Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Welcome Aboard!

As you may have noticed, we have a couple "new" faces here at Write1Sub1. Please join me in welcoming Madeline Mora-Summonte and Stephanie M. Lorée to the team as fellow site administrators. You'll be seeing their names more often in the months to come, and next year they'll join the monthly rotations with Simon, Steve, and myself in moderating Write1Sub1's posts and updates. Check out their bio blurbs on our "About Us" page to learn more about them, and visit their blogs. You'll be glad you did.
W1S1:  Neither one of you is a stranger to Write1Sub1, isn't that right?
Madeline:  I've been at this challenge since the beginning. I even looked back at my archived blog posts to find the one I wrote about W1S1—it was on 12/28/2010! 
Stephanie:  I started at the beginning of the year, though I admit I haven't succeeded every time. Life has a tendency to get in the way, but Write1Sub1 holds me accountable, keeps me motivated, and encourages me to keep getting back on that horse. Or keyboard. Or whatever... What can I say, I'm a sucker for the art of short stories.
W1S1:  What have you appreciated the most about this challenge?
Madeline:  For me, one of the best things about W1S1 is the sense of community that's evolved. I love writing and being by myself but sometimes, whew, things can get lonely. I so enjoy reading the W1S1 Weekly/Monthly Check In posts and the WiP Wednesday posts and seeing how we're all doing—acceptances, rejections, publications, writer's block—and knowing there's always someone there to cheer or commiserate.  
Stephanie:  The casual yet orderly atmosphere. No one is going to hover over you at your keyboard, forcing you to grind out more words. But every week/month there's a new post asking about your progress. Everyone is friendly and welcoming, and their constant encouragement helps me stay
on track.
W1S1:  How has this challenge affected your writing?
Madeline:  W1S1 has affected my writing in such a positive way. It's given me direction. I've always had stories in progress but what usually happened was I would let a story sit and then not return to it, or I would revise it but then not submit it. This challenge motivates me to finish, revise and send out at least one story a month. Since starting W1S1, I've had eight new stories accepted/published. This doesn't count the handful of other pieces I was inspired to revise and submit, some of which have also been accepted/published. 
Stephanie:  Because of Write1Sub1, I received my first acceptance to a professional publication! It's made me realize that yes, I can write short stories. And yes, someone will pay me for them. I also write a lot more shorts than I used to and have experimented with micro-fiction, from #twitfic to flash.

W1S1:  Always great to hear such positive results! But obviously, there are times as writers that we can get a little discouraged. So what keeps you motivated to write?
Madeline:  I believe it's what I'm meant to do. Everyone has a purpose/a talent/a gift and I believe one of mine is to write—stories, poems, blog posts, book reviews, novels—anything and everything. It doesn't mean it's always easy—not even close!—but it does mean I know I'm on the right track
Stephanie:  The community encouragement is a huge help, but writing is really an intrinsic desire for me. Writing is what I do, who I am. I can't not write. If I did, I'm pretty sure my brain would implode in mutiny. Thanks for inviting me to the Write1Sub1 team. I'm looking forward to amazing stories and successes, this year and next!
W1S1:  Thank you both! It's great to have you on board—2012 is seriously going to rock.


  1. I am so thrilled to be here! Thanks for a great interview, Milo.

  2. Thanks for joining the team, Madeline!

  3. Wonderful to have you both on board!

  4. Nice interview, Milo. We're so thrilled to have Madeline and Stephanie aboard this little train that could.

  5. Thanks for the interview and for the warm welcome to the team. Can't wait for 2012!

  6. This thing has really grown, hasn't it? Welcome aboard, gals, glad to have gal-power behind the W1S1 force. :D

  7. Always nice to see "movements" like this grow.

  8. Great interview! You all have formed such a wonderful, supportive team here at W1S1.

  9. Dawn: Gal power -- Yesss!

    Tim: Onward and upward, sir.

    Beth: "Come for the challenge, stay for the community!"

  10. Nice interview. Inspiring.

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