Saturday, April 30, 2011

Write1Sub1 Month #4 Check In

The end of Month #4 is here! If you're taking part in the "Light Ray" monthly challenge, here's your chance to share with us all how it's gone.

Have you managed to write the story you intended? Have the angels whispered golden words in your ear or have demons conspired against you? Let us all know so we can cheer or commiserate as appropriate. And if you've had something accepted/published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Hall Of Fame.

Successes, failures, ideas, questions, ambitions : we want to read all about them!


  1. Woot! I'm finally back on the boat. I missed Feb and March, but managed to submit 2 flash pieces this month (one drabble-exactly 100 words, one at 995 words). Now I'm waiting on those and working on something new for May.

    Thanks for the challenge!

  2. Great to have you back, Charity! Best of luck.

  3. Well, i've just finished my second write story for the month (though it's technically May here, i wrote three-quarters of it in the last two days of April, so i'm a-gonna count it as an April story). So, that means that i just scraped in for the month. Two written, two subbed.


  4. I'm done and working on next month. I successfully transitioned from Crazy Ray to Ray Lite.

  5. Congrats guys - great to have you along!

  6. It's been a MAD week and it is a MADDER still weekend.
    I wrote one poem and submitted a story.


    My poetry chapbook "On Cloud 285" is available for pre-order from Folded World AND you can also read my poem "Landscape with Empty Eyes" The Fib Review or read a fairy tale of mine "Of Snowflakes and Owls" at The Sleep Club, or read the six sentences story "Vaisseau Fantôme" at The 6S Social Network

    Have a good labour day!

  7. I'm keeping up so far. I managed to write/send two new stories for April and I'm waiting to hear on many others in circulation.

    My big W1S1 success so far: a poem accepted by the Christian Science Monitor.

    My non-W1S1 success: My story "A Dance to End Our Final Day" will be published at Every Day Fiction on May 8th. I'm thrilled it's their Mother's Day story.

  8. Great news, everyone! :)

    Beth - congrats on your story to EDF! Mine will follow a few days later on the 12th. Looking forward to reading yours. :)

  9. Checking in as I'm still playing although I'm still a bit off-target. I'm pleased anyway as I'm writing tons more due to the program and actually submitting things. If things go well in May, I think I may end up back on course :)

  10. Success! Wrote and submitted two flash pieces very early in the month. Worked on a longer piece that still has a missing link so not quite 'finished' and started another. And I subbed like mad this month-new pieces, older pieces, super old pieces, short stories, flash, hint fiction, poetry...
    Total number of submissions in April: 38 (19 poem or hint fiction subs, 19 flash or short story subs).

  11. I've decided, for reasons that will become clear on my Wednesday blog post, to switch from the weekly to monthly challenge. I hope that is okay, and in theory it means I didn't fail during April. Or is that cheating a little?

    Also, I forgot to mention I had another piece of flash fiction published last week at Postcard Shorts.

  12. As usual I am late in posting. I sent in a short story under the wire on April 30th! Also, 3 of my poems I submitted in March will be published in the Spring edition of "Holler."

  13. Another month, another story. I completed a story earlier this month and sent it out. I have a new one in the works. I had plenty of good news this month. My story for February ("Why the Squonk Weeps") was accepted by Digital Dragon and Mindflights, after a round of rewrites, accepted "The Hand with the Knife," a story I initially submitted way back in November. May is going to be a busy month. The deadline for the story I'm writing now is in June and I want to enter a story for an anthology with a May 31 deadline.