1S1 Reloaded and plan to be a participant in the New Year.

    I started shadowing W1S1 at the beginning of October, but after a couple of promising weeks I fell into my annual SAD autumn state and all my creative energy evaporated. However, I'm hoping to have climbed out again by the end of December. We shall see.

    Hat tip to Thomas Ecclestone for finding my "Persperistance" blog post and telling me W1S1 will be continuing into 2012.

  15. Wow, folks! What a fantastic week you guys have had!

    Here's my rundown for November (monthly)...

    Written: 4 twitfics, 1 flash, 3 shorts, and a bunch of editing.

    Subbed: 1 flash, 1 short story proposal.

    Accepted: Sold my flash piece THREE WINTERS to Apollo's Lyre for the W1S1 special. Also sold my short story proposal to AMARANTHOLOGY, an RPG-tie-in anthology from Machine Age Productions.

    Released: My short story from a July acceptance in anthology AN HONEST LIE Vol#3: Justifiable Hypocrisy came out this month. My story in there is THE SKIN SCRIPT.

    Okay, I didn't realize how much I'd actually done this month until now. Good grief, I'm like a real writer.

  16. I'm baaaaaaaaaack! I crossed the finish line for Nanowrimo last night, so I've definitely been writing all month long! The story itself is almost finished.

    So for the month of December, I'm back on the Write 1 Sub 1 track. I plan to write and sub as many stories as I can before the end of the year, then start a new spreadsheet for 2012! That is, between bouts of baking cookies and mailing presents. :)

    Write 1 Sub 1 was key in my ability to finish Nanorwimo in approximately half the days as my past Nanowrimo years. I am much more disciplined in my writing now.

    Also, I did something that for me was unthinkable before this year: I actually sat down at my computer and started writing through a blinding migraine. I did everything I could to make the migraine stop, and nothing was working. So I started writing anyway. Last year, I would have just laid around the whole day, feeling miserable. This time I had something joyful to stand up next to the miserable.

    I can hardly wait to start my next story. As soon as I figure out what it is. :)

  17. John - we're delighted too. Glad to have you aboard. I hope your SAD becomes GLAD in short order.

    Stephanie - impressive. HOF's updated. Amaranthine looks cool.

    Sparklecat - Hey, nice to see you here. That's some inspiring stuff you have there. Migraine writing ought to get a reward all its own.

  18. I just found this site.

    I was a 'winner' at NANOWRIMO this year.

    Will write1sub1 continue for 2012?

    this may not be the place to post this question.


  19. Hi Linda.

    Yes, we will continue for 2012. Welcome aboard and congrats on your Nanowrimo success.