Sunday, May 15, 2011

Write1Sub1 Week #19 Check In

The end of Week #19 is upon us!

How's it been for you? Have the words flowed like Dandelion Wine, or has Something Wicked gotten in the way? Here's your chance to tell everybody about it.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, shout it from the rooftops. Yahoo! If you've had something accepted/published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Hall Of Fame. But if stuff has gotten in the way of the writing and all your replies have been rejections, let us know that too so we can commiserate! We're all in this together.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them!


  1. Still nothing finished this week.

    I did get a rejection on /The Collections Agent/ on Monday. I resubbed and got a second rejection on Tuesday. :P

    Looking forward to polishing up some material this week and tapping new markets. :)

  2. My story, "Evie," was up at Every Day Fiction the other day. (I had to redo my blog post about it due to the Blogger problems.) That story was one of my W1S1 successes. :)

    I had an older story accepted at One Forty Fiction, comes out the end of the month or the next. :)

  3. Written :
    The Cat's Tale (SF, flash).
    Beneath a Sky of Leaves (poem)
    Beams (poem)

    Submitted :
    A Good Drying Day (Flash)
    Second War of the Worlds (SF, Twitter)

    Accepted :
    The Library at the Centre of the World (fantasy, short story) by FaePublishing.
    The Rose Glow of Dawn (haiku) by Three Line Poetry.

    Published :
    None. Nada. Zilch. Meh.

  4. Dancing the happy dance because my rewrite of "The Good Daughter" made the cut for Triangulation: Last Contact. I looove that series.

    I did sub one story this week. Two stories behind, but four in the queue for editing. I'll blame my lack of submission on the end of the school year. That works, right?

  5. The only writing I've managed to accomplish is the round of editing with one of my accepted stories. No new stories, no acceptances, no rejections, no submissions. Need to drag myself out of this quagmire. >.<

  6. Keep up the great work, everybody -- and that includes dragging oneself out of quagmire. =]

    This week's W1S1: "League of Suburban Heroes" (7K) to One Story -- kind of a unique market.

    Acceptance: 1 tweet tale to Cuento

    Still waiting on Shimmer regarding my Week9 story, currently under review by the "full board" -- whoever they are.

    Write on, y'alls.

  7. Bare minimum again this week: 12 line poem 'From the fourth floor, ears and eyes' written, submitted and accepted by Scribble Scatter for an eventual printed anthology.
    And after a bit of an altercation with a couple in my novel (they insisting on 800 words getting them almost into bed again!) I also managed another 5000 words of greater usefulness. Plus 500 words on Thinking Ten which may become a short story.

  8. The next couple of months are going to be so hectic that I planned to average 1/1 per week, rather than try to hold myself to a definite amount actually done per week. I didn't write or submit anything this week, but technically I knocked my May subs out last week and then some, and wrote 1 story, so I've 3 left to go this month. They may have to come in at the last minute when I have more time! Not ideal, but it'll keep me on track.

    Three rejections this week (none unexpected) and a little piece that went up at Cuento. Quiet, otherwise!

  9. Wrote and subbed a six sentence story to 6S, so I kept up this week, barely!

    One of my accepted twitter fictions was published at Cuento yesterday.

    Did a bit of editing on previous W1S1 stories, and finished a first draft of the novel in progress that's been "distracting" me :)

    Congrats on the acceptances, Madeline, Simon and Milo!

    Madeline, I read "Evie" on EDF - great job!

  10. I have a success to report this week! One of my stories for April, "Reading Time," has been accepted by Daily Science Fiction.

    Non-W1S1 success: One of my stories will appear in a new Just for Preteens anthology from Chicken Soup for the Soul.

    I wrote one story this week and submitted it on Friday. I'm kinda glad to have my obligation for the month done since I'm now immersed in novel edits again.

  11. I rewrote and subbed an older story from the trunk called "...And Other Significant Junkies", so as of now, that's my "Write 1" for the month, though I should have at least one more done before May comes to a close.

    Received a rejection from Fantasy Magazine for a pre-W1S1 story, "The Last Dragon Dancer", and with GRRM's next novel on it's way out, I think it might be time to change the title.

    Currently waiting to hear back on "My Ray Gun and Me", as well as a handful of other, non-W1S1 tales.

    No acceptances lately. Sigh.

  12. Well, Blogger just rejected my comment. Guess that puts me in my place!

    Congrats to A.G. (rejections are badges of honor), Madeline (great flash at EDF), Simon (Fae's a tough nut to crack), Aaron (dude!), Sparklecat (this is YOUR week), Milo (the man), Sandra (love complicates things, lust is even better), Shelley (great plan), A.S. (you kept up; that's the key), Beth C (Daily SF!), Joe (curse you GRRM! Actually, I'm glad to see it coming out, but your point is made).

  13. As for my own week:

    W1: "Nora's RV" (NOT a flash)

    S1: Short story to Fantasy Magazine (short rejection too); Flash to Smokelong.

    Accept: Flash by Caper Literary Journal; Flash by Journal of Compressed Creative Arts.

    Pub: "Sons and Fathers" at Caper Literary Journal.

  14. W1: "The Revolt of the Arms", a flash spin-off (sort of) of my WIP.

    S1: Flash fiction to Fantastique Unfettered.

  15. Whoo hoo! Keep going, everyone! Great work. You are all so impressive. :)

    (And thanks to all the comments/congrats re "Evie" - much appreciated.)