Monday, February 7, 2011

95 Participants and Counting!

It's been great watching our numbers grow on the right sidebar as more and more writers have joined our throng.

Unfortunately, since we didn't set up a paid account with Linky Tools, our trial subscription expired today.

So, henceforth, all future signups will be via our FOLLOW gadget on the sidebar, and if you're a current Write1Sub1 participant, consider FOLLOWING us just so we can keep a fairly accurate headcount.

Write on,

Milo, Simon, and Steve


  1. Welcome to the newbies! I'm all caught up on my weekly submissions now. I'm jubilant and ready to tackle another story idea! Woohoo!

    (Maybe I need to lay off the organic pop tarts ... )

  2. How do we add something to the submission successes or markets?

  3. Sparklecat: That's the spirit!

    Jeff: Share all W1S1 submission successes under the weekly check-in post. Does this mean you have news? =]

  4. It's already February. Is it too late to join?

  5. Hi Anna.

    Happy to have you. The idea is to support each other in creating healthy, productive writing habits. Come on in, the water's nice and warm.