Sunday, May 8, 2011

Write1Sub1 Week #18 Check In

The end of Week #18 is upon us!

How's it been for you? Have the words flowed like Dandelion Wine, or has Something Wicked gotten in the way? Here's your chance to tell everybody about it.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, shout it from the rooftops. Yahoo! If you've had something accepted/published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Hall Of Fame. But if stuff has gotten in the way of the writing and all your replies have been rejections, let us know that too so we can commiserate! We're all in this together.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to read all about them!


  1. I am not exactly signed up to take part in this or anything, but I have written six stories this last week and Submitted two- waiting to hear back. :)

    To everyone participating I think its wonderful that you all are, and I hope the best for your writing!

  2. I wrote a 300-word flash fic yesterday, but otherwise novel edits are eating up all of my time.

    Also, a story I wrote pre-W1S1 is on today!

  3. As of May 2nd, I'd made 50 submissions for the year, which is huge for me. I brought that number up to 56 this week, which includes a submission to the Shock Totem flash fiction challenge. The story I wrote for that was my first of the month, so even though I thought I'd have to cram 4 stories into one or two weeks, I'm on track so far.

  4. What a story, Beth. I left a comment there.

  5. Well, I'm finally starting to write again. (Over the past three weeks I had a death in the family, major tornado event that left us without power for a week, and spent the last week helping clean up the tree that went over in our front yard. Yikes.)

    Haven't finished or subbed anything though. And no rejections.

    Maybe there will be more excitement this week. (Excitement on the writing front. Not sure I can handle anymore RL excitement.)

  6. This week's W1S1: "Pearls Before Swine" (10K) to Criminal Element, my longest story this year with the strongest love/hate relationship -- so I'm glad it's out of my hands for now.

    W1S1 Acceptances: two haiku sold to Scifaikuest, one haiku to Trapeze, and my Week#13 story "Mercer's Ghost" sold to Big Pulp.

    Keep up the great work, everybody!

  7. Still managing to keep my head above water!

    Written :
    Fantasy short story The War King's Last War (probably just a working title).

    Flash fiction story A Good Drying Day.

    Twitter stories Wildlife Conservation, Straight to Hull, Planting Plans and Second War of the Worlds.

    Submitted :
    Haiku The Rose Glow of Dawn, The Still Heat of Day and Dusk Gathers Shadows.

    Twitter stories Cycles, The Flamingo Dancer, Last Days of Summer, Wildlife Conservation, Straight to Hull, Second War of the Worlds and Keep Your Eyes Peeled.

    Accepted :
    The Flamingo Dancer and Straight to Hull by Seven by Twenty.

    Last Days of Summer by Cuento.

    The Number Six, 3rd place in Rebecca Emin's It's Only a Number flash fiction competition.

    (Non-W1S1) Their Song by Cuento.

    Published :
    The Number Six, 3rd place in Rebecca Emin's It's Only a Number flash fiction competition.

    The Grandfather Paradox by Trapeze.

  8. A small but perfectly-proportioned cup of dandelion wine with 'Portent' written/submitted/accepted and published in Pigeon Bikes '6 cups of coffee', plus
    6300 words of my novel in progress

  9. I've caught up on lots of projects this week, but not writing ones I'm afraid. :O)

  10. @AG: So sorry to hear about your loss and all the tornado trouble. Sounds like a very tough few weeks.

    As for me, I'm doing the monthly deal, so I don't feel too much pressure to get anything finished (or even started, really) yet, but I really don't have anything cooking on the short fiction front. I've been doing a lot of plotting for a novel, so I haven't been totally unproductive.

    Got a couple of rejections for microfiction, but I'm still waiting to hear back on six stories.

  11. @Summer - thanks so much and keep the strong work ethic. Hope you hear good news.

    @Beth - Novels will do that; be proud that you still managed a short, and congrats with your Every Day Fiction pub.

    @Shelley - That's what we're talking about! 50+ subs is excellent.

    @A.G. - my condolences. Come back to it at your own pace; life is a complication to be sure.\

    @Milo - Wow. And I haven't even run a 5K. I'll update the Halls of Glory.

    @Simon - Keep this up and we'll have to start a separate page for you. Amazing.

    @Sandra - Now that's efficient. Congratulations.

    @Madeleine - Well, I guess that's what the coming week is for?

  12. I'm a bit behind on writing, but for a good reason. My little romance tale got accepted by Breathless Press! They wanted me to add a scene to it, so that's what I've been working on. Will get back on track right quick, though.

  13. @Joe - Good luck with the novel, but don't forget to whip up a short course too. You'll be glad you did.

    As for myself, I kept my chin above water at least.

    W1: "My Final Breath" (flash); "The Tryst" (flash)

    S1: Short story to Daily Science Fiction

    Accept: Flash by flashquake

    Published: Nada ting.

  14. I entered a flash into the Shock Totem monthly contests, taking care of half my Ray Lite stories for the month.

    On the other hand, I have two that I'm probably going to send out in the next week or two.

  15. I also wrote a story for the Shock Totem flash contest. I'm pleased with this story, and excited to read work by many fellow W1S1'ers when the entries are posted in coming days.

    No sales or publications to report this week.

  16. Wrote a 300-wordish story today ("Your Little Black Book:") that I'm not the happiest with, but that at least keeps me batting 1000 for getting my weekly stories in.

    I also submitted a story to AGNI.

  17. Wrote three twitter length stories, worked on a few revisions, but no subs.

    I've been plowing through the final scenes of my novel-in-progress, and not wanting to switch gears. Hoping to finish it this coming week, and get back to subbing!

  18. This week I wrote one poem and two short stories.
    I got one rejection for the poem I sent in last week and submitted one story. I also received in the mail Blink Ink #6 in which I have a micro story (50 words or less)

  19. Got three stories written this week, two of them were even coherent. Started a fourth and outlined a fifth. Submitted one of the coherent ones today! So much editing to do this week. :)

  20. @Sparklecat - Great news. Congratulations. Adding scenes at editorial request ought to count double ;-)

    @MattJ - Excellent. I really wanted to take part in that too. Too danged busy reading slush this month, but next, I hope.

    @alexshvartsman - Great W1S1 minds think alike. Now I'm really miffed I didn't get a story to subbed there too.

    @Andrew Kozma - sometimes that's what it takes. Once you start down the slippery slide of opting out one week, it's too easy to opt out every week. Good job.

    @A. S. Andrews - Understandable, and you did at least get some shorts finished. Sub two this week.

    @spacedlaw - very nice output. I'll bet that was a fun package to open.

  21. This is week #1 for me, since I was late in finding you. I subbed 1 today and will finish writing my 1 tomorrow.

  22. @M Lori Welcome aboard.