Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekly/Monthly Check-In #32

The end of Week 32 is at hand!

How's it been for you? Have you written gems or flops? Here's your chance to tell everybody how it's gone, whether you're a weekly or monthly (or anything in between) W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, tell us all about it. w00t! If you've had something accepted/published, tell us that, too, so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Halls Of Fame. But if stuff has gotten in the way of the writing and all your replies have been rejections, let us know so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them!


  1. Wrote: Legacy, a 200 word paranormal erotica flash fiction

    Subbed: Legacy (Leodegraunce)

    Not acceptances. No rejections. Just crickets.

  2. Back on track after my holiday. Reporting an acceptance to The Drabbler.

  3. I made 3 submissions this week and started a story.

    I also had another W1S1 acceptance. My week 10 story started out as a weird little flash fiction that didn't go over very well. :) I eventually revised it into a poem that's now been accepted at Eric's Hysterics. That's 16 W1S1 acceptances and 25 overall for the year.

    Congrats to everyone on their successes and sticktoitiveness!

  4. Pretty quiet week here.

    Wrote: lots of world-building on new novel idea and 2k of the first chapter; 200 words on a new flash fic

    Submitted: nothing new.

    Congratulations to everyone with acceptances this week! And rousing cheers for those with rejections.

  5. W1: Week 32 Fail (No, that's not a story title)

    S1: Several rejections in and back out.

    No acceptances. Should have had a publication this week at Every Day Fiction, but landed in the middle of their problems, so it won't be turning up until sometime in September (I think).

    Congrats all on the writing, submissions and acceptances. Shelly, 25 for the year! That's pretty impressive. Congrats.

  6. Summer holidays continue to happen. Twitter fiction is saving me ...

    Written : North Wind (Twitter), Imaginary Fiend (Twitter)

    Submitted : North Wind (Twitter), Imaginary Fiend (Twitter)

    Published : Written in the Stars by Trapeze, Skydiving by Seedpod

  7. Congrats to one and all on the writing progress, acceptances, and resilience despite rejection.

    As for me, this week's W1S1: "Captain Quasar vs. the Very Noble Gases" to Asimov's Science Fiction -- yep, that's me dreaming BIG again.

    And thanks to my week in Maine, I was able to devote some time to my novel WiP: 5,000 words or so there.

    Still waiting to hear back from Shimmer, Ray Gun Revival, and Criminal Element on my rewrites. Good thing I teach jr. high for a living; but even so, this exercise in patience is stretching me.

    Onward and upward, everybody!

  8. Supremely floppy here writing but not subbing, except to MudSpots, weekly and successfully for the past two weeks, and an acceptance for Language>Place Carnival #9, which I don't think I mentioned before.

  9. Actually, the writing DID consist of 4000+ words for a new novel - when I haven't even finished proof-reading the previous one ...

  10. Revised a short story I wrote last week and sent it out. One rejection came in. I did a quick revision pass and sent it back out, too.

    Added about 5k words to my novel and I'm finishing up the first draft of another short story today. It's about fish. =p

  11. Yay! I did it! This is week 2 for me. I wrote a story for kids and submitted it to a contest.

  12. No stories written or subbed this week, but I did just receive an acceptance from Bards and Sages for their "America the Horrific" anthology! Happy dance!

  13. Wrote twitter fiction, but didn't sub any this week. Last week I wrote a microfiction, and subbed five.

    I have 2 rejected W1S1 stories I want to take a closer look at before I send back out, but I've been in the midst of CampNaNoWriMo - up to about 7000 words and trying to catch up!

  14. @A.G. Carpenter - Good luck with Leodegraunce. That's a cool (and tough) market.

    @Deborah - HOF's updated. Gratz!

    @Shelley - Gratz! HOF's updated.

    @Beth C - Glad to see you moving forward on the book. Set sights on subbing soon (say that five times fast)

    @shanemgavin - That'll make a great story for your dinner conversations. I suspect every serious writer goes through that kind of frustration at some point. It's certainly frustrating though.

    @Simon - Ah, you're invoking your Imaginary Friend now. Clever ;-) That's the idea, though, keep moving forward whatever it takes.

    @Milo - Dream big or go home. You didn't get into this to be small time, right? Wishing you well on the hanging chads. I'll meet you in Asimov's someday. By the sound, you'll get there first (and I'll be cheering when it happens)

    @Sandra - Ambitious is good. Carnival is an interesting concept. HOFs updated.

    @digitalinkwell - sounds like persperistence to me. Nice.

    @Celesta - that's the idea. Keep it up. We won't run out of pats for your back.

    @Sparklecat - Get back on the bicycle and pedal fast :-) In the meantime, enjoy the bask of your glow. HOFs updated.

    @A.S. Andrews - Good luck with the NaNo gig. It keeps you moving forward, which is good.

  15. My own week was a bit better than the last several.

    W1: "Heart" (flash)

    S1: flash to Misfit Magazine; flash to Red Fez.

    Accept: Micro at 50 to 1.

    Published: "Deeds Done Done" at Pure Francis; "Posture" at 50 to 1.

  16. I just checked email, and have an acceptance by Nanoism to report, to be published on Friday!

  17. @A.S. - That's excellent. HOF's updated.

  18. Congrats, everyone - on everything, acceptances AND rejections, because those rejections mean we're at least getting our words out there, right?! (This is what I tell myself since I came back from a brief trip to a rejection. Sigh.)

    I seem to have hit a lull with the "writing" part of W1S1. I've got the the "thinking about writing/ideas/etc" down pat, though. :)

    Time to get back into the groove...

  19. @Madeline - Yes, it's a long haul and there are times when it's really difficult to set down and write. I've been feeling that way for a few weeks now and the work product shows it. Not so good. I'll be interested to see how "taking a breather" of sorts works for you.

  20. Always cheerful news to see acceptances here!

    Wrote 1 vss for 5x5 Fiction, 1 short story waiting at Silk Road Review. Also 1 retold fairy tale on my blog that I think, in hindsight, I should have maybe tweaked and sent out instead of posting. Oh well. I have it on Inkspot instead.

  21. I just added the badge so I guess this is my official Week 1. I wrote a flash fiction piece and submitted it to Liquid Imagination. I also wrote and submitted three microfiction entries to the NYCMidnight Micro challenge, although those took about a minute each so I don't think I could quite convince myself that they count. No acceptances and no rejections this week; waiting on 7 pieces now.

  22. @li - Keep on keeping on! You'll be providing some cheer for the rest of us soon.

    @Colleen - Welcome aboard. Liquid Imagination rocks, and the NYC challenge is a lot of fun. Looking forward to your check-ins in the future.