Sunday, April 24, 2011

Write1Sub1 Week #16 Check In

The end of Week #16 dawneth! Has it been a week of heroes or of villains? Let us all know so we can either cheer or commiserate.

Have you managed to write and submit a story or have supernatural forces conspired to hold you back? If you've had something accepted/published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Hall Of Fame.

Successes, failures, ideas, questions, ambitions : we want to read all about them!


  1. It's mainly been a week of working on longer fiction for me, but I'm managing to keep up on the W1S1 front too :

    Written :
    One fantasy flash, two Twitter stories and a haiku.

    Submitted :
    Three Twitter stories submitted.

    Accepted :
    One Twitter story accepted by 7x20.

  2. I'm a wee bit behind on my monthlyx2 plan. Just finished the first story for the month yesterday. So i've got 5 days to write another one.

    My 2 sub stories for the month are ready to go, but i have specific markets i want to send them to first, and i've already got other stories out at them, so am holding off for now. If i'm still getting crickets from those markets at month-end, i'll send them somewhere else.

    Also, i sold my first W1S1 story for the year! Bards and Sages Quarterly have bought 'Clinohumite,' which is so far the only piece of flash i've written for the challenge. :)

  3. Write1/Sub1: A frustrating week, but I managed to finish "Emily and the Bruiser", and by the time I sent it off to Best Fiction, I was happy with it.

    W1S1 Acceptances: 1 haiku to Trapeze, 2 haiku to Seven by Twenty, and my Week6 story "Grandpa's Bluetooth" to Liquid Imagination.

    Write on, y'alls -- and Happy Easter!

  4. I just joined W1S1 this month. I have two stories subbed out and a few in the works.

    Hopefully I'll have managed to sub out 12 by the end of the year.

  5. Didn't get much done this week. Forces beyond my control conspired to prevent my normal end-of-the-week writing binge.

    I did start edits on a short from last month (The Dragonwife). And I received a rejection on a piece of Twit Fic (Bugs) from One-Forty Fiction.

    Once again hoping this next week will be more successful. :)

  6. I did write my first sub 1, write 1 story. sadly, it still needs editing.

  7. W1: "God Drives" (flash); "Lampshades" (flash); "When the Aliens Come" (flash).

    S1: This has been a problem lately. I have tons of material, but most of it needs some editing/polish before I send it out. I did manage a short story to Liquid Imagination, but I don't feel it's a great fit. (Congrats on your sale to them, Milo - another excellent writer in my lit group also sold them something this week :-)

    Accepts: Flash to Cafe Irreal.

    Published: "Simply Salazar" at Fiction Collective

    I continue to be impressed with the output here. I'm hoping my second wind kicks in soon.

  8. I finished a longer story this week, but subbed nothing. In fact, I might have to bow out of #write1sub1 due to "unforeseen circumstances".

    More later...

  9. I'm doing the Light Ray (which makes it sound like a dance) but I wrote and submitted two stories this month.

    I haven't been mentioning my poetry on here at all but I had this good news a few weeks ago: my poem "West on Highway 198" was accepted by the Christian Science Monitor. I wrote that poem in February.

  10. Samuel,

    Great stuff! Many congratulations.

  11. Great stuff Milo - impressive as ever!

  12. Wow, every week lots of acceptances. Well done, and well done to me: a haibun (that's a mixture of prose and haiku) accepted by Hungur and, hot off the press-- a reprint tweet accepted by the 7x20 anthology.

  13. Lydia,

    Great to have you on board. Best of luck with those subs.

  14. A.G. - yep, I know how you feel! But best of luck for next week.

  15. Sonia,

    Best of luck with the editing!

  16. Stephen,

    Sounds to me like you're flying. Congrats on all that.

  17. Congrats on all the acceptances!

    I wrote and subbed 2 hint fictions this week.

  18. This week I wrote an 800 word short ("Forgotten") and submitted it to 10Flash.

    Also, working on a new novel. Eventually, that might overtake my effort to keep up with Write 1 Sub 1.

  19. Wrote a couple of poems, submitted one got it rejected almost instantly but I received an acceptance letter for one I had submitted a few weeks ago at The Fibs Review. Overall not a bad week, then. Happy chocolate weekend!

  20. Total and complete failure this week: I made the mistake of starting to play Fable III. I love video games, but I hate the fact that time disappears in freakishly rapid ways when you play them. They're worse than drugs.

    The good news is that I finished it today, so I can finally rejoin the living. :)

  21. I finally failed. It was manic at work last week because of Easter and I was just too tired to write anything. However, my piece of flash fiction from week 15 did get published.

    Must do better this week!

    The Big Imagination

  22. Aaron,

    It would be a great shame to see you go - but it's been good to have you with us this far if you do need to.

  23. Beth,

    Great stuff and many congrats on the poem.

  24. Deborah,

    And well done to you too! Haibun sound intriguing : that's a new one on me. The Hungur anthology is most interesting too!

  25. A.S. Andrews,

    Thanks. Congrats to you too!

  26. Andrew,

    Good luck with Forgotten. And I quite understand about the novel - am desperately editing my own right now too!

  27. spacedlaw,

    Yay, congrats on the poem! Have a great chocolate weekend yourself.

  28. Sparklecat,

    I know how you feel. I'm currently playing through DragonQuest IX on the DS - a definite time-vampire!

  29. Ellie,

    Ah well! Holiday times are really difficult I find. Hope you get back on the horse next week!

  30. Short short week but sweet enough: 4800 words on Bridie 5,now up to 73K and 'If there had been magic' accepted by Russell for the Camel Saloon.

  31. For Light Ray - I have my first W1S1 acceptance! It's a flash piece called "The Hoarder's Wife" and Boston Literary will publish it in their summer issue. (

    I also have a previous/non-W1S1 story called "Absolution" up at One Forty Fiction.


  32. Oh, and I have another W1S1 acceptance! This one to My story, "Evie," will probably come out some time in the next couple of months. (This story actually won Honorable Mention in a contest over at Flash Fiction Chronicles.) :)

  33. Last week was the biggest week of the year for our family, and no writing/subbing possible. And after last week, this week is serious down time! As for the upcoming time-- I am going to be traveling in both May and in June, so I've decided I'm going to swap over to the monthly goals instead of weekly. For the month of May, I hope to finally finish story #2 and continue work on story # 3

    keep up the good work, everyone, and congrats to all who have reached their goals and especially those who had work accepted!

  34. I've been struggling because of the day job, but I'm getting stuff done. I posted my update on the witchy witchy post - I've been writing, revising, and REsubmitting the rejections that come in, but I haven't gotten anything new out the door. This month should help with that - 5/07 Parsec Short Story contest deadline, and the 5/13 Sword and Sorceress deadline.

    And of course: there's May Story a Day and the simple fact that May is REALLY spring and I do so love spring. :)