Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Write1Sub1 Interactive Story Time!

For a bit of fun, we thought we'd kick off a collaborative story for this week's post - and see what happens. The idea is that we provide the opening sentence of a story and anyone else can then write the next sentence by posting it as a comment. And so forth.

It could be brilliant; it could be a disaster. Only one way to find out ...

Rules : You must be a Write1Sub1 follower to contribute. You can post as many sentences as you wish. There is no editorial control so please, nothing offensive.

OK, here's the first sentence. Take it where you will :

Half-way to the ground, Jenny began to have second thoughts about the whole thing.


  1. Gravity is a notorious bitch and silk knickers might not be the appropriate parachute she had first imagined. Regardless of the size or colour.

  2. As the alien landscape rushed up to meet her, she had the strange feeling something was awaiting her arrival and it wasn't human.

  3. And she could tell it wasn't animal or vegetable either, by the way the light of the twin suns gleamed from its polished surface.

  4. Damn, who would have guessed that's what Mercury was made of in this timeline? Someone up there had a penchant for elaborate double bluffs.

  5. She just hoped it was soft as she plummeted into its embrace.

  6. She remembered she had a brand new 27-Delta series jet-pack strapped to her back--- why didn't she think of it before?