Sunday, October 30, 2011

Write1Sub1 Week #43 Check In

The end of Write1Sub1 2011 week #43 is upon us!

How's it been for you? Have the words flowed like wine or has it been a week from hell? Here's your chance to tell everybody about it, whether you're a weekly or a monthly or a something-in-between W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, shout it from the rooftops. If you've had something accepted or published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Halls of Fame. But if stuff has interfered with your writing and every reply has been a rejection, let us know that too so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them ...


  1. A week of full-flowing red wine here - Pygmy Giant accepted 'Willing to Conceal', Mudspots a modern-day fable, and The Camel Saloon 'Blow the wind southerly' and 'Joan Alone'.
    Wrote and submitted 'Post prandial conversation' to Mudspots, plus added 3200 words to 'Making good'. But I am NaNo-ing from Tuesday and things are likely to go quiet on the submission front.

  2. Short and sweet for me this week :

    Written/Submitted : Snow Angels (flash)

    Accepted/Published : Trick or Treat by One Forty Fiction

  3. Sandra - great week! Delighted the red wine has been flowing.

  4. Well done Sandra + Simon!

    As for me, this week's W1S1: "Deadbolt" to Shock Totem.

    Accepted: 1 tweet tale to Cuento, 2 haiku to Scifaikuest, 2 haiku to Aoife's Kiss.

    Published: "Struggling Artist" @ Cuento.

    Write on, everybody!

  5. No wine flowing here. Still playing submissions roulette.

    Writing: finished my new novel at 100,000 words, written in about 50 days

    Submissions: Nothing new

    Acceptances: Nada

  6. Submitted 4 stories.

    Wrote: A Place to Stay

    Glad I was able to do this for 3 whole months! This is the most stories I've ever written. Now I plan to take November off for NaNoWriMo. See you all in December!

  7. Nice one, Milo. Clever with an undercurrent of dark. Congratulations, Sandra. Impressive week. Another nice week for you, too, Simon.

    My own was minimalist:

    Write 1: "Monkey On My Mirror" (flash)

    Sub 1: Flash to Pure Slush

    Accept: "Commitment" by Pure Slush.

    Published: Paint the Black at Fiction365.

  8. Nothing in the short realm finished. Wrote another two chapters on the novel-in-progress (in prep for NaNoWriMo).

    Rejections: /Love Like Dysphoria/ from Strange Horizons.

  9. Way to go, everybody!

    Oops--forgot to add one more to my acceptances this week: 1 haiku to Trapeze.

    I think Deborah still has the record to beat from last week!

  10. Bye Celeste. See you in December.

    Some nice acceptances everyone. Congratulations.

    I'm at -2 this week. I had four stories released from a publisher and two acceptances. Non of which were W1S1.

  11. Milo - great week for you! Great stuff.

    Beth C - well, congrats on the novel completion; that's a major triumph. Hope the wine flows soon.

  12. Celesta - see you in December. Good luck with NaNo.

  13. Steve - thanks. Your week was a bit like mine. Congrats on getting all the bases covered!

  14. I am preparing for Nanowrimo, but have not completed any stories or submissions this week. I have received another acceptance for SNM Horror Mag, which brings my total to twelve acceptances this year. I'm hoping I'll be able to squeeze a short story and submission in next month while I'm frantically trying to keep up with my word count. :)

  15. A. G. - I get so many rejections I don't mention them! Sorry to hear about yours. Best of luck with the novel.

  16. Milo - OK, an even more fantastic week!

    Deborah - Sorry to hear about that, but still, 2 acceptances is good, yes?

  17. Sparklecat - great news on the acceptance and best of luck with NaNo.

  18. Wrote one Oct 14th (1500 words), edited it to 2600 words, and plan to submit tomorrow (to a market that takes postal mail only).
    Anyway, monthly goal complete although I wanted to write something for the Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations antho...guess I still have 1 day!

  19. Great job, everyone! Keep it going!

    W1: "How to Locate and Capture Time Travelers; a Memo" humor flash.

    S1: Sent it to DSF

    Accepted: "The Take" at DSF (SFWA sale #2!) - this was a W1S1 story from a couple of months ago.

    Rejected: entry from the Kazka Press flash competition. Looking forward to see what they accepted, the prompt was fun. Also, a 32 day R from ASIM.

  20. TNC - well done on meeting your monthly goal!

    Alex - fantastic! Really looking forward to reading that one.

  21. I submitted one, and wrote a half story. :P So, couldn't get it done this month. Next month. I think. :-)

  22. I've definitely been remiss in my writing and status updates lately, but I do have an acceptance to report. "Yesterday's House" is being published by on November 27.

  23. Yay! Well done Peeps :D

    I just had my story published by Eschatology.

    Can I be Hall of Famed for it, please?

    It was a W1S1 story.

    And a linky link

  24. Dawn: Next month, mos def!

    Tim: Way to go! Halls of Fame updated.

    Lydia: Yahoo! Halls of Fame updated.