Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Interview with K.C. Ball and Jude-Marie Green

"10Flash is a quarterly on-line magazine dedicated to genre flash fiction — science fiction, fantasy, horror, suspense, crime capers and slipstream. Each issue offers up ten flash fiction stories written around a common theme."

Today, we are honored to have editors K.C. Ball and Jude-Marie Green join us for an insightful interview.

W1S1:  First off, how would you describe your role(s) at 10Flash Quarterly?

Just now, it's a two-person operation. We both read each submission and meet online weekly to discuss newly submitted stories. We're approaching the point at which we may need to take on slush readers, but hope to put that off as long as possible. As far as the mechanics of publication, K.C. does most of that just now.

W1S1:  What are the top three things you look for in a story?

We look for clean writing, a clear strong voice and a fresh story idea. It doesn't take much slush reading to discover how often writers submit stories that involve the same old tropes – and think they've submitted something new and wonderful. We like humor, too, but it's difficult to do funny right.

W1S1:  Typically, what makes the difference between a story's acceptance or rejection?

Editors often say, “It didn't work for me.” All writers hear that; we have and we've both said it as an editor. It's frustrating because it intangible, there's no concrete element there to examine for a story fix. We want to have fun reading a story, to laugh out loud or say “Wow!” when we get to the end. If a reader starts jumping ahead in a piece of flash, it's a sure sign the story isn't working.

W1S1:  What fresh story ideas/themes/genres would you like to see submitted to 10Flash Quarterly this year?

We get a lot of fantasy and horror. I'd love to see more hard science fiction that isn't space marines (I'm not a big fan of military SF) and more suspense, particularly noir and crime-caper.

W1S1:  If you could change anything about the publishing industry today, what would it be?

The focus on established names, by publishers, editors and readers. We understand it's a money thing, but it makes it so difficult for a new voice to break through. It's one of the reasons K.C. started 10Flash. To give voice to fresh, new voices. We're starting to grow, to attract some name writers, but we hope to always have room for new voices in each issue.

W1S1:  Thanks, K.C. and Jude-Marie!

So for all you Write1Sub1ers who might have a story to submit, check out the 10Flash Quarterly submission guidelines here. If you'd like to see their most recent issue, go here.


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