Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly/Monthly Check-In #29

The end of Week 29 is nigh!

How's it been for you? Have you written pearls or toe-curlers? Here's your chance to tell everybody how it's gone, whether you're a weekly or monthly (or anything in between) W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, tell us all about it. w00t! If you've had something accepted/published, tell us that, too, so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Halls Of Fame. But if stuff has gotten in the way of the writing and all your replies have been rejections, let us know so we can commiserate. We're all in this together.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them!


  1. This week's W1S1: "While She Sleeps" to Science in my Fiction.

    Some good news from Ray Gun Revival: They're interested in seeing a rewrite of my Week15 story; more on that in the near future, I hope.

    Write on, everybody!

  2. Whew! finished my 50,000 word for Camp NaNo waaaay earlier than expected. The story isn't finished but I'm able to return from "camp" and put some lotion on those mosquito bites. :)

    I've got a few haiku in the works that will be going out by the end of the month. So, we'll see.

    Keep going, everyone!

  3. Best of luck with that, Milo!

    Congrats on the 50K work Madeline - impressive!

    It's been a slow week on the short fiction front for me : I wrote and submitted a flash piece to Clarity of Night Elemental contest but that's it.

    And it's the school holidays now. This will be the hardest time for me to keep up ...

  4. Written/Subbed/Published - Lost in Space at One Forty Fiction

    Couple other things in the system I'm hoping to get out this week. And I gave up on Camp for this month. Idea refined and will retackle next month.

  5. First of all, congratulations, Madeline!

    Old W1S1: I HAVE A PRO ACCEPTANCE! One of my stories from March, "Drumbeats," has been accepted for the Woodland Press anthology STORIES FROM THE HEARTH.

    Current W1S1: My second story of the month was redrafted a few times and is now with a critique group. I hope to send it out in a week.

  6. W1: 3,300 word sci-fi -- which I'm really happy with...probably a bad sign, actually.

    S1: I'd five rejections this week (they always seem to come in floods), so each of them went back out to here, there, and everywhere. Haven't had a chance to sub this week's W1 yet; job for later--and I've no idea where I'm sending it yet.

    Congrats to all on the writing, rewrite requests and acceptances.

  7. Congrats on the successes!

    I missed last week, so I'll update for both. I've written a few twitter fictions, started a short story and subbed 1 twitter fiction.

    I'm also planning to head off to Camp next month,to work on a sequel to last November's novel, so I've been working on revisions to help me get organized. And a few poems as well.

    But my biggest summer project has been keeping the kids busy, so between that and Camp, if I disappear from now until September, you'll know where I went!

  8. samwebb,

    Great stuff - I'll update the Halls.

  9. Beth,

    Fantastic news! Many congrats on the pro acceptance.

  10. shanemgavin,

    Yeah, funny how that happens. Best of luck with the new story and the resubs.

  11. A. S. Andrews,

    Sounds remarkably like my summer! Best of luck with Camp and those twitter fictions.

  12. Congratlations, Beth. That is big news. And Milo, too -- excellent. None for me, this week. Neither written or accepted. I did a fair bit of subbing. Curse ye, new novel, you have sucked away all my time.

  13. Written: Breakfast (twitter fic) and 2k on a zombie fantasy short (Soundless).

    Subbed: Mother to The New Yorker.

    No rejections, no acceptances.

  14. Congratulations and commiserations fellow W1S1ers.

    W1: "She Turns" (flash); "Beaker Basics" (flash).

    S1: Flash to 100 Word Story; flash to Linger Fiction.

    Accepts: We don't need no stinkin' accepts

    Published: Ditto dat.

  15. Yay! Made 'final' edits & subbed 4th new story for the month today (and caught the "Glimmer Train" standard sub month).

  16. I'm close with both. Another few days and I should be able to get them done. :) I've been spending more time on the novel, which is good, but I'd love to be able to balance it out better.

  17. Deborah,

    Sounds not unlike my week!

  18. A. G.

    Best of luck with those!

  19. Steve,

    Best of luck with those flashes my man!

  20. TNC,

    Great stuff - best of luck with the new story.

  21. dmbonanno,

    Yep, that's a balance I'm trying to strike at the moment. The very best of luck!

  22. I have to share my shame: Because my schedule has been so nuts lately, I have let another week pass by without making my W1S1 weekly goal. While I did some writing, it was not enough to keep up. So now I am TWO weeks behind.

    To compound the problem, I reviewed my last W1S1 submission ("Storms") at the Every Day Fiction site and pulled it -- it was just not polished enough to have been submitted. I was in a rush to get it out, but it was not really ready. So that 'undo' now makes me THREE weeks behind!

    I must face facts -- while I love the concept of the W1S1 challenge, the weekly goal is becoming more of a burden than a benefit, simply because I do not have the time I need to crank out a finished story each and every week. Reviewing the version of "Storms" that I submitted sealed the deal -- I'm pushing too hard for quantity and sacrificing quality.

    So I'm going to have to ratchet down my participation from the weekly W1S1 to the monthly W1S1. If I can get enough time to generate and submit more than one story a month, great. But given my current time crunch, I think it's for the best...

    So I'll be back next week to update my progress for July. Oh, and in the 'at-least-there's-some-good-news' department, the acceptance of "Expectations" I had two weeks ago was published at this past week.

  23. Chris,

    Sounds like you've done the right thing - if weekly is more of a burden than a benefit, don't do it. Hopefully the monthly version will be a better fit. So the very best of luck with that. And congratulations on "Expectations".

  24. Chris, congratulations on your acceptance!

    Don't feel bad about going from weekly to monthly. I've been doing the monthly version from the beginning - I knew there was no way I could do a story a week like so many of these amazing people. :) And I've still written, subbed and had pubbed a lot.

    Keep at it! Don't give up!

  25. I am also struggling to keep up with the weekly version, but I blame that on Alaska summertime. Good weather is so hit and miss here, when the weather is good you have to "make hay while the sun shines," as they say. I am still working on this week's story, as it turned out longer than I expected it to be, but I will soon be finished with it and have it sent out.

    Despite the trouble I am having keeping up with the weekly schedule, it is the weekly schedule that gave me the kick in the buttons and a large number of stories to send out into the world, so I'm not giving up on it yet. As only a crazy writer would, I long for the winter snows to lock things down so I can go back to a less sporadic level of writing. But I'm sure everyone in Alaska would give me evil looks for even thinking such an awful thing. ;)

  26. Chris: No shame allowed! =] We have the two participation levels for just this reason; and you can always jump back in with the weekly or some hybrid of the two levels, stories-permitting, whenever you like.

    Sparklecat: I agree -- it's definitely kicking me in the pants, but to quote Mr. Bradbury:

    “If you can write one short story a week—doesn’t matter what the quality is to start, but at least you’re practicing—at the end of the year, you’ll have fifty-two short stories, and I defy you to write fifty-two bad ones. Can’t be done.”

    Not all 52 of my short stories will be publishable the first time out, but after rejections and revisions, they'll find a good home at some point. That's how I've managed to sell the ones I already have, and I don't plan on changing my strategy anytime soon!

  27. I reached my goal for July at the beginning of the month, but I've been a slacker since then.

  28. I always forget to check in! Bad Brenda!

    Let's see, for July so far I've written 3 new stories. Of those I've subbed 2. I also polished two from last month and subbed. Several rejections have come in and everything's been sent back out right away. I think that's all for now. Good job everyone!

  29. Well, I'm a bit late here, but this was my first month participating. I both wrote and sent off a story to 10Flash Quarterly this month. Now to see if it gets accepted or not!

  30. Marc,

    Best of luck with that!