Sunday, April 10, 2011

Write1Sub1 Week #14 Check In

The end of Week #14 is nigh! Has it been a week of shooting stars or have black holes sucked you in? Let us all know so we can cheer or commiserate as appropriate.

Have you managed to write and submit a story or have unseen forces conspired to hold you back? If you've had something accepted/published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Hall Of Fame.

Successes, failures, ideas, questions, ambitions : we want to read all about them!


  1. A longer piece of fantasy short fiction - Three Miraculous Homunculi - has kept me busy this week. But Twitter fiction has come to my rescue! Again!

    Written :
    Three Twitter-length stories written : Written in the Stars, Masterwork and Distant Bells.

    Submitted :
    SF flash story wolF emiT from last week revised and submitted.

    Published :
    Twitter tale Time Dilation from week #3 published by Trapeze.

  2. Usual progress with T10 pieces - 2 stories in progress there - and a net of 600 words with Bridie 5 - much essential pruning. 7 poems written for Jo Prescott's National Poetry week - all posted so if this counts I'm well ahead! But anyway, 'Tomb' (12 lines) written & accepted by Scribble Scatter and 'What's in a name' (13 lines) ditto by Pigeon Bike - both for print publications, and another 5 line poem submitted to Pigeon Bike.

  3. I wondered if it was a comment on my work that the word verification for the above comment was 'drosse'

  4. Slow week for me, I'm afraid.

    W1: "Paint the Black" (flash)

    S1: flash to Divine Dirt Quarterly; flash to Smokelong Quarterly; flash to Rem Magazine.

    Accept: Nothing

    Pub: Nothing

  5. Keep up the good work, everybody!

    This week, I wrote/subbed "Won't You Stay for Dinner?" for the Aeon Press horror anthology + some haiku for The Heron's Nest & Scifaikuest.

    Sold my Week11 story "El Diablo de Paseo Grande" to Arcane Magazine; at 5K, it's my first short story acceptance of the year, and I'm stoked about it.

  6. The A to Z Challenge started on the 1st April, so a quiet week for me:

    Wrote a short story called Johnny Walker Eyes and re-submitted Last Ranch On The West.

    I'm holiday next week so hoping to be a bit more productive!

  7. I wrote my story for the month on the 1st; it was an idea I'd nursed in my head for a few weeks, so I was just waiting for April. I've edited, but still haven't sent it out because I've been doing novel edits.

  8. Twitter fiction saved me for subs this week - wrote and subbed one last night!

    A flash piece I started earlier in the week morphed into a poem. Still trying to figure out where to send it. I started a second story, but it needs work.

    Two acceptances to report - my twitter story "Man-Made" was accepted by One Forty Fiction, and published last week, and a second twitter story was accepted by Cuento for publication in May.

    Also, three of my previously accepted twitter stories were published last week - two at Cuento and one at trapeze.

  9. I have had a fortnight of priority re-alignment! I had got myself to a stage when every spare moment was sucked into twitter, my blog, everyone else's blogs, writing twitter fiction and haiku.
    What I was NOT doing was (in no particular order):
    - working on my WIP
    - spending time with the family
    - doing anything on the ever growing to do list
    - reading
    - personal study

    So I had to come up for air and lay aside my W1S1 for a couple of weeks (as well as my blogging) and mend some fences (actually I meant that literally - the new fence looks really good).

    Sooooo ... no writing at all for the second week running, and hence no subs. HOWEVER Scifaikuest accepted my scifaiku "Death at the Speed of Light" for publication in their Print magazine in November.

    Hopefully I will be able to re-establish a more balanced home time soon, including an evening a week on my W1S1. I'll see how it goes, but I might have to downgrade to Ray Light.

  10. Sandra,

    Great week! Yep, they all count. I'll update your Hall of Fame entry.

  11. Stephen,

    Stick at it; next week will go much better, I'm sure.


    Fantastic news! Many congrats.

  12. Milo,

    PS. Arcane : cool market! Sandy Petersen no less!

  13. Ellie,

    Best of luck with it all!

  14. Beth C,

    Best of luck with both.

  15. A. S. Andrew,

    Great stuff! Twitter saved you too!

  16. Dom,

    Well done for getting your priorities straight. It's all to easy to get the balance wrong isn't it? Congrats on what you did achieve and I'm sure it's a lovely fence!

  17. Finished a 5000-word story "Dead Elves" (my longest Write 1 Sub 1 so far) and submitted to Lightspeed and others (and already received my negative from Lightspeed).

    In other news, I had a story I submitted late last year accepted by the Blue Mesa Review. They've recently switched to having an on-line issue in the fall and a print one in the spring. My story "Mile-High Bridge" is scheduled for this fall.

  18. Spent most of the week working on a novella for a competition and hammering out script pages for Script Frenzy. It was productive but I didn't finish or sub anything.

    I did get a rejection on an older story (The Hardest Kiss) and it's clear it needs a complete rewrite. >_<

    Hoping this week will get me further along.

  19. A good week after slacking two weeks ago (bad me). I subbed three stories ("Full Count", "Turning of the Third Knife", and "Lulu Learns the Stitch).

    Eschatology ("A Journal of Lovecraftian and Apocalyptic Fiction") accepted "Full Count" (a flash story) this afternoon, making my third acceptance of a Write 1/Sub 1 story.

    I have one story to edit and several ideas to play with for next week. Best of all--I'm "caught up" with my 52 stories/52 weeks goal!

  20. I started late, so this is the end of week 4 for me. No new story this past week. A little niggling at story #2 and story #3, and with just a touch more input from a beta-reader, story #1 will be ready to go out. Could be I'm more suited to the monthly challenge, but aiming high got me further than I would have done without it. Have a good week, all!

  21. I will be really tied up wtih family events upto July, may be in the month of August I may want to submit one. I have several stories with several issues in my head.

  22. I'm behind as usual. I started a story that ended up over 9,000 words, so that took a week longer than I expected. I'm in the middle of revising it now. But I got an acceptance from Wicked East Press for my Japanese fairy tale in their "Twisted Fairy Tales" anthology! Yay!

  23. Congratulations to everybody!

    I wrote a 1,600 word story that I'd meant to max out at 1,000 words. Ah well, cutting is easier than adding (for me).

    I made a couple of submissions, and a flash went up at The Eye of the Needle (The Camel Saloon) today, one I'd already reported here at the end of the month.

    No new W1S1 acceptances, but had my 7th overall acceptance of the year this week, an older flash accepted at Defenestration for publication on the 20th.

  24. After falling behind in the last couple of weeks, I've been very productive in early April. I revised a 4000-word SF story "A Better Tomorrow" (though, as per beta reader feedback, it's still not ready. Going to do another revision next week). Wrote a brand new 1000-word flash piece "Those Who Can't Do" and completed the first draft of a 5000 word urban fantasy "A Shard Glows In Brooklyn". I wonder if the editors will reject it for the pun title alone :)

    Didn't submit anything this week, but I hope to get all three stories polished and out on submission next week.

  25. Andrew,

    Best of luck with the submissions and congrats on the success.

  26. A. G. Carpenter,

    Sounds very productive anyway. Good luck for the next week.

  27. Aaron,

    Yay, great news. Congrats. I'll update the Halls of Fame.

  28. Donna,

    Great stuff : it's good to aim high!

  29. Munir,

    Best of luck with the ideas!

  30. Sparklecat,

    Yay indeed! Great news.

  31. Shelley,

    Impressively prolific. Congrats on the successes!

  32. Alex,

    Best of luck with all those. If it's any help I don't get the pun!

  33. I'm tending to my flowers, pruning the extra words, helping the seeds turn to blossoms. Hopefully, they're put forth fruit soon!

  34. @Simon: Thanks! And it's based off of "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn," a famous novel set in the borough. :)

  35. I submitted two pen portraits (100 words each) this month so far. :O)