Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Interview with Teri Santitoro of Scifaikuest

Scifaikuest is an online and print magazine dedicated to minimalist genre poetry. Today, we are honored to have editor Teri Santitoro join us for an insightful interview.

W1S1: First off, how would you describe your role(s) at Scifaikuest

I would define my basic roles at Scifaikuest as: Number one--to spread the word about minimalist genre poetry! Number two--to make sure that Scifaikuest publishes the best material in those categories!

W1S1: What are the top three things you look for in a poem?

Good concept, proper form and unique perspective.

W1S1: Typically, what makes the difference between a poem's acceptance or rejection?

If a poem doesn't have a good concept to begin with, what's the point? I always try to work with contributors to correct their form (if it's improper), and ask the poet to please rework a poem and resend it, if I feel the basic concept or unique perspective is there to begin with, but the form is off. However, if there's no real MEAT to the poem, I will decline it.

W1S1: What would you like to see more of in the way of Scifaikuest submissions this year?

Actually, I'd like to see more articles and illustrations! We get so much fantastic poetry, but hardly any illustrations or articles. We always need door/cover art as well as black and white interior illustrations. And articles about genre poetic forms are always needed as well.

W1S1: If you could change anything about the publishing industry today, what would it be?

I'd like to see genre writing and illustration gain more respect. :-)

W1S1: Thanks, Teri!

So for all you Write1Sub1ers who might have a poem to submit, check out the Scifaikuest submission guidelines here. If you'd like to see their most recent issue, go here.


  1. Amen to genre writing and illustration getting more respect! Well put!

  2. I love all the kaleidoscope perspectives in 'Scifaikuest' Thanks for the insights.

  3. Anonymous8/04/2011

    I have a few of Teri's illustrations and books. She is a gifted artist that needs more recognition in the industry!! Keep 'em coming!....