Sunday, February 6, 2011

Write1Sub1 Week #5 Check In

The end of Write1Sub1 2011 week #5 is upon us!

How's it been for you? Have the words flowed like the laughter of children or has it been a week from hell? Here's your chance to let everyone know. If you've managed to write a story and submit a story, shout it from the rooftops now. Go you! If you've had something accepted or even published, tell us so we can add you and the market to the Write1Sub1 Hall Of Fame. But if stuff has got in the way of the writing and all your replies have been rejections, let us know that too so we can commiserate! We've all been there.

Successes and failures, triumphs and disasters, brilliant ideas and insane dreams : we want to hear all about them!


  1. Good week for me. I'm on a poetry jag; I wrote 6. I had three poems accepted by Scifaikuest, and one poem accepted by Bull Spec.

    Also a poem accepted by Witches and Pagans which doesn't count for Write1Sub1, but I thought I'd mention it.

    Poetry rocks.

  2. Subbed five - 'Cross hatching' returned because of difficulties with format and re-submitted successfully to PigeonBike, 'Stone for Effie' accepted by MuDJoB for 14th Feb, and Hon.Mention by JMPrescott for this week's Dare.
    1 poem written, 1 converted from prose to poem and ~6000 words added to 'Bridie 5'.
    I feel a fraud having the 'Lite' badge but can't find how to get the weekly one back - advice please.

  3. Yes, good week on the short fiction front. Finished my steampunkish SF story Miasmas and sent it off to Clarkesworld.

    Also wrote and submitted two flash fictions : Named After The Ship to the Reader's Digest 100 word competition and Titania to flashquake.

    Also also wrote a couple of Twitter stories and submitted three (one written last week). The Grandfather Paradox has already been accepted by W1S1 favorite Trapeze and All The Things He'd Never Done With His Life has been accepted by Seedpod Publishing.

    So, good week and I'm really finding Write1Sub1 great for keeping me writing shorter stuff. Only problem is I'm supposed to be editing one novel and writing another one and that's kinda taking a back seat ...

  4. Had quite a few distractions this week but I managed to get a short piece written and submitted to Weird Tales.

    No word on any of January's submissions yet so I am trying my best to be patient. Fortunately having a new project to work on every week helps keep my mind off of the waiting.

  5. An okay week for me sub wise - I managed to finish and sub my 10,000 word story. But I only wrote a 100-word flash fiction piece, which I submitted to Lily Child's Friday Prediction. Hoping for a greater output in week 6!

    Thank you for keeping me on track.

  6. (Light Ray) - Not one of my better weeks - I struggled with a flash piece that doesn't seem to be working for some reason I can't quite figure out. I've set it aside for now and I'm ready to move on to something else this week.

    Congrats to all of you who are writing, subbing and publishing! :)

  7. I made my fifth submission, a flash piece to A Flame in the Dark. Several other subs went down as well, but none counting for write 1/sub 1. Death Rattle did accept "Poe's Blender" yesterday, but as I wrote that last fall, I'm still 0/5 for my 2011 stories.

  8. Sandra,

    Can you just grab the Weekly badge off the blog sidebar?

  9. Simon - no can do as only the lite on is visible. I've tried lifting it from elsewhere (e.g. your blog) but without success ...

  10. Sandra,

    Most mysterious! Not sure why that would be but I've emailed the weekly logo to you. Let us know if you're still not sorted.

  11. Wrote two flash flash pieces this week. Still revising before I sub them anywhere.

    Subbed 4 twitter fictions this week (three I wrote in week 4, and one I wrote in week 2). Two were accepted by Trapeze for publication in May!

  12. Wrote another Mercer tale (#5) and sent it to Strange Horizons. Echoing Aaron, no W1S1 pubication successes to report, but Flagship is holding my Week 1 story for consideration. A Bards and Sages rewrite kept me busy this week, and I've got another for Abandoned Towers, but as those are pre-W1S1 stories, they obviously won't count if/when accepted!

  13. I'm not quite finished but will be before bed tonight. I'll be finished the story I started this week which sits at about 3,500 words now and needs another 1,000 to 1,500. I'm actually hoping to finish it tonight and sub by Wednesday, since the anthology deadline is in another week or so.

    My sub goes out today. I'll be e-subbing a story I wrote in 2004 that held a lot of promise but just wasn't there. The ending was awful. I'd pulled it out over the years but no matter what I changed it didn't feel right. It got better, but it wasn't there. I revised it heavily yesterday and found the right ending--it was thrilling, and a truly addictive feeling! I want to proofread it yet one more time with fresh eyes today and send it off. It's so much stronger, and felt like a huge breakthrough for me. Even if I don't write another story all year, getting the right ending on that sucker and realizing that I can do what I did makes the whole challenge worthwhile for me!

    I also planned out what I'll be writing over the rest of the month and what I'll be subbing and revising over the next couple of weeks, at least. I feel very much on track and completely jazzed!

  14. Not the best week for me writing wise, though I did send off some poems, so I hope that counts? :O)

  15. It's taking me longer to write this week's story, but so far I think it's the best thing I've written this year. Still technically behind a week in subbing, but I got my first rejection of the year, so that frees up a story to be reworked and sent out again. Even if I don't keep up with the schedule to the minute, I'm enjoying the process of writing, writing, writing!

    I'm glad today is the Superbowl - no one to bother me while I write today, lol!

  16. I got a story started, about 2000 words now, and will probably end up near 4500 whenever I finish it. I came up dry trying to generate a new story idea, so I went to my old story idea list. I'm pretty pleased so far.

    I too have been neglecting my novel writing duties, but short fiction takes priority this year for once.

  17. I subbed my sub1. Outlined and began my write1 for the month, too. Moving right along. Feb. is off to a decent start. :D

  18. This has been an extremely busy week at work for me, but I did manage to write a flash story "Vigil." I have not submitted it yet - sent it out to beta readers and am awaiting some responses. Hope to submit it within the next couple of days. My week 2 story (or is it week 3) got rejected by DSF and is also up for review at this week... Waiting on some more responses from Critters before I consider rewriting it somewhat ans sending it back out again.

  19. Insane week for me, but I started writing one and have been working on revising another one. Doing Light Ray, so I'm still on track, but I'm starting to feel the pressure - last month was easy!

  20. Wrote some stories (twitter stories mostly) and submitted them. Got some other stories accepted (two for an anthology and a micro story) all to be published later this year.

  21. I'm a week behind with my check-in.

    *I met my January goal in terms of submissions: I submitted a short story, an essay, and a poem, spreading them out among five publications.

    *HOWEVER, I didn't WRITE anything new. I just revised old stuff. My goal is to CREATE/WRITE something new this month, because what I did doesn't fully count, does it???

  22. A day late, but I finished my longest story yet at 1800 words.

    I submitted last week's story to McSweeney's.

    Nothing else to report.

  23. The Superbowl threw me off my game a bit, but I'm here to report.

    Write1: "Alice" (1000 word) lit flash.
    Sub1: "The Perfect Pear" (1000 word) lit flash to Per Contra.

    No sales this week.

    I'll finish my steampunk sequel this week as well as an SF flash.

    A wobble, but back on course.

  24. I'm late to the party and just joined yesterday! Sub1Write1 a week for me. I'm subbing a flash fiction piece tomorrow and have almost finished a short story so I think I'm good for my first week. I can only hope I can continue to be such a good girl in coming weeks!

  25. Okay, this time, I think I understand how posting works and will only post were I'm 'sposed to.

    Weigh in *cringe* that reminds me of my other New Years resolution. But, I digress... W1S1 is going well. I have a lot of stories written, but I'm lagging behind on the polishing/subbing portion of the assignment.

    It feels good to have work finished, though. Finished is still a step in the right direction!

  26. An encouraging update troops. Let's keep the momentum rolling through February. One month at a time as they say... er, should say. It's especially encouraging to see people subbing work on a regular basis. There will be rejections, no doubt, but that's how we thicken the skin. Writing regularly is how we thicken the ability.

  27. Bit of a late check in for last week.

    I had been intending to submit a poem to PoetryCircle, but they hadn't accepted my registration by the end of the week (and still haven't). I submitted it to Issue 19 of the FirstWriter magazine instead.

    I wrote and submitted a short story (195 words) to Madeleine's flowing fonts competition