Sunday, March 13, 2011

Write1Sub1 Week #10 Check In

The end of Week #10 is upon us!  

How's it been for you? Have the words flowed Quicker than the Eye, or has A Sound of Thunder gotten in the way? Here's your chance to tell everybody about it.

If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, shout it from the rooftops. Yahoo!  If you've had something accepted/published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Hall Of Fame. But if stuff has gotten in the way of the writing and all your replies have been rejections, let us know that too so we can commiserate! We're all in this together.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams: we want to hear about them!


  1. "Players of the Nuclear Theremin" (10,000 words)

    I enjoyed writing this story of one explorer's galaxy-spanning career and her struggle against trouble back on Earth.

  2. Pretty good week :

    Fantasy short story The Library at the Centre of the World written - to be edited and submitted next week.

    SF thriller Malware from week #9 simmered down to 7,500 words and submitted.

    Twitter story Pounce written and submitted to PicFic.

    One acceptance : 5x5 piece Bonemeal from week #4 published by 5x5 Fiction.

  3. Subbed a flash piece, "What Julie's Dad Doesn't Know," earlier this week.

    Plugging away at a 15K novella...thankfully I have something in the bin to edit and send out next week.

    Keep On truckin'

  4. David: Good work; wow - 10K? Nice!

    Simon: Well done, sir; added to the Hall of Fame.

    Aaron: Keep on pluggin'.

    This week, I started a weird western for the Pill Hill Press anthology (How the West Was Wicked) but decided I'd need another week to finish it; so I wrote a flash "Charley vs. RealiTV" and sent it to Electric Spec.

    W1S1 miniscule successes: 1 haiku sold to Scifaikuest and 1 piece of microfiction accepted by Paragraph Planet.

  5. Finally wrote some flash fiction! 500 words done one Wednesday night about a clockwork butterfly. And submitted it. Still have a couple previous stories I need to clean up and submit. Maybe I'll work on those today.

  6. Rubbish week for me due to a computer virus and migraine. I wrote and submitted one flash fiction piece. However, I have had a piece submitted in week 7 accepted for Pill Hill Press's Daily Frights 2012 anthology!

  7. Wrote a 300 word story "The War of the Theorists" that's more fictional non-fiction than straight fiction.

    Submitted a number of things a number of places, but no positives.

  8. Rough week for me too. Been packing for a big move at the end of the month and spent several hours on the phone trying to make sure I'd have someplace to be when we get there.

    Did manage to get a piece of flash written and submitted Saturday night with two hours to spare.

    Congrats on the acceptances Simon, Milo and Ellie.

  9. Wrote 3 twitter fictions, subbed 4 twitter fictions.

    Had 2 accepted by trapeze for publication in July, and 2 accepted by Cuento for publication in April.

    I keep hoping to write and revise some longer pieces, but I've been in the midst of revising a poetry portfolio that's due soon for a class!

    Congrats Simon, Milo and Ellie!!

  10. Not doing so good. I'm way behind, but I'm not giving up!

  11. This is my first week of the challenge (just joining up). I finished and revised the hell out of "The Being Below." Started at 3,000 words, went to 4,000, and now back down again without taking out the additions. I'm going to send it off tonight or tomorrow and get working on the second story.

  12. good for you Simon, I didn't even get an acknowledgement of my 5x5 piece :(
    not a good writing week this week - away on business in Poland with an average of 20mins per day to myself...

  13. Wrote one piece of flash (Insomnia).

    Edited and subbed a piece of flash (Apology) to EverydayFiction.

    Got two rejections: one for the steampunk short I wrote in February (The Vampire's Ward) and one for an older piece that's still making the rounds (The Weather's Always Fine in Paradise).

    Still working on a short story (The Dragonwife) and editing/revising three others (Willa Arch and the King Errant, Ice, Tearing Down These Walls) that I hope to sub next week.

  14. Nice surprise this week. One Forty Fiction published my Twitter Fiction piece "Last Again" on 3/7. Wrote and submitted some more microfiction today.

  15. Nicole: Nice!

    Ellie: Way to balance things out; added to our Hall of Fame.

    Andrew: The submissions themselves are positives; well done.

    Eric: All things considered, most impressive.

    A.S.: Smokin'! - added to our Hall of Fame.

    Sparklecat: Never give up; never surrender.

    Nathaniel: Welcome; you're off to a great start.

    JK: Here's to a better week in the near future.

    A.G.: Busy, busy; awesomeness.

    Svan: Excellent! - added to the Hall of Fame; keep up the good work.

  16. I spent a lot of time reading Triangulation slush this week, but managed to keep up marginally, at least.

    W1: "Sons and Fathers" (flash); "Rapture" (flash)
    S1: Flash to Silverthought Online; flash to flashquake; flash to Defenestration; flash to Fiction Collective; twitter to Nanoism

    Accept: Fiction Collective accepted my flash (for April 12).

    Pub: twitter at trapeze

  17. Steve, you are the flash-master; Hall of Fame updated!

  18. Wrote and subbed one twitter fiction to Cuento

    I thought Trapeze had rejected one of my Week 8 subs, but it turns out it had just slipped through the cracks. Jessica has now accepted it for publication on July 5th.

    It's been an incredibly hectic week this week. It's a minor miracle I got anything subbed at all! I'm very impressed by all the writing, subbing and acceptances going on up there!

  19. Slow week for me. Wrote a humorous flash "The Getaway" - trying to figure out where to submit it to now but will submit in the next day or two. A couple of rejections this week (form from Enchanted Conversation and a nice personal one from Abyss&Apex) and nothing else to report.

  20. Thanks Milo. My wife says something very similar. It's up to you to decipher to which part of your comment I refer. I love your paragraphs at P. Planet, by the way. It's good to see your work being published more and more regularly.

    Lots of folks are getting work out there as a result of this challenge. Let's keep pushing, gang. Setbacks only make us stronger. We eat rejection for breakfast. Persperistence!

  21. Polished up a story I had written last week and sent it off for submission.
    I had one twit-story published (@picfic)

  22. Tweet and poetry subbage this week. And hot off the press -- two tweets accepted by Cuento.

  23. Congrats to everyone, and hang in there for those having a hard time.

    I had two full-length stories planned for this week, but didn't finish either. I did write 4 micro-pieces and a flash story, and got them all submitted along with 5 other pieces. I also worked out a problem with one of my week 6 stories and figured out how to fix it. So not what I planned, but still chugging along and happy with what's happening.

  24. Two acceptances this week - 'Cross hatched' for Camel Saloon tribute to Russian poet Bella Akhmadulina and 'Circled silence' for a forthcoming book of photographs + works by Scribble Scatter; one rejection from Pigeon Bike for 'Katrina +5'.
    6550 words for Bridie 5 and four Thinking Ten pieces which continue a longer story, eventually to be polished into something submissable.

  25. Dominic: Good news; Hall of Fame updated.

    Alex: Those personal ones are to be treasured.


    Spaced: Nice; Hall of Fame updated.

    Deborah: Bueno! -- Hall of Fame updated.

    Shelley: Sounds like a good amount of progress to me.

  26. Sandra: Nicely done; Hall of Fame updated.

  27. I love seeing how well everyone is doing - and by that I don't mean only getting acceptances (but whoo hoo anyway!) but also by writing and getting the work out there. It's so encouraging. I think I've written more stories and subbed them in the last few months than I did for most of last year.

    For Light Ray - 1 story out and another 1 making it's way out this week some time.

  28. You're right about that, Madeline. And speaking for myself, I'm really liking the short stories I've written over the past 10 weeks -- even if no editors agree with me (yet).

  29. I wrote a scifiku, which totally feels like cheating. But I had a lot of fun reading and exploring the genre to write mine, and I think it will inspire more in the future.

    I subbed a horror short to Vestal Review.

    And I also re-subbed my 3 rejected pieces back out today. Blargh. I had rejections from Enchanted Conversation, Fugue and Apex this week, so I sent those stories right back out - poor brave little soldiers - to keep my current 17 stories out and circulating. There's a certain joy in the numbers game, though it doesn't quite make up for the pangs of rejection! :)

  30. Oh, I mentioned this in the AW thread, but I did have an acceptance too - two six-word stories to Cuento. Those are fun, looking forward to seeing them on Twitter. :)

  31. Gotta love those rejection pangs -- not. Congrats on the Cuento acceptances; Hall of Fame updated. I may have to follow your lead on the 6-word stories; my last rejection from Cuento stated they'd like to see more of that form...