Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly/Monthly Check-In #25

The end of Week 25 is upon us!

How's it been for you? Have the words been hotter than Fahrenheit 451, or has The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms gotten in the way? Here's your chance to tell everybody about it, whether you're a weekly or monthly (or anything in between) W1S1 participant.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, shout it from the rooftops. Yahoo! If you've had something accepted/published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Hall Of Fame. But if stuff has gotten in the way of the writing and all your replies have been rejections, let us know that too so we can commiserate! We're all in this together.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them!


  1. I finished and subbed 5 new pieces this month. Two shorter ones, but pieces nonetheless.

    I'll be subbing to Enchanted Conversations when they open tomorrow.

    All tolled: 24 pieces and 57 subs for the year.

  2. That's some progress to be proud of, Matt! Good work.

    As for me, this week's W1S1: "To Know a Lie from a Handsaw" to Pseudopod.

    Accepted: 2 haiku and a tweet-sized tale to Seven by Twenty and Seedpod.

    Published: 1 haiku @ Seedpod

    *Rewrites-in-progress for my Week9 and Week18 stories; will keep you updated...

  3. This month I sent out 4 new stories (3 of them flash) and got loads of rejections.

    Yay! Go me!

  4. Short fiction work this week has been mostly on a fantasy short story I roughed out earlier in the year. Hopefully it'll be polished up soon and sent out. It isn't complete yet but we'll count it as this week's write 1 :

    Written :

    Three Miraculous Homunculi (fantasy, short story)
    Old Time's Sake (Twitter)

    Submitted :

    Your Call May Be Recorded For Training Purposes (SF, flash)
    Old Time's Sake (Twitter)

    Accepted/Published :

    Distant Bells by Seedpod

    Published :

    First Contact by Microcosms
    Shadow Beings by Microcosms
    At Night, When He Sleeps by Microcosms

  5. Lydia: Go you, indeed! Good work getting your stuff out there.

    Simon: Very cool titles, sir; Hall of Fame updated!

  6. @Matt and Lydia: Keep at it!

    @Milo and Simon: Congrats on the accepts/pubs.

    I'm probably not going to get my stories written this month, but I've accepted that. I've made 15 submissions, though, and have some new acceptances this week, 2 of them Hall of Fame worthy, bringing my total to 10 W1S1 and 18 overall for the year. So though I probably won't hit the 5 story goal for the month (unless I'm Twitter inspired next week), I'm still feeling pretty darn great.

    My week 1 Twitter-story will soon appear at 7x20. (She also accepted a second one, but it's one written long ago.) Actually, this may not be Hall of Fame--it's is my week 1, but this is a reprint as it's already appeared at Nanoism. I'm not sure how reprints work in the stats.

    And my week 9 story will go up next month at Bartleby Snopes. I was especially pleased by this one.

    While I didn't write anything new, I rewrote a week 10 flash into a poem, and it's being held by that market to the end of the sub period, as they've done to me before, so that's encouraging.

  7. Duff week indeed - submitted a too-long-ago tale to Jo Prescott - no reply as yet; Language>Place>Carnival#7 is now out and contains on of my pieces - - and I've written ~800 words of a possible NaNoWriMo2011

  8. You're all doing great!

    I haven't kept as detailed stats as everyone else here, but I did sub two stories this week and have 9 stories out on sub in total right now along with 2 poems. I also subbing to Enchanted Conversations tomorrow and I have 2 short stories that need revision and 2 more than need completing or full rewrites.

    Plus I've pulled out my novel draft and will start working on that again soon, too. Just need to reread it, remember what the heck I was doing and get going on it.

  9. Finally finished a story that was taking a lot longer to write than I expected. Just need to polish it up and send it off tonight.

    And I got another acceptance from SNM Horror Mag! It's my third one with them, and my ninth accepted piece total. I'm starting to get personalized emails from them. :) It'll be interesting to see where this one places. If I get second place for a third time in a row, it will be very hard to stop laughing.

  10. Not a bad week

    W1: "Form Follows Function" (flash); "Johnny Asparagus" (flash)

    S1: flash to Camera Obscura; flash to Cafe Irreal; short story to Threepenny Review; flash to McSweeney's Internet Tendency; 3 flashes to The Collagist;

    Accept: What's that?

    Published: tweet at trapeze;

    Keep them doggies rolling, gang!

  11. Shelley: Very encouraging news; Hall of Fame updated!

    Sandra: More progress, as usual. =]

    Digital: I need to reread mine, too; it's been sitting in the corner neglected and glaring at me for far too long.

    Sparklecat: Nice; Hall of Fame updated!

    Steve: I can't wait to read Johnny Asparagus; where are you thinking of submitting it?

  12. I was away and traveling for two weeks, so I figure I wouldn't get much written this month. My brain had different ideas.

    I sent in a story to Chicken Soup this past week, and I was counting that as my W1S1 even as nonfiction... but then a few days ago I had a short story idea hit and I churned out a 1,700 literary fantasy piece. I just sent it out. *crosses fingers*

  13. Well, I haven't finished any fresh fiction this month, though i did have one weekend where i wrote 4k across a couple different stories.

    I did sub a new one this month, though, and it's sold already to a New Zealand mag called Takahe.

    This marks my first non-spec fic sale, and my first sale to a venue inside my country. It's my second W1S1 sale for the year.

  14. Beth: Don't you love it when that happens? Hope it gets snatched up ASAP.

    Sam: Congrats -- June was a Write1Sub1Accepted1! Hall of Fame updated.

  15. Trudging along for my 5th week involved.

    I did manage to take what started out last week as an intended flash piece and flesh it out to a longer story that is probably certifiably unpublishable, partly because I don't quite know how to classify it genre-wise, and partly because while I think it has some nice writing, story-wise, it's only sorta, well... meh.

    But hey -- I wrote; I submitted; and I'll move on.

    -- "The Dragonfly Man" (paranormally quasi-romaticish, I guess; 3,400 words)
    -- Rewrite of "Waiting Backstage" (horror; 1,300 words)

    -- "The Dragonfly Man" to 'Title Goes'
    -- (Also waiting to submit "Waiting Backstage" to Pedestal Mag, when open submissions begin June 28th)

    -- Nada

    -- Zilch

    -- Well, in the silver-lining category, at least I've been rejection-free this past week.

    On to week #6...

  16. Written:
    "Black Tooth/White Tooth" (350 word flash)

    "Black Tooth/White Tooth"
    "The Bright Walk"

    "Black Tooth/White Tooth" (Mud Luscious Online)
    "Mirrors" (One Buck Horror)

  17. Chris: You're making progress, sir; well done.

    Joe: Keep on keepin' on!

  18. I've fallen behind with this. :( I keep resubmitting what comes in though, I just really need to finish the story I have in progress, and revise a flash and get it out there. It's just that my novel is getting in the way. :P Priority = one thing, not five.

  19. Wrote four twitter fictions and kept working on revisions to a rejected story, but no subs.

  20. DMB: Understandable; can a priority be 2 things?

    AS: Progress is progress; well done.

  21. Woohoo! I made my first W1S1 sale. My week 2 story sold to Daily Science Fiction! Maybe there's hope for the rest of them. :)

    We won't discuss how the writing is coming along. No we won't.

  22. BIG congrats! Hall of Fame updated.

  23. I can't believe June is over. I'm three quarters of the way done with my story for this month. It's taking longer than expected. The good news is that "Tapestries of Betrayal," my May story, was accepted for Greek Myths Revisited, an anthology from Wicked East Press.

  24. I've been subbing more than I've been writing. I sent out 1 story in May and 1 in June. I'm in the midst of writing two new stories but I haven't finished either of them. However, I think July's going to be a good writing month!

    Congrats to everyone who's meeting this challenge!