Sunday, October 23, 2011

Write1Sub1 Week #42 Check In

The end of Write1Sub1 2011 week #42 is upon us!

How's it been for you? Have the words flowed like the laughter of children or has it been a week from hell? Here's your chance to tell everybody about it, whether you're a weekly or a monthly or a something-in-between W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, shout it from the rooftops. If you've had something accepted or published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Halls of Fame. But if stuff has interfered with your writing and every reply has been a rejection, let us know that too so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them ...


  1. End of the year in sight and it's a lunge for the finishing tape ...

    Written/Submitted : The Grandmother Paradox (5x5), The Empty Tomb (5x5), Sleeps Beneath The Streets (poem)

    Accepted : (Non W1S1) The Flying Incredulo by Apocrypha and Abstractions

    Published : The Bitter End by Jupiter SF, Cerb 'R' Us by Trapeze, Spoiler by PicFic

    Write on folks!

  2. A crazy 6 acceptances for me this week.
    2 poems for Dark Horizons.
    1 tweet poems for 7x10 and the 140 and counting anthology.
    2 twitter poems from Trapeze.

  3. Holy cow, Deborah; nicely done! Simon: cool titles, as always.

    As for me, this week's W1S1: "Thanks for the Memory" to Asimov's.

    Accepted: my Week#9 story "Soulless in His Sight" to Shimmer for their February issue.

    Published: my Week#31 story "Power Chords" @ Fear and Trembling. You can read it here, if you're so inclined.

    Write on, everybody!

  4. Shimmer? Shimmmer? That is outstanding, Milo.

    Apocryphya and Abstractions also looks very cool, Simon.

    And chalk up another acceptance for me, a reprint poem to Dark Metre. I've done a ton of poetry subbing this week (maybe 10 venues) I tell you poetry and tweet zines, don't hang around.

  5. Simon, Debbie and Milo - your successes remind me that one of my aims was to get paid for writing which is not going to happen this year after all. 'Writing' has been more editing this week so 'Making good' has only grown by 200 words, and 'O don't deceive me' a story begin for a subsequently abandoned challenge stands at 2500 - an increase of 800 words. Accepted, I learnt this week was a piece submitted to Scribble & scatter in July, plus one piece for MudSpots.

  6. Deborah, wow, that's a lot of acceptances! I really need to get more of my poetry out there. It gets last priority out of my writing, and it shows.

    Milo, Shimmer is a hard market to crack. Congratulations!

    Writing: Novel is now 84,000 words. No new stories.

    W1S1 Acceptances: Two speculative poems for the December issue of Niteblade Magazine.

  7. Great job, everyone. Keep it going!

    Edited and submitted "The Dragon Ships of Tycho" this week. Also wrote "How to Find & Capture Time Travelers; a Memo" flash. Going to polish it and submit next week.

    Sold: Nothing this week. A few rejections.

    Published: "Spidersong" at DSF, email version. Web version is going live tomorrow.

  8. Alex, great I'm looking forward to your story, tomorrow.

    Sandra, the year ain't over yet. Still time to get some cash.

    Beth, congratulations on the Niteblade sales. I'm so looking forward to the all-poetry edition.

    And, ahem, I forgot, I got a sale from them too, this week.

  9. Wonderful week, Deborah. Must be some kind of record. Wow.

  10. Milo - marvellous. Another great week.

    Deborah - seven acceptances? Seven? I'm in awe.

    Sandra - Yes, been doing mostly editing myself, must admit. Two acceptances as well - that's a great week.

  11. Beth - Seems like there's a lot of poetry going on this week. Congratulations on those two acceptances. Didn't know that market but I think I've got to submit there now, too ...

  12. Alex,

    I loved your DSF story. It started out so innocently! Bets of luck with the subs.

  13. Deborah,

    Seriously? 8 acceptances? Sure there aren't a few more you've forgotten about ;-)

    Many congratulations - that's one truly impressive week. I take my hat off to you.

  14. Well . . . Scifaikuest have just got back to me. Hee, hee. Add another 3.

  15. It seems the last few months I've dropped back to the Light Ray version. I've been getting at least one story and submission each month. The demands of life drag on me like Jacob Marley's chains. I'm hoping I'll be able to kick things up a notch this next month. Or at least not collapse completely. :)

  16. Nothing finished this week, though I did make progress on revisions to several things.

    Rejections: NONE

    Acceptances: /Survivor/ at One Forty Fiction.

    Published: NONE

  17. Good stuff this week, gang. Here's to us.

    Wrote: "Whale" (flash), "Initiation" (flash)

    Subbed: flash to Mobius; flash to Spilling Ink; flash to Corvus; flash to Jersey Devil; flash to Ideomancer.

    Accepts: Nope

    Published: Not this week.

  18. I only found and joined this fantastic group this month, so I don't have much to report yet, but I did write and sub a story and look forward to continuing every month. I love hearing about everyone's October success too - you definitely inspire me!

  19. Deborah - Another three added. Just incredible.

    Sparklecat - yeah, I know those chains well. Best of luck with those subs.

    A. G. - congrats on the progress. I'll update the Halls of Fame.

    Steve - an impressive amount of flash. Best of luck with them.

  20. Jillian,

    Marvellous to have you on board. Best of luck with your sub.

  21. This week felt hard. Had an author reading at the library and a Birthday party to plan for my kid, so a busy week!

    Did manage to keep up with the challenge...well, I'm counting it. Finished my story and finally got my submission off early Sunday morning. Lots of people see Sunday as the last day of the week so hopefully it still counts :)

    Written: Mind Sync

    Submitted: Mischief in the Garden

  22. Celesta - absolutely, that counts! Well done on making the challenge.

  23. Wow!! You all are doing great. So inspirational!

    It was a busy month - some traveling in there, prepping for NaNo (or trying to!)but I wrote and subbed my story for the month.

    And welcome, Jillian! Good to see you over here. :)

  24. I'm a bit late in posting but my stats for the last period are:

    5 submissions (!)
    3 rejections
    1 acceptance--Kazka Press Flash Fiction contest
    1 published--"The Zombissager" in Pink Narcissus' Queer Fish anthology

  25. I just found out about this challenge from the ray bradbury forum. Unaware that anyone else was doing the same thing, I took up Ray's challenge in 2010 and managed to write 52 in a year. Editing and submitting progressed at a slower rate and I still have quite a large pool of stories that have yet to be submitted. I have had my first acceptances, non-paying up to semi-pro (no professional sales yet) but it's a big difference compared to what things were like before Ray. I've written an account of my own version of the challenge at my blog below.