Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP-It Wednesday

In the middle of writing an awesome tale this week? Are the words flowing faster than you're able to put them down? Or could it be you're suffering from a bit of writer's block? About ready to delete the whole blasted thing and start over? Tell us in the comments below. From favorite first lines to the most horrendous similes, we want to read them. Show us yours, and we'll show you ours. That's what Work-in-Progress Wednesday is all about!

On a related note, if you'd like to submit a reflective post in which you ruminate upon how Write1Sub1 has impacted your writing in marvelous ways, send us a message via Twitter @write1sub1, and you just might be featured on a Wednesday in the near future!


  1. Am currently suffering from 'this is crap' syndrome ... hopefully leaving it to rest in the dark for a bit will revive it ... ;-)

    [and just to rub it in, the word verifier is 'ritin']

  2. Writing is going pretty good this week. I wrote a new flash piece yesterday that I'm in love with, which is never a good sign. =) Here's my favorite line from it so far:

    "Barley O's or whatever they were called could never be as tasty as the shavings of a sea snail's underbelly."

  3. Sandra: I loathe "this is crap" syndrome! I'm there too this week; haven't made any progress on my W1S1 -- yet.

    Brenda: That is one heck of a line!

    As for me, I'm revising an old novelette this week and having difficulty finding a market for comedic medieval adventure (think Princess Bride but not nearly as good).

    From this week's W1S1-in-progress, all I have worth sharing is the opening line:

    "It wasn't their idea to pack up everything they owned and get all-new carpet and tile."

  4. Thanks, Milo! And I like that opening. Makes me want to know whose idea it was, then. =)

  5. My WIPs keep rotating, haha. I want to finish my Poe-esque story for an anthology, but it's not coming along. However, made some progress on another story yesterday and wrote ~1,500 words.

  6. That's a fasntastic line, Brenda!

    My write1 this week is a high fantasy short story I started earlier in the year. Problem is it has its own ideas about how long it should be. It's 4K and counting and I know I won't get a draft done this week. Shorter pieces definitely work better with Write1Sub1 but I'm determiend to let the story be the length it needs to be.

    Favourite line so far :

    "As he led his horse through the stone archway at the mountain’s base he felt the weight of all that stone bearing down on him."

  7. S.E.: Poe-esque sounds intriguing; keep up the good work.

    Simon: Let it grow!

  8. Hey, those are nice lines, guys!

    As for me, having reached week 5 of my participation, I guess I'm past the 'newness' of W1S1, and into the thick of the doldrums. I'm making progress on my W1S1 piece, but it's a trudging, grinding, slow process this week for some reason. Maybe it's the start-of-summer blahs kicking in?

    The opening lines just sorta meh so far, but here's one a little further in I kinda like:

    'Typically, any large bug this close would have sent her running and screaming, but something about the way the dragonfly held its position, its wings a blur while its body remained perfectly still, held her transfixed.'

    But Onward! I WILL finish and get this out the door by Saturday...

    Hang in there, everyone!

  9. Stick at it, Chris! You're an inspiration.

  10. Hmm, no sentences from my current WIP are quite as fun and poetic as those above! Here are two I kind of like, though:

    Rats don't usually scream or groan whole sentences into digital recorders.

    He'd even done some corporate stuff—-product shots for brochures, with models pushing carts and grinning with stupified glee at the wide variety of breakfast cereals they could choose from.

    Certainly nothing as interesting as sea snail underbellies! :D

    I've been struggling with this one for a while, mostly because my inner-editor thinks I'm brain-damaged and won't leave me alone to finish writing the thing. I'll show her.

  11. Trudging along right now. Trying to polish a couple pieces and waiting for the inspiration for a new one and it's just slow going. Very slow.

    The two I'm working with right now have the following opening lines:

    /I'm turning into my mother./ : P-L-A-Y Is a Four Letter Word

    The call comes in the middle of the night. : Pixie Dust

  12. You all inspire me!

    And Shelley, I'm intrigued about your story from those two sentences. You've got me curious about screaming rats and I'm fond of "stupefied glee," in particular.

  13. Yeah, good week. I've been working on a bit of flash this week, and I wasn't just feeling it --until today. I changed the pov to present tense, second person (no sniggering in the back) and hooray, it's just right.

  14. Chris: I'd want to read more about that dragonfly; so far so good!

    Shelley: Unless they're the rats of NIMH, right? =] In the words of the NaNoWriMo folks, turn OFF your internal editor -- for now, anyway.

    A.G.: Nice openers!

    Deborah: Let's hear it for 2nd person, the red-haired stepchild nobody ever talks to. Which doesn't make sense, since it's so dang easy to talk to somebody in 2nd person...

  15. It hasn't been a good month for writing. I was on a family road trip for two weeks and didn't get any writing done beyond a trip journal.

    I've scrambled to catch up this week. I did write a story for Chicken Soup and sent that in today. Not sure what else I can finish by the end of the month, though.

  16. This is my first week. I'm taking a third person novel I'm working on and am making a first person short of it, for now.

    Is this line cliche?

    What I am about to tell you will seem so utterly fantastic, that it could only be fiction. It would be a cliche to say that "my life is stranger than fiction", but I tell you for what it's worth; it's the truth, or the truth as how I interpret it.

  17. Beth: I'd say your scrambling was productive.

    MDK: Hey, you've got my attention; I'd read more.

  18. Pretty well, actually! Already wrote and subbed a piece of flash (350 words), started a story to be co-written with my younger brother, and have been doing some editing/polishing on a (now I have to admit) UNfinished second story from last week. So yeah, pretty freakin good.

  19. Still on my literary-ish bent, but here's my WIP openings for this week:

    "Johnny Asparagus stood behind the plastic sheet window of the clapboard house waving his leafy hands. He wanted our attention. He wanted to roll the bones. We knew better than to let that happen. Last time Johnny Asparagus rolled the bones, someone died."


    "Shelly injected gold dust into her veins. Her thinking was that as the gold settled out of her blood to form an impenetrable shield, she would become both more valuable and less vulnerable."

  20. I'm waiting for my muse to return when the meds stop acting up.
    In the meantime I dabble in small bits of flash fiction just to keep my hand in.
    Nevertheless I am inspired by those of you who are getting stuff published and really maturing as writers through the whole experience. :O)

  21. @Steve, is that rolling the bones as in throwing dice, or some other more horrific interpretation? I'd read both of those based on the opening lines. And pretty much everybody's here.

    @Brenda, it's a horror story that involves a "ghost hunter" type group, in a very tertiary way. And no, Milo, no rats of NIMH. ;)

  22. Joe: Co-writing with your brother? Cool!

    Steve: Awesomeness; I too would read more.

    Madeleine: Small bits o' fiction are always better than no bits at all.

  23. I wish I had something as interesting as "screaming rats" to talk about... :)

    I did sub a story/first line to a Writer's Digest contest, so we'll see how that goes. I am freaking out a bit about the upcoming Camp NaNo - what seemed like a good novel idea at the time has suddenly become the worst idea EVER. But been there, done that. :)

  24. Madeline: I've had weeks during W1S1 where I've thought the same thing!

  25. @Shelley it's about throwing dice and something much less innocent too.

    Yours hook my interest as well. Stupefied glee is underrated.