Sunday, April 3, 2011

Write1Sub1 Week #13 Check In

The end of Week #13 is nigh! Has it been unlucky 13 or a week of triumphs? Let us all know so we can cheer or commiserate as appropriate.

Have you managed to write and submit a story or have elemental forces conspired to hold you back? If you've had something accepted/published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Hall Of Fame.

Successes, failures, ideas, questions, ambitions : we want to read all about them!


  1. Various pieces of longer fiction have been taking up most of my time this week, but Write1Sub1 has kept me on the straight and narrow as regards shorter fiction too :

    Fantasy short story The Standing Stones of Erelong from last week revised and submitted.

    Science Fiction flash story wolF emiT written. This is a development of a Twitter story of the same name published in Trapeze back in February. After mulling it over for a few months I decided the idea could be expanded into a longer story. I think it works. To be revised and (hopefully) submitted next week ...

  2. Phew - feels like a moderately successful week despite failing miserably with Script Frenzy (out of my depth I fear!)
    Three acceptances: two from Scribble Scatter for a forthcoming print of words & photographs ('Venice' and 'Rain water') and 'Silhouetted pigeon' for Pigeon Bike.
    I've written another 6000 words for 'Bridie 5', and the beginning of a short story ('Past' - 860 words so far)has emerged from posts on Thinking Ten.

  3. Great work Sandra - I'll update your HOF entry.

  4. Intersting week for me - I doubled the word length on Last Ranch On The West and then submitted it. Yesterday it was rejected. However, the editor really like it and said it was only rejected because she already had too many vampire stories. Lesson learned - never leave it to the last minute to submit!

  5. I might have fallen off the wagon, but I'm sprinting to keep up. One sub out this week ("Penance" to Chizine) and two stories written. If I can revise and sub both this week, I'll be on track. For how long?

    For how long?

  6. Ellie,

    You got the piece finished anyway - I'm sure it will gind a home.


    Good luck! Great to have you on the wagon.

  7. A productive week for me, overall: "Mercer's Ghost" (5K) to Pill Hill Press; started "Please Stay for Dinner" (2.5K).

    W1S1 acceptances: 1 tweet-tale to Trapeze, 1 haiku to Trapeze, 1 tweet-tale to Seedpod

    Non-W1S1 good news: my submission to Andromeda Spaceways has levelled up to the second round of readings. =]

  8. Sorry I haven't checked in in a while I have been very busy.
    Submissions Accepted:
    Trapeze Magazine March 15th The Flame
    Trapeze Magazine April 2nd Dog
    Scribble Scatter,Sunday Snaps 32,Haiku - Moonglow

    Submissions rejected or awaiting:

    I wrote a one act play called My heart and submitted it to Playscripts , it will most likely take a few months to hear back from them.

    I also submitted a story in to Lightspeed named Let Her Go by it was not what the editor was looking for , oh well better luck elsewhere.

    I submitted a flash prose into The Glass Coin called Who are you and haven't hear any thing back yet so keep your fingers crossed.

    I submitted a flash poem into Foldedword called Bewitched also still awaiting a response.

    So that's me writing , writing and writing.
    Write On!

  9. Way to go Milo! Good luck on the Andromeda sub.

  10. Cancerous Lupus,

    Great to have you back. Good luck with all those subs. I'll update the Hall of Fame for your successes. Congratulations!

  11. Due to anthology deadlines, I had another insane two story week - which I somehow pulled off. I think I might do more revision than drafting next week, but, then again, I seem to get drawn into mad sprints whether I want to or not, so we shall see.

  12. Nathaniel,

    Sounds scary but very productive! Congrats.

  13. As usual, wrote a story: 850-word "The Weather Outside".

    Also as usual, submitted a story, this time to Basement Stories.

    Also (sort of) as usual, am still waiting to hear on most of my submissions.

    This week I'm trying to finish a longer story (somewhere in the 4K to 5K range) though I might end up writing another flash. Three I've written so far are about the end of the world, so I might try to make a series out of them.

  14. I took it very easy this week, but technically fulfulled the requirement. After my submission madness in March, I wrote two micro-shorts this week and submitted them both. Feels like cheating, but I've had a few 2 story weeks, so I figure it evens out.

    I also had 2 more W1S1 acceptances this week, a week 10 micro-short to Cuento and a week 12 flash to The Camel Saloon.

    Congrats to everyone still chugging along!

  15. Chugging along.

    W1: "Strange Days" (dialogue only flash); "Plunge" (flash); "God's Neon" (flash); "Leaving the Garden" (flash).

    S1: 5 Subs to 3 Magazine/Journals.

    Accepts: Flash to State of Imagination; Flash to Pure Slush (for June); Flash to Postcard Shorts;

    Pubs: "An Afterlife" at State of Imagination; "Valentine Day" at Postcard Shorts

  16. This week, I wrote a story and a couple of poems. I submitted nothing but I have one poem published in the "In Space No One Can Hear You Scream" anthology from Little Poe Thing and a story in the "Historical Cthulhu" anthology by The Innsmouth Free Press. Also I was offered the possibility of publishing a poem sold to Everyday Poets in their anthology.

    I am not sure how the writing will go next week as I going away to my parents. If I write anything it will probably be in French and I'd have no idea about markets.

  17. Andrew,

    Yep, sometimes writing means a lot of waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting. I share your pain. Best advice I can think of is just to do what you're doing : keep on writing and submitting.

  18. Shelley,

    Great stuff : it all balances out I'm sure. And many congratulations : I'll update the Halls of Fame.

  19. three acceptances from Scifaikeust and one from Postcard Shorts (published within 24 hours of subbing -- go Postcards).

    Hey, Spacelawd, did you say that the 'In Space No One Can Hear You Scream?" Has been published. Cool, we must be TOC buddies.

  20. Stephen,

    Your output is impressive as ever. Wow. One day I hope to be you.

  21. spacedlaw,

    Great stuff and congratulations on those successes. Bon voyage!

  22. Managed to finally finish a new piece at the end of the month (03/30) and submitted it 03/31.
    So I made my Light Ray write1sub1 monthly goal, but broke my write2sub2 streak.

  23. Wrote 3 twitter fictions, and a rough flash piece, but I think the flash wants to be longer, so I'll keep working on it.

    Subbed 2 twitter fictions, and a revised flash from week 5.

    No responses this week, waiting, waiting!

  24. Postcard Shorts accepted my flash story "Caged at the Carnival." It's posted!

  25. cleaned up the penultimate draft of the week 11 story, added a bit to week 12 story, started week 13 story. Could be I ought to switch to the monthly challenge, but we'll see how next week goes-- when week 11 story comes back from betareaders, it goes out to market. Also I have revisions to do to a requested poem for ChiZine.

  26. A bit slower this week.

    Wrote, edited and subbed: The Collections Agent
    Also started what seems to be a novella with mammoths in a steampunk world.

    Got two rejections: Dumped (Twit Fic) and Pixie Dust. Resubbed Pixie Dust.

    Hoping to stay on track this week but Script Frenzy started on Friday so my writing time grows ever shorter. (At least 'til the end of the month.)

  27. Deborah,

    Great stuff : you're flying!

  28. Tiffany,

    Congrats - hope the scheme is helping you.

  29. A. S. Andrews,

    You and me both! Best of luck.

  30. svanfow,

    Fantastic - many congratulations!

  31. Donna,

    Best of luck with all those.

  32. A. G. Carpenter,

    Mammoths sound like a lot of fun! Best of luck with all those.

  33. 2 shorts written and 7 submissions! (one of those contained one flash and two haiku's)

  34. This month is yet another wash out for me, I'm hoping to get back on track soon, thugh :O)

  35. Sylvia,

    Seven submissions is fantastic - congratulations.


    Onwards and upwards! Hopefully April will be better for you ...

  36. Congratulations everyone.

    Slow week here. Other things are still eating up my writing time. I had a couple of rejections from Weird Tales and Asimov's. Managed to get a submission out to ChiZine and another short piece written.

  37. Well, I wrote the worst Alien Tang story ever, which I promptly named Another Bad Tang Story. And so Write 1, Trunk 1 begins...

    Did have a sale, but not a W1S1 story. :)

  38. Eric,

    Story of my life. But congrats on still getting things out there.

  39. NicoleMD,

    Well, congratulations on the sale anyway!