Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Apollo's Lyre wants YOU!

Joining us today is Jim Harrington, editor of Apollo's Lyrean "online ezine loaded with writing articles, poetry, flash fiction, interviews, and more...for writers and readers of every caliber and genre."

Jim has graciously
extended an exciting opportunity to Write1Sub1 participants for the December issue of Apollo's Lyre.

W1S1:  First off, how would you describe your role(s) at Apollo’s Lyre?

Apollo’s Lyre publishes flash fiction to 1,000 words, poetry, nonfiction, articles on writing and book reviews. I serve as the flash fiction editor.

W1S1:  What are the top three things you look for in a story?

I look for a strong opening hook. I want to know who the main character is and what’s at stake by the end of the first paragraph. I want a character I can care about (but not necessarily a nice person). I want a resolution that fits the story. Stories whose sole purpose is to get to a punchline rarely work for me. You can learn more about my likes and dislikes at my Six Questions For. . . blog, where I interview -- well, myself. At this blog, I interview editors and publishers to find out what they look for in a story or poem, what turns them off to a submission, the mistakes authors make when submitting book manuscripts, and more. (For my third hat, I serve as Markets manager for Flash Fiction Chronicles and write an occasional post on some aspects of writing for the site.)

The full Apollo’s Lyre Guidelines are available here.

W1S1:  Please tell us about your December “Spotlight On Write1Sub1,” and the special opportunity you’re offering to our writers.

In the current issue of Apollo’s Lyre, I began a series called “Spotlight On.” It has multiple purposes. One is to provide a venue for authors to get published. In addition, I want to share the works of various writing groups with my readers (and provide some free advertisement for the groups). But honestly, the main reason is to promote Apollo’s Lyre and, hopefully, expand the submissions pool. I chose CrimeFicWriters for the first issue because most of the writers have a number of publications, and I knew the quality would be good. The September issue features the FlashFiction-W critique group, a group I belonged to when I began writing flash. I found out about Write1Sub1 from Milo’s interview at Flash Fiction Chronicles and thought the group would be a perfect fit for this new effort.

My offer to the group is to publish up to ten stories in the December issue as part of the "Spotlight On" series. As I stated earlier, stories are limited to 1,000 words and open to all genre. Since the issue comes out in December, holiday-related stories are welcome but not necessary. Please read the guidelines before submitting.

To submit, send your stories to Put Submission: W1S1 and your last name in the subject line. I will select up to ten works to publish in the December issue. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the above address. The deadline for the December issue is November 20th. All authors will be notified by November 30th as to the final status of their story.

W1S1:  Thanks, Jim!

What a great way to wrap up our first year here at Write1Sub1. We'd like to see as many stories as possible sent Jim's way, so get cracking! Keep in mind that Apollo's Lyre accepts reprints, so feel free to send W1S1 work you've already had published elsewhere this year -- as long as you own the rights, of course.

This invitation is open to all W1S1ers who have been checking in between January and August of this year, even if you just signed up a few weeks ago. Let's make the December issue of Apollo's Lyre its best ever!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity, Jim!

    Six Questions For and the Markets list over at FFC are great tools - I've used them before and I'm sure I'll use them again. Definitely recommended.

  2. What a great way to cross-pollinate. Now, gang, it's time to read these guidelines, Write a terrific flash, polish it pretty, and Submit it to Apollo's Lyre. I'm certainly going to give it a shot. Hope to see you all in the TOC. Persperistence!

  3. Thanks, Madeline. I scanned down "The Market Hall of Fame" and noticed a number of zines whose editors I've interviewed at Six Questions For. . .

    Right on, Steve. Bring em on!

  4. This is a great opportunity. Thank you. I'm going to check out those guidelines. And thanks for 'Six Questions', too. I find it very helpful. It really does get down to the things authors want to know.

  5. What a great opportunity. Thanks, Jim!