Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WRITE 1 SUB 1 . . . SAVE 1 (OR MORE!)

My first published piece was a poem in Highlights for Children magazine. I wrote it myself but, since I was only nine, I needed help to send it in. And apparently, 30 years later, I still need that help.

Enter the Write 1 Sub 1 Challenge.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m a writer and part of being a writer is sending out the work. I know this. But I’ve lost count of how many stories disappeared into the giant maw of my desk drawer where “almost there” stories go to languish and die.

Was I too lazy to give them the extra attention? Was I too anxious about messing up what was already there? Was I just not in the mood for another potential rejection? I don’t know.

What I do know is that W1S1 helps me save those stories. It also gives me the oomph I need to get the new ones out and in front of readers (other than my husband.) No one else will do the actual subbing for me. Not W1S1. Not my husband. Not our tortoises. (And you thought publishing was already slow…)

I know it sounds silly. It’s not like there’s a trophy or a giant check or a party for the winner at year’s end. (Is there?) For me, W1S1 is about community. It’s about focus. It’s about challenging myself to do better - for me, for the stories, and for the readers.

Madeline Mora-Summonte

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  1. Great post, Madeline! W1S1 has been about focus for me, too -- on writing more than I ever have in my life. And the community? Probably the best thing we've got going on here, besides all the work that keeps getting accepted.

  2. Madeline, well done. And the more you sub the easier it gets, doesn't it. Rejections are water off a ducks back for me-- well, most of the time.

  3. Wonderful post, Madeline! I know exactly what you mean about shucking those "almost there" stories so many of us get hung up on. Every time I finally do toss one of those aside, it's like I've opened the creative sluices, and a new story comes to me almost without effort.

  4. Thank you, Milo, Deborah, and Joe! It was my first ever guest post so I'm glad you liked it. :)

    And Joe, interesting point about chucking those "almost there" stories to let new ones enter the picture. I had meant it more like W1S1 helped me finish those stories and get them out the door but I can absolutely see what you're saying - so true!

  5. W1S1 has done the same thing for me, forcing me to get what I've written out the door. Great post, Madeline.

    Can you believe we're almost 6 months in? I can't.

  6. Nice post, Madeline :)

  7. Thanks, Shelley and Samuel!

    I can't believe we're halfway, either. I've written and subbed (and got accepted/published!) more in these six months than I have in quite awhile. :)

  8. Great post, Madeline!

    I'm glad you never completely turned your back on those old stories, and that W1S1 helped revive them!

    I've only been around for three weeks, but I'm already pleasantly surprised with how much signing on for the W1S1 challenge has helped kick my writing in the... creative center.

    BTW -- I really liked your story, "Evie" from EDF last month, even though I threw out a possible different, and darker, interpretation of who the narrator might have been that seemed to rankle at least one other commenter. ;^)

    Keep on W1S1in'!

  9. Thanks, Chris! I'm glad your writing has been kicked up a notch or two also.

    Who knew "Evie" would cause such a stir? :) I'm happy you enjoyed the story and that you all had a polite and respectful discussion. Isn't writing wonderful?