Sunday, November 20, 2011

Write1Sub1 Week #46 Check In

The end of Write1Sub1 2011 week #46 is upon us!

How's it been for you? Have the words flowed like wine or has it been a week from hell? Here's your chance to tell everybody about it, whether you're a weekly or a monthly or a something-in-between W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, shout it from the rooftops. If you've had something accepted or published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Halls of Fame. But if stuff has interfered with your writing and every reply has been a rejection, let us know that too so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them ...


  1. This week's W1S1: "Brains" to Bound Off

    Accepted: 3 haiku to Scifaikuest, 1 tweet-tale to Seedpod

    Published: "Fine Print" @ Seedpod

    I received my first pseudo-personal rejection from Asimov's for my Week#33 tale: "The story is nicely done, but I’m afraid it's not quite right for me. I look forward to your next one, though."

    I think I've leveled up. Yahoo!

  2. Yahoo, Milo!

    Wrote/subbed : 10 haiku, 1 flash and 3 Twitters.

    Accepted : First Step by Trapeze.

  3. No shorts this week. Did add 9k to the novel though, so I figure I'm doing well.

    Accepted: NONE

    Rejected: NONE

    Published: Three Twit Fic at microcosms on November 13th.

  4. Nice rejection, Milo.

    Three acceptances for me this week, Luna Station Quarterly, Stupefying Stories and After Ever After.

  5. A 250 word sub to MudSpots, accepted but publicaton postponed due to theft of MDJB's comouter, and 16k to NaNo novel which has passed the 50K but is well short of finished.

  6. I've been off the W1S1 wagon since June, but i'm back on for this month. This week i subbed two new shorts (one flash, one 5,200 words) that'd been finished and polished in November, thus hitting my two a month goal.


  7. No new short stories this week. I've been revising and critiquing like crazy.

    Accepted: "A Taste" will be in the December issue of Apollo's Lyre that has a spotlight on W1S1. This was my November story that already finaled in FFC's contest.

    Milo, congratulations on leveling up! You'll conquer that "dungeon" yet.

  8. Congrats on the rejection, Milo (that never stops sounding weird), and to all who have reached their weekly / monthly goals, or had acceptances.

    As for myself:

    RW1: (The "R" being for rewrite of a story I shelved a few months back) "Demons on Neptune", sci fi short.

    S1: Last week's W1 to Daily SF

    Accepted: "Climbing 'til Doomsday" by Apollo's Lyre for the December issue.

    Nothing rejected, nothing published (...except this comment).

  9. Slowish week here - no acceptances or publications, few rejections, lots of subs outstanding.

    "A Thousand Cuts" made it into top 10 at Cafe Doom/One Buck Horror horror story competition. Awaiting their final decisions, possibly as early as tonight.

    Wrote a new flash SF story "Putting It Together" and will submit it in the next few days.

  10. Hi everyone!

    I'm new to the group, though I've been wanting to join for awhile. Looking forward to becoming a productive writer with all of you.

    I didn't write anything new this week, though I did work on the editing of four short-short stories I wrote the previous week.

    My goal is to have something ready to submit this upcoming week, even though I'm going be busy with the holidays and all. LOL


  11. Hello, Francelia, welcome to the group.

  12. Milo - Excellent all around. The Seedpod twitter is a satiric hoot. HOF's updated. Let's meet in Asimov's this year, okay?

    Simon - That's a light week for you, but solid for anyone else. HOF's updated.

    A.G. - 9k is cool. Very nice pieces at Microcosms. Particularly like the baptism by fire and the bugs. HOF's updated.

    Deborah - Beautiful! HOF's updated.

    Sandra - Keep up the good novel work. Stupid cyber thieves. HOF's updated.

    Sam - Welcome back. Here's to next month.

    Beth - Critiquing is such a valuable step in this journey. Congrats on the acceptance. HOF's updated.

    Shane - There you go. I still remember reading that story. Glad you're continuing with it. Congrats on the accept. HOF's updated.

    Alex - Good luck at Cafe Doom (now there's a sentence I never expected to write).

    Francelia - Welcome! Goals should be ambitious, failures processed and dismissed (and dammit Jim, editing IS as important as writing the stuff in the first place :-)), and successes celebrated. We're here for you.

  13. Been busy with NaNo but I did get my story out for the month and I did get an acceptance from Apollo's Lyre, also for the December issue. (See you in the TOC, all you W1S1 people!) :)

  14. My own week was a bit hectic.

    W1 - "An Observant Man" (flash); "Mackerel Sky" (flash).

    S1 - Flash to Mobius; Flash to Every Day Fiction; Short story to Fantasy & Science Fiction.

    Accept - "Gold Standard" by Orion Headless; "Likeness" and "Goat Island" by Apollo's Lyre. ("Jehovah Joint" has been shortlisted at defenestration - cross fingers)

    Published - Nothing this week.

  15. Looks like the December Apollo's Lyre will be a good issue!

    And apparently I have another acceptance to report: "Middle Ages" to Seedpod

    Write on, everybody!

  16. Madeline - Good job on both fronts. Happy to share a toc with you. HOF's updated.

    Milo - Man, you don't sleep. HOF's updated. Middle Ages. Tru.

  17. Oh, Steve, as much as I'd like to see an 11 near my name in the Hall of Fame, that was not a W1S1 story - it was an older one, revised and subbed. So, go ahead and subtract it - I'm happy with 10. :)

  18. Gary Watkins11/24/2011

    This month's W1S1: "Bug Catcher" to Shimmer, a three-line poem to Three Line Poetry (natch), and an old poem posted on Poetry Circle for some excellent critiquing!

    Accepted: Nothing new.

    Published: Nothing new.

    I'm happy with my progress, since I only get the chance to write during school breaks. The next one will be around Christmas!

  19. Gary - Good luck at Shimmer. That's a wonderful place to publish. Keep up the good work.

  20. This site is new to me. I've written and sel-published one novel, but also wrote a novelette and it got rejected by Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, as well as by American Short Fiction. How do I submit it to W1S1?