Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekly/Monthly Check-In #30, the July Joy Blogfest

It's the end of Week 30 and/or the end of Month 7! And, since it is the end of the month today, we're combining the usual check-in post with the monthly blogfest winners post.

So, how's it been for you? Have you crafted literary treasure or had only literary displeasure? Here's your chance to tell everybody how it's gone, whether you're a weekly or monthly (or anything in between) W1S1 participant.

Write 1 Sub 1 Weekly
If you've managed to write a story and submit a story this week, tell us all about it. And if you've had something accepted/published, tell us that too, so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Halls Of Fame. And if you've stuck to the scheme the whole month, let us know so we can add you to the July Joy Blogfest winners list (below). Be sure to include the URL to your blog or website so we can make your entry a link for others to explore.
Write 1 Sub 1 Monthly
If you've managed to write a story and submit a story this month, tell us all about it so we can add you to the July Joy Blogfest winners list (below). Be sure to include the URL to your blog or website so we can make your entry a link for others to explore. And if you've had something accepted/published, tell us that too, so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Halls Of Fame.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them!

The July Joy Blogfest

Now to the fun bit! This month's Blogfest is named for Ray Bradbury's The Machineries of Joy short story collection (1964). The following people have successfully stuck to the Write1Sub1 scheme in the month of July :

Many congratulations, all. You officially receive the July Joy award for your efforts!

BLOGFEST RULES: Once your name's on the list, just visit the participant above you and below you (or even visit them all) and give each a virtual slap on the back for their success this month.

Best of luck in August, everyone!


  1. Managing to keep my head above water despite summer holidays ...

    Written :
    A Midwinter Sacrifice (fantasy, short story)
    Outro (Twitter)
    Buried Memories (Twitter)

    Submitted :
    Outro (Twitter)
    Buried Memories (Twitter)

    Accepted :
    The Bitter End (SF, 8400 words, co-written with Dominic de Mattos) by Jupiter SF
    Kinda : I Saw Hearts But You Saw Skulls got an honourable mention in the Clarity of Night Elemental competition. Does that count?

    Published :
    (Non-W1S1) Terahertz by Brain Harvest

  2. Written and subbed three this week - Mudspots accepted and published a 248 word story 'Precipitation' and I am waiting to hear from Scribble and Scatter about a 395 word story, 'Blue' and from Language>Place Carnival #9 about a print&prose piece.
    Other stuff was character sketches, possibly for a NaNoWriMo ...

  3. Submitted three horror stories this month - two rejected (although one was almost there), one freshly sent. I remain optimistic though.

  4. Sandra,

    Highly productive week! Congrats.

  5. Xyzo,

    Sorry to hear about those rejections - hope you resubmit them ...

  6. W1: "The Road to Hell" -- 1,850 word Sci-Fi.

    S1: Above, 2 other W1s, 1 old non-W1

    Accepted: (Non-W1S1) "Just a Day" (Non-genre / Literary / Romance / Something like that.) by Every Day Fiction.

    Congrats on keeping up the writing, everyone. And congrats, Simon, on the acceptance.

  7. Oh, and I have kind of stuck to the challenge all month, the "kind of" being that I've pretty much dumped my week 28 story at this point. I might rewrite it some day, but meh ~

    Thanks W1S1, I've four more stories out to market this month, and it's all thanks to the challenge! :)

  8. Wrote three new stories this month: a 5k paranormal horror detective, and two flash pieces. Didn't submit anything, but I'll change that next month once I've polished off a few stories. Though, I do believe in taking your time.

    Congrats everyone on your successes! :)

  9. shanemgavin,

    Thanks and congrats on your acceptance and on sticking to the scheme. Glad it's been of help.

  10. Good news all around; nicely done everybody!

    As for me, this week's W1S1: "How Can It Be A Faux Pas If Everybody Does it?" to Cicada.

    Also, rewrites submitted to Ray Gun Revival and Criminal Element, my Week#15 and Week#18 stories; hopeful about both.

    Seven months already? 30 Weeks? Holy cow! Add me to the list; I'm still managing to hold on for the ride.

  11. Milo,
    The Title of the Week award is yours! Good luck with all those subs.

  12. defcon,

    Best of luck with those - and of course, you're right about taking your time.

  13. Written - started what's turning into a kick ass short story that toodles around in my world I'm building.

    Subbed - Karaoke Jack finished and sent off to to 10Flash

    Congrats and Hugs to everyone. Lots going on this past week!

  14. I'm doing the Light Ray and met my goal for the month, but am still disappointed with my progress.

    - one flash fic (submitted)
    - one Chicken Soup story (submitted)
    - one rough draft 3,000-word story

    I'm disappointed that the last story isn't ready to send out by the end of the month. I labored through several rough drafts, and it's still going through a critique group.

    I have a poem published in the Christian Science Monitor this week:

  15. Sam,

    Best of luck with the kick-ass story and the sub. Are you in for the blogfest?

  16. Beth,

    Great stuff on meeting your goal. Looks like a very productive month, but I understand what you say - it can be frustrating not to get stuff finished when you want it to be.

  17. This has been a productive month. In addition to subbing four new pieces, one of my prior pieces won 1st prize in the PARSEC New Writer's short story contest.

    I'm taking an extended vacation in August, and I'm working on getting out two stories for the month.

  18. One subbed, one written :) The sub was the easy part, the new story--fun, but exhausting. Anyway, another month down! Bring on August! I'm loving this challenge and how it forces me to get those ideas out.

  19. Simon, you surly rock. Congratulations. And to Shane for his accept, and to the rest of us for keeping the work flowing. I'm hoping with you, Milo.

    As for myself:

    W1: "Joy" (short story)

    S1: Flash to Smokelong Quarterly; flash to Other Room; Two micros to Right Hand Pointing; Short story to Front Porch Review; Flash and micro to Stone Highway Review.

    Accept: What part of "the drought continues" do you not understand ;-)

    Published: Not this week. Soon.

    Keep up the keeping up, gang.

  20. M. S. James,
    Wow, big respect. Many congrats.

    Really glad it's working for you. Best of luck with those.

    I'm sure the clouds will break and the floods will come soon :-)

  21. I dropped to the monthly for July. Ironically, I ended up writing 5 new things and making several submissions, so I exceeded the goal. I also had my 12th and 13th W1S1 acceptances. A micro-fiction to Trapeze, and a long story to a new podcast I was invited to submit to that will debut on Halloween. I don't yet have a name or a link for it.

  22. Chugging along.

    Wrote: Breakfast (Twit fic)

    Subbed: Breakfast (twice), Idiots, Summer Day, Not AA.

    Rejections: Breakfast (Nanoism and Cuento)

    Acceptances: Idiots (Cuento) and Summer Day (Trapeze).

    Met my monthly goal as well. Just wish I were finishing more longer pieces instead of the micro-stuff.

  23. Simon - I'm not Festing this month - Didn't sub first week of July but thanks for thinking I'm dong that well!

  24. Wrote 1 (Ghost Story) and submitted 8, 1 of which was a new submission. :D

  25. I'm a Light Ray but wrote and submitted four new stories within the first 2 weeks of July (1 flash @1k, the others 2600, 3100, and 4600 words). The next 2 weeks, got some good starts through midway progress on a few other pieces, and today, rewrote an old dud from scratch, subbing in time for a deadline. Also subbed some older stuff bringing this month's subs to 11.

  26. Shelley,

    Funny how that works. Congrats on the acceptances - I'll update the Halls.

  27. A. G.

    Congrats on those - but I know what you mean. Micros are great but it's even greater to have longer stories accepted too.

  28. Sam,

    Ah, sorry, must have misinterpreted. Never mind, we'll leave things as they are!

  29. dmbonanno,

    Great stuff. I make that a Blogfest win too?

  30. TNC,

    Fantastic month! I'll add you to the Blogfest list.

  31. I'm a July winner - and I could use some of that joy. I'm with Beth C - I accomplished the monthly goal but I didn't feel nearly as productive as I felt I could've been. (And yes, I know I did my Camp NaNo novel but still...) Oh, well. On to August!

    Wrote 1, subbed 1 - and had it accepted! (That was the haiku/horrorku.) But I also just learned I'll have a story in the Sept issue of Apollo's Lyre! That brings me up to 8 for the Hall of Fame. :)

  32. Madeline,

    That sounds like a great deal of success to me! Many congratulations - I'll update the blog listing and Halls of Fame.

  33. Wrote 1 and subbed 2 in July. And a story of mine got accepted to an anthology! My first acceptance.

  34. Great stuff, Leonora!

  35. I finished the first draft of my story from June and completed a new story for July. The story for July was submitted, short-listed, declined, revised, submitted elsewhere and is now short-listed with a different anthology. Short-listing is a type of limbo designed specifically for writers. In good news, my story from January, "A Mother's Gift" has found a home at Silver Blade Magazine and will be out in mid-August.

  36. August will be my first month!

    Wrote 1 micro (35 words), submitted and accepted by Paraxis for their "library collage" in September.

    Wrote 1 flash, submitted for a contest at Figment.

    Still struggling with 2 stories, and no idea where I'll submit them yet. First things first though - need to complete them!

  37. I'm late in chiming in. Please add my name to your list. I made my goal for July with a 3,000 word short story I submitted to an anthology.
    Donna V.