Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP-It Wednesday

How goes the writing this week? Are you feeling inspired or just in the mire? Any particular problems you could use some help on? Anything to shout about? Tell us in the comments below. That's what Work-in-Progress Wednesday is all about!


  1. I'm struggling a bit, truth be told, trying to turn this haiku into a full-length tale. I'm about halfway through it from what I can tell, but no clue on where to go next. Guess I'll just see where it takes me; still plenty of time to course-correct if need be.

    Here's how "Power Chords" opens:

    Eroded by time, emaciated by disease and addiction, the hollow-eyed wraith at the cash register drew on the smoldering cigarette dangling from his parched lips and released a ragged cough. "You play?" he croaked.

    Way too wordy, I know. It'll read much better after the fourth or fifth revision -- I hope!

  2. For the past few months I've been busy with the Triangulation anthology, which is finally IN MY HANDS (yay!). Now, I can begin to refocus on writing.

    Today, I subbed a micro called "Trickle Down" which begins with:

    They’ve taken to sharing a body, these survivors of themselves, these human frames stitched into a mutilated mass of flesh and hair, sinew and bone. Single-minded, guts tapped into the labyrinth sewer at their core, they chew toward the horizon.

  3. Wordy perhaps but it sure paints a picture Milo!

    Got all inspired and plopped out almost 500 words to start planning a short. Brain must have cleared after sending stuff out.

  4. I'm revising two stories at the moment - a flash whose ending falls flat, and a SF short story, one I origionally wrote for the Triangulation anthology but never revised to submission level. I'm having trouble with the opening. Figures... one has a bad begginingg, one has a bad ending. Middles? Fairly interesting. Hey at least I know what's wrong.

  5. Some great lines and ideas there guys. I've been working on a fantasy short called A Midwinter Sacrifice. Got a first draft but now a whole subplot has come to me so will need to rework.

    "The boy’s eyes were wide, his breathing rapid, panicky, but he didn’t flinch. Of course, he didn’t flinch. No bonds held him. He longed for the knife to be plunged into his chest."

  6. I started a new short this week currently entitled A LOVE UNMOVEABLE. It'll be an urban fantasy take on a section of the Greek epic Argonautica.

    It starts like this:

    Maddie slammed the door shut on her 1987 Pinto--lovingly known as Shitbox. On most days, Shitbox stalled and stuttered, forcing her to allot an extra half our to arrive at work on time. But today, Shitbox decided it would be a real car. Maddie arrived early.

  7. Stephanie,

    Completely great opening.

  8. Wow, these are some great excerpts, guys! :)

    I'm happy to report I received my first haiku (horrorku) acceptance - ever! (or at least since I can remember) - from SCIFAIKUEST! Won't be out for a bit but whoo hoo anyway! :)

    And that makes 7 for the Hall of Fame.

  9. Simon: Thank you! I feel a bit out-gunned by everyone's dark and lovely, descriptive openers. All of you have such a way with words. All I have is Shitbox. :P

  10. Madeline: Great news -- SCIFAIKUEST is cool.

    Stephanie: And yet it conjures such a vivid image!

  11. I'm going for a shorter tale this week (under 2k words), so, surprisingly for a Thursday, I've a first draft finished. Needs a fair amount of work, though.

    I seem to have gone for a slightly, em, "plainer" opening than most:


    "C'm'on, c'm'on, Come on, we got it all."

    Jiro grabbed two items from behind his shop window, stood in the doorway and waved them through the air.

    "We won't be beaten on price, not this side of Hell."

    He meant the real Hell, not the biblical.


    Stephanie, I love "Shitbox" -- great opening!

    Madeline, congrats on the sale, and best of luck to everyone on finishing their stories this week.

  12. Hello all- I just joined up! (Thanks to Milo steering me here.)

    I've had a few items published, have a few outstanding, and a bunch of rejections, but I'm not writing at the pace I should. Hopefully this site will help give me a much needed kick in the backside. :)
    And, of course, a few shoulders to cry on when those unwelcome rejections roll in.

    I look forward to meeting you all.

    I generally write flash. At the moment I've got 2 ideas and nothing on paper. I hope, by next week, to have at least 1 completed and submitted somewhere.

  13. Welcome, Lisa! So glad you've joined the throng.

  14. I'm going to join as well.

    About a month ago, I started writing flash fiction and posting on m blog. I'm currently working on a short story collection that I will be self-publishing.

    I'm sure joining everyone here will inspire me toward that goal.

  15. Welcome! Great to have you on board.